How to Improve Pronunciation to Sound Like a Local

How to Improve PronunciationEnglish can be complicated at the best of times, but add in the various accents, colloquialisms, and sayings that are native to different countries and English can be downright frightening, if not impossible, to master. Luckily, television and the internet have made learning pronunciation a lot easier than merely relying on the International Phonetic Alphabet. The Introduction to English Pronunciation course will ensure that you have a better knowledge of English pronunciation. With over 38 lectures and 3 hours of content, the course will teach you how to improve your spoken English and how to practice to improve your accent.

Here are some tips on how to improve your pronunciation:

  • Choose the kind of accent you want to learn
  • Learn the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet)
  • Use internet resources to listen to the correct pronunciation
  • Close your eyes to tune your ears
  • Record yourself
  • Talk aloud as often as possible

Choose the Accent You Want To Learn

There are seventy nine countries that list English as one of the official languages. Each country has its own particular accent and most countries also have words and phrases particular to that country. There is therefore a vast difference in pronunciation between the ways different countries pronounce English words. If you are learning to speak English as a second language, then these differences in pronunciation and phrases can lead to confusion. That’s why it’s important to choose the accent and type of English you want to learn.

When choosing an accent, keep your intended use of the language in mind. Certain industries prefer certain accents. Once you’ve chosen your preferred accent, then try to find resources that will focus on teaching you that accent. Choose courses that teach English using your preferred accent.

Clear communication is critical if you want to increase your income and opportunities in the workplace. The American Accent Training for IT Professionals course will teach you to speak in an American accent. The course promises that you will be able to communicate more clearly in six to eight weeks based on the fun, short concise lessons contained in the course.

Learn the IPA

With any new language, you start by learning basic words and phrases and how to pronounce these using a phrase book or dictionary. The International Phonetic Alphabet is an essential tool for anyone trying to learn a new language. The IPA is a collection of different symbols that are used to represent the different sounds of a language. Once you know the symbols, then pronunciation will be far simpler for you when using a dictionary.

The sounds of English and the International Phonetic Alphabet is a great resource for both the symbols and pronunciation of the symbols. This page allows you to listen to the various vowels and consonants and how they should sound.

Use Internet Resources to Listen to the Correct Pronunciation

The internet offers almost unlimited resources as far as examples of different accents are concerned. If you search for “American Accent” or “British Accent” or most of the other English variants, you will find hundreds of videos that will teach you how to pronounce the vowels, consonants and phrases using your chosen accent. The very best way to improve pronunciation is by listening and repeating as often as you can.

Good online dictionaries also offer audio files that allow you to hear how to pronounce various words. The Learner’s Dictionary for example, contains information on both the IPA symbols for the various vowels and consonants as well as allowing you to listen to the American pronunciation of those sounds. The dictionary allows you to look up various words and listen to their correct American pronunciation. If you search for American for example, the dictionary contains the IPA symbols, a definition of the word as well as an audio file so that you can listen to the correct pronunciation.

The American English for Success in Business course offers over six hours of video instruction to help you master English with an American accent. The videos show you how to pronounce the different sounds of American English, they show you the correct mouth positions needed for each sound and it covers common pronunciation mistakes. The course contains practical exercises that will help you fine tune your American pronunciation, as well as teaching you how to master intonation and rhythm.

Close Your Eyes, Tune Your Ears

The key to proper pronunciation is to listen to how you are pronouncing the words. It often helps to focus your listening by closing your eyes when you practice saying a word. Focusing on your sense of hearing and how your pronunciation differs from the example, is key to improving your pronunciation. Practice is also the key to success so practicing pronunciation whenever you can, will also help you to master a new language.

Different regions have different ways of pronouncing certain sounds. It often helps to find a teacher or course that is focused on teaching English to students from your region. The American Accent Training for East Asian Professionals is a course focused on teaching students from various backgrounds including China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. The course offers individual feedback for each student. The course teaches students how to pronounce sounds in an American accent.

Record Yourself

It is important to compare your pronunciation with the pronunciation in the accent you have chosen to learn. One of the simplest ways to compare your pronunciation is by listening to yourself speak. Recording yourself has become really simple with all of the new technology we have available. Most mobile phones contain built in apps that allow you to record voice messages and notes on your phone. Most laptops and PC’s also have built in sound cards and microphones that allow you to record your own voice.

The key to learning anything, including languages and accents, is to start small and practice every day. Choose a book or appropriate document that reflects your current level and then set a goal to read a few paragraphs a day. Children’s books are often a great way for a beginner to learn to speak a new language. Record yourself reading the paragraph and then listen to the words on a website like the Miriam Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary.

The English Pronunciation I: Consonant Sounds course, which is a simple course that will teach you how to pronounce six of the most difficult, and also most common, English consonant sounds.

Talk Aloud As Often As Possible

Finally, the key to success is practice, so practice talking aloud as often as possible. One of the best tips to learn a new language is to label common items around your home. When you use these items, practice saying the names of the items out loud. This will help you learn the vocabulary as well as teaching you the accent at the same time.

Speak Even Though Your Pronunciation Won’t Be Perfect

The most important thing to remember is that by learning to speak a second or third language, you place yourself in a select group of people. Your pronunciation may not be perfect, but at least you are trying to learn to communicate in another language, and that places you above thousands who can only speak one language. So be proud of what you have learned. Practice as often as you can. Speak the language as often as you can and learn from the people who speak to you.

The Accent Reduction Made Fast and Easy course will teach you how to say difficult sounds in English to help you reduce your accent quickly and easily.