How to Get Women: The Key to a Lady’s Heart

how to get womenSince the dawn of time, men have pondered the quandary of what it takes to attract the attention of a woman. Of course, there have been many guesses made and theories contrived about what qualities make a man shine in the eyes of his female companions, but few have reached a consensus about which factors are pertinent and which are irrelevant. In the section to follow, we will discuss seven characteristics that are most likely to draw the attention of a woman.

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Characteristics that Women Admire in Men:

  • Confidence

Confidence is, by far, the most well sought-after characteristic in a potential mate, for both men and women. People are drawn to individuals who appear to fit comfortably within their own skin and radiate security and self-assurance. Women in particular feel that, if a man is poised and possesses a great deal of self-reliance, he will be able to take care of her and contribute what’s necessary to sustain a healthy lasting relationship.

If you happen to fall on the lower end of the confidence scale, there are a few quick fixes to easily feel a small self-esteem boost. One method is listing out your strengths and weaknesses and attributing each to certain activities that highlight the strength or weakness. Once this has been accomplished, simply make a point to increase the activities that play at your strengths and decrease those that underline your weaknesses.

  • Cleanliness

The degree and presence of cleanliness plays an important role in a woman’s selection of a partner. Women have a tendency to be more influenced by their sense of scent than men, especially when it comes to romance, and, because of this, females are more likely to pursue men who smell clean and fresh. The presence of a pleasant scent triggers the association between the scent and pleasing things, such as feelings of elation or happiness, which are then linked to the man behind the smell.

Fortunately, your personal degree of cleanliness is something that can be easily heightened without too much difficult effort. In order to keep yourself smelling fresh for the ladies, simply ensure that you are showering at least every other day, purchase a shower gel with a pleasant scent, use an efficient amount of deodorant, and invest in some sort of cologne that has a soft, yet distinctly tasteful scent.

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  • Independence

Mental and physical independence are high on the list of qualities women are drawn to. The science behind this phenomenon follows a women’s biological drive to seek out a mate that will be able to take care of her, as well as any future children they may have together. In this day and age, the ability to take care of a woman is determined by financial independence, as well as factors such as whether or not the man still lives in his parents home and possesses a career-path job.

Becoming independent is always a worthy pursuit, whether or not the reasoning behind it is impressing women. However, if you personally seem to fall short on this aspect, begin walking in the direction of financial independence by seeking out the career you’ve always wanted, but never pursued, and begin depositing money into a savings account that could potentially be put towards a place to call your own.

  • Optimism

The human brain is made up of a series of pathways that become either strengthened or weakened depending on the usage of each. Two distinct types of these pathways are positive and negative thinking. When an individual is thinking positively, they exhibit positive behaviors and respond to hardships in a more constructive manner. When a woman enters into a relationship with a man who exhibits optimism, she is likely to mimic his positivity and, in turn, strengthen those positive pathways in her own mind and become more prone to happiness.

In order to strengthen those positive pathways on your own, simply train your mind to dismiss negative thoughts and worries as insignificant and increase the time you spend reflecting on the good in your life, as well as the positive outcomes that result from a negative situation.

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  • Passion

While the term passion is often used in a different sense, the one implied by this is deep seated interest in a variety of different subjects, or perhaps just an in-depth analysis of one in particular. There are few things in life that are more enjoyable than witnessing a friend or significant other’s eyes light up as they begin to discuss a well-enjoyed hobby or particular subject matter that they find absolutely fascinating.

While it may be latent in a few individuals, passion is typically present in everyone, so instead of learning to become more passionate, you should simply engage in a bit of self-exploration and make an attempt at becoming more comfortable expressing your passions. For example, if you happen to be especially prone to reading about a particular subject, such as world war II or a favorite spot, practice discussing the subject in detail with a close friend or relative who is willing to become more informed on the topic.

  • Humor

A commonly expressed sentiment by women across the nation is, “A man must be able to make me laugh in order to win my heart.” Though seriousness is desired in moments of heaviness such as loss or death, a touch of humor allows the relationship to take on a lightness that provides a place of refuge away from the gravity of the rest of the world.

You may be under the impression that humor and the comic touch is a biological trait that some men possess while others lack. However, if this is your state of mind, know that you have been misled. Humor is relative and every human being possesses the ability to find lightness and poke fun at the hardships of everyday life. In order to bring forth this trait, the next time you endure embarrassment, take a moment to shake your head and laugh at yourself, instead of taking the slip up to heart.

  • Ambition

Ambition is incredibly well sought after by women in their pursuit of a significant other. A man who knows what he wants out of life and is not afraid of taking the necessary steps to reach his goal can obtain an indestructible hold on the heart of the woman of his choice. This trait, like the above-listed Independence, indicates to suitors that a man possesses the necessary means to take care of a wife and family, and is likely to go quite far throughout his life.

While it’s true that certain individuals possess an innately higher level of ambition than others, this particular attribute can be learned if an appropriate reward is presented. For example, if a man would like to further his progress along the career ladder, all he would have to do in order to increase his ambition level would be imagine life at the top, then use that image to advance through the rungs until it becomes reality.

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