How to Get Paid for Blogging: 5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

how to get paid for bloggingWhether you blog about fashion or business, if your blog is generating traffic it could also be generating income. From advertising to product sales, there are hundreds of ways to earn a living from writing and promoting your latest blog posts.

In this guide, we’ll cover the five most reliable and popular ways to monetize your blog. By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll know how to get paid for blogging, no matter what industry or topic your particular blog covers.

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Publish ads using Google AdSense

Is your blog generating traffic? Whether you’re reaching 100 people per day or more than one million, any blog that’s generating traffic has the potential to generate cash by selling advertising space.

There are two ways to sell advertising space on your blog. The first is to negotiate a deal directly with an advertiser. This method is lucrative for high-traffic blogs, but it can be time-consuming and inefficient for bloggers with smaller audiences.

The second way to sell advertising space on your blog – and the method that we’ll be covering in this guide – is using Google AdSense. AdSense is a network consisting of the millions of advertisers that use Google’s Adwords marketing platform.

Anyone can create an AdSense account, no matter how small their audience is, and start generating advertising income. The amount you can earn from AdSense varies based on three variables: your blog’s niche, its traffic and its ad clickthrough rate.

Most of the time, blogs in niches with high profit margins – such as personal finance or real estate – will earn the most from AdSense on a per click basis. Since a person interested in credit cards is worth more to an advertiser than someone looking for fashionable shoes, bloggers in business niches tend to earn higher AdSense CPCs.

If your blog isn’t in a financial or business niche, don’t let this put you off installing AdSense ads. Even the lowest CPCs can add up to a lucrative income if your website is visited by thousands of people every day.

Finally, the amount you can earn through AdSense varies based on the clickthrough rate of your visitors. This metric is the percentage of your blog readers that clicked on your AdSense ads while they were visiting your blog.

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Promote CPA or CPS affiliate programs

adwords managementPlacing AdSense units might be the easiest way to earn money from your blog, but it certainly isn’t the most lucrative. Instead of selling ad space to the highest bidder on Adwords, you can place your own ads on your blog to promote affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs come in two varieties – cost-per-sale (CPS) and cost-per-action (CPA). Both types of affiliate program pay you a commission if one of your readers clicks on an advertisement and buys the product or service you’re promoting.

There are thousands of affiliate programs out there, giving you a huge amount of choice regarding what you promote. You could earn a commission by promoting health supplements, gardening tools, credit cards or even travel packages.

The secret to generating income from affiliate programs is by constantly testing a variety of different offers. Find several affiliate programs in your niche and try out every one of them to see which achieves the highest average conversion rate.

While affiliate programs are less stable than AdSense, they can generate far more income when used properly. Learn how to choose the right affiliate program for your blog and start earning money in the aptly named, Affiliate Marketing for Noobs, guide.

Create and sell your own product

Affiliate programs let you earn a commission whenever you sell a product, but they don’t let you keep all of the profits. If your blog is generating affiliate commissions on a regular basis, you can increase your earnings by creating your own product.

Thousands of bloggers sell their own products, with typical blog products ranging from eBooks to downloadable software. If your blog is all about solving problems, why not create a product that delivers greater value to your readers?

Developing your own product takes time, and not all blog-related products succeed at first. Think carefully about what your audience comes to your blog to learn about and create a product that appeals to their need for help and knowledge.

Since creating a physical product takes a lot of time and requires a huge amount of capital, most bloggers write eBooks. Dig into your WordPress statistics and find the most popular post on your blog, then use it as the topic for your very own eBook.

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Market your professional services

ecommerce consultingWhether you’re a marketing consultant or a fashion expert, your blog offers value to its readers. One of the best ways to turn your knowledge into income is by offering a consulting service to your readers that’s related to the topic you blog about.

For example, if you blog about how small businesses can improve their marketing and acquire more customers, you could offer a monthly coaching service to small business owners looking to implement your advice successfully.

If you blog about the latest fashionable outfits, you could offer a consulting service to your readers and send them weekly or monthly fashion summaries made up of the best new shoes, clothes and accessories for their individual style.

These suggestions aren’t idealistic dream careers – they’re both successful business models used by bloggers to generate an online income. No matter what subject your blog covers, it’s possible to turn your expertise into a marketable consulting service.

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Sell promotional posts to clients

If your blog attracts a large audience of loyal readers, it could be worth a lot to a PR or SEO professional. Marketing agencies often pay bloggers for coverage of a client’s latest product or service, either in free merchandise or with a promotional fee.

One of the most popular ways for hobbyist bloggers to earn income from their blog is by selling guest posts. Guest posts are posts written by another person – normally a company or marketer – that promote a particular product, service or website.

From driving traffic to improving a website’s PageRank, guest blog posts have many benefits for the clients that place them. Because of this, you can often charge clients a significant fee to publish their content on your blog.

There are a variety of risks associated with relying too much on guest posts for your blogging income. The first is the risk of alienating your audience by publishing more commercial content than useful help.

The second is being marked as a ‘low quality’ website by Google. Google disapproves of guest blogging when it’s carried out solely for SEO, and if your guest bloggers use lots of anchor text links in their posts it could lead to you receiving an SEO penalty.

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