How to Get More Views on YouTube

bigstock-SAN-BRUNO-CA--MAY---YouTub-20435636 (1)Youtube brings the world right into your home. This video sharing website has gone through many transformations since the time it was first introduced, but it continues to grow in both popularity and benefits. People used to use Youtube as a storage facility for personal videos, then it became the place to get discovered for your talents; and now businesses are using Youtube to advertise their products.

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The difficult thing about Youtube, was that people had to search through endless keywords and pages to actually get to their videos. Some videos were so far back in the pages that the only logical way to view these videos was through a direct link. However, Google has set to change all of that.

Google’s New Changes to Youtube

Once Google acquired Youtube, they began to structure the website to work in a similar way to the Google search engine. Popular videos made it to the top and not so popular videos fell to the last pages of the search results. Now, if you search for a video, you can search by relevance, length, upload date, rating and even by user name.

Another great change that Google made was paying the users to keep up the good work. They began asking users with a good amount of views to monetize the videos; this way they’d receive pay for future views and future videos. Once word of this new program got around, the amount of uploads to the site exploded! This was a great thing for Youtube, but a bad thing for newbies to the site. A video has to receive a certain amount of views to “qualify” for monetization, so a new user with very little views may take a while to catch on.

How To Get Views

Getting a lot of views on Youtube is a science. You have to pick a topic, stick to it and follow a few guidelines in creating your video before promoting it. Here are few tips to get you started.

1. Understand Your Audience

To get more views, you have to understand your audience. Take a quick stroll through Google’s search engine. Find out what the latest trends are in your industry and what people would like to know about them. If  teaching Java is what you want to make a video on, make it interesting to those who need the subject matter. Find out about any new developments in Java or any interesting tidbits that aren’t common knowledge and share them. Make yourself an authority on the subject.

2. Offer Something Unique

Don’t plagiarize the information you find on the internet. Talk about your subject of choice, but find a unique angle to the topic. This makes it less likely that someone else has a video saying the same thing, and in turn pushing you back to the end of the search results. Talk about what you love to do and what you’d love to know more about.

3. Make Your Video Engaging

Always make your videos interesting enough to spark a conversation. Your viewers shouldn’t simply watch your videos, they should also talk about them and share them. The more comments a video has on Youtube, the better visibility it has in a search engine. This means that a person searching for your topic will find your YouTube videos without having to log into Youtube. Once you’re in a search engine, the world can find your videos.  Make it interesting, and they’ll all be talking about it and sharing it. This is especially helpful if you are launching a business from home.

4. Get Sharing on Social Media

Social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are excellent marketing tools for your Youtube videos. Copy the link to your video and paste it into your broadcast space. Say a few interesting things about the video and ask you followers/friends to tell you what they think about the video or topic. This will get them to view it and comment on it as well. Encourage them to share it with their friends/followers too.

5. Tag it!

Don’t forget to add tags and keywords to your videos. If you leave these items out, the only way your video will get more views is if you actually share the link to it. Tags and keywords help other viewers to find your video easier on Youtube and outside search engines. Just remember to make the keywords and tags relevant to the video content or you could get penalized by Youtube.

There you have it! Optimizing your videos after creating solid content is a great way to promote them. Keep your videos consistent and unique and you’re guaranteed to have faithful viewers.