There are over a quarter of a trillion user photos on Facebook. That is about 35 photos for every person on the planet. A whopping 350 million photos are uploaded per day, and competing with your pics for Likes. So how do you compete for the 4.5 billion Likes posted to Facebook each day – which is almost the same number of content items posted (posts, comments, photos, videos, and status updates)? If Facebook were governed by a socialist regime, you would receive 1 Like for each item, including photos. But you are not a socialist and you are trying to promote your business on Facebook. Not to worry, there are many ways to get photo Likes on Facebook.

The first step is to ensure your Facebook page is optimized for making friends. Making friends is how you generate traffic and get Likes. Viral Facebook Traffic  is an online Facebook marketing course that ensures every aspect of your Facebook presence is working for you. Follow the tips and tricks for setting up your pages, cover image, profile, special pages, events, and special offers. Start by identifying your market and developing your Facebook marketing strategy. Test your site and integrate analytics to monitor how well you are doing. Once you are doing your very best to make friends, you can focus on these tips for how to get more Likes for Facebook photo albums.

Share, and Share More

facebook statuses that will get likes1.  Share your photos – Let your friends know when you have added a photo and share it on your wall. Remember to use Facebook Like and Share buttons wherever there is an opportunity to click.

2.  Share your photo albums – Facebook’s new feature allows multiple users to upload photos to one photo album. You can invite 50 friends to each share 200 photos.

3.  Place your photos on an open photo sharing siteMillion Pictures has 4.1 million Likes. Post images on the themes of the week. At least stop by to see some amazing photography! Be selective when choosing photo share pages. Photos on some of these sites receive less than a handful of Likes but you will be offered lots of promotions to sell you Likes.

Use APPS, Tags, and Tools

how to get more likes on your facebook photos4.  Use Apps to Improve Photo Marketing – Use iPhone and Android apps with Facebook photo feeds and instant sharing to circulate selfies and other photos. These apps can increase the number of viewers and the velocity at which your photo is circulated. Most of them have special effects (photo filters, photo editing), enhanced camera features and other neat features to add value to your photo sharing.

5.  Tag your photos and alert everyone in your photos of their inclusion in your photo page – When you tag a photo of a person, they are alerted. If someone is untagging themselves from your photos, be gracious and ask permission next time. If you continue to tag them, your camera shy friend may block you.

6.  Build a Free Toolbox – There are many, many tools to help you enhance and share your photos over social media, blogs and websites, including photo uploaders, editors and grabbers; tools to design and manage your timeline; and innovative ways to share your photos.

Plug Into Social Media

how to get more likes on your facebook photos  *7.  Plug your photo album into other social media – Plugins make it easy to post your photo album onto your blog and website. For more tips on developing a Facebook social media ecosystem, enroll in online training in Facebook marketing and social media.

8.  Add photos from Flickr, Instagram and Picasa – Do not forget to share with that hot, new photo messenger app SnapChat. Facebook has added a “Share with only these friends option” to allow racier photos to be shared with select friends to compete with this sassy up-and-comer.

9.  Link up With Pinterest – And pin to your toolbar! 3.2 million people Like Pinterest on Facebook. Photography themes are among the most popular boards on Pinterest. Remember the power of niche marketing! You will attract more Likes if you zoom in on your niche interests. Are you into Black Dresses, Dragonology, the Moon? Getting 10 Likes from fellow fans of everything pink (Pink Passion on Pinterest) is better than 2 Likes on a general photo sharing site with millions of images.

Buy Friends

10.  Buy Photo Likes – Numerous vendors sell Photo Likes. 50 Likes for $2? Be on guard for photo sharing sites that are fronts for selling Likes.

11.  Keep Making Lots of Friends Through Social Media Networking – It’s cheaper.

Socialize on Facebook

12.  Run a Photo Contest on Your Site or Join Photo Contests. Facebook has a photo contest app to make it easy.  Use a Like entry gate like Like-Gate, requiring that contest entrants Like your photos before they can enter. What other events can you create to draw photo fans to your photo gallery?

13.  Share Your Photo Album – Ask your friends to create a gallery for you on their Facebook page. Facebook Photo Fletcher is a tool that sets up extra galleries.

14.  Promote Your Snaps Through Pages, Groups and Events – The average Facebook user is plugged into 80 of these social channels.

Content Strategies

15.  Be Controversial – Obama’s popular Facebook page was splattered over the media in January 2014 with the blurb “The first thing I’m going to do after my coverage begins is _______”. The acerbic answers from the public revealed that many did not support the healthcare program. A PR success turned disaster!

16.  Control Your Editorial Content – Obama won the battle but almost lost the war on universal healthcare. Viral marketing should not always be a free for all. If you are in politics or business, you want some control over who is sharing your photos and how. Monitor tagging and use privacy settings to control who shares your photos.

17.  Be Affectionate – Or become the president of the United States. According to Journalists on Facebook, a photo of Obama hugging his wife Michelle is one of the most Liked photos on Facebook. Is it Obama-mania? Or is this photo famous because it shows warmth and affection? It is reminiscent of the famous August 1945 photograph of two anonymous people – a soldier and a woman – embracing in Times Square.

18.  Share quality content – Sending too many selfies weakens the prospects of developing intimate relationships across social networks, according to a study by British academics, Tagger’s Delight?  Sending similar content over and over again is also likely to distance you from friends. Add value to your busy friends’ lives and they will like you.

19.  Make Your Images More Vibrant and Engaging – According to Facebook, this is the key to attracting more viewers. Captivating photos and videos drive more traffic. SearchEngineWatch is one of several online tipsters providing advice on how to outwit Facebook posting guidelines and improve the quality of your images.

20.  Post popular images – Female subjects are more popular with both men and women. Many photos from disasters – tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes and so on – make it to top photo lists but try not to exploit people and events. What is trending on Pinterest, other sites? Cooking recipes rule Pinterest. Do not go looking for trouble or start sending your Manga groups recipe and knitting images, but like any good marketer know your audience.

The key to Facebook marketing is to post more frequently; photos can provide a rich and engaging addition to your postings. Increased posting activity increases referrals by 80% on average. Likewise, the key to how to get more Likes on Facebook Photo albums is to drive traffic through posts. After taking note of these tips for generating more Facebook photo Likes, kickstart your Facebook marketing strategy and make sure it is optimized to promote photos, too. The online course Facebook Rockstar – Introduction to Facebook Marketing can help you build an advertising platform and affiliating marketing program that wins fans and more photo Likes. For businesses, A Business Guide to Facebook Marketing shows why being liked is not everything while taking students through the core Facebook advertising techniques, from basic to advanced, and a few Google Hangouts to answer your questions,

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