How to Edit Videos: Find the Right Software

how to edit videosThe Internet is rapidly becoming an image and video-based medium. Video is exploding in education, business, government and politics. Udemy is a good example of the current trend. Significant numbers of students are turning to the online knowledge marketplaces like Udemy to gain knowledge from video courses in almost every subject.

The demand for qualified video communicators will be strong for a long time. Understanding how to edit video properly is a critical skill in presenting persuasive, dramatic, interesting video content that will engage viewers. With the ability to edit videos, you will find many opportunities to ply your trade. For example, video marketing is a booming area for large and small companies to promote their businesses on the web. Here is a free Udemy course on video marketing.

You may just want to edit your own videos to impress your family and friends. Let’s look at the different levels of video expertise you can explore to meet your personal goals.

Home Video

if you are only interested in editing videos for enjoyment at home, you can meet your needs with Windows Live Movie Maker. This free program is found on every personal computer using a Windows operating system. It does not offer the sophistication of the bigger video packages. However, it is simple to use and you can get a very nice video without investing weeks of your life to learn a complicated system. Take a look at this Udemy course on Window Live Movie Maker.

You will also find a simple video editor on YouTube itself. If you simply want to trim the beginning and end of your video, and add some simple annotations, the YouTube Video Editor may be all you need.

Video Geek

Perhaps you are more advanced then a beginning video editor, yet you do not want to spend excessive amounts of money for video editing software. There are a number of video packages that meet this middle ground. Because you have more experience, you will learn quickly once you have more advanced concepts explained to you.

The CyberLink Power Director is a good example of a reasonably priced video package at this level. The video effects are fast and powerful, and the user interface is easy to understand. However, the storyboard is lacking in user-friendliness and effectiveness.

Serious Videographer

For professional or “advanced amateur” videographers, there are several professional video editing packages that will give you the power to create commercial-level video productions.  For Apple users, the industry standard is Final Cut Pro. Recently, Apple created Final Cut Pro X, an affordable version of the full Final Cut Pro package. At only $299, it is much less expensive than its big brother, yet offers many of the same features at a significantly lower price. Also, consider Udemy’s course on Final Cut Pro X.  Incredible 53 video lessons take you through the fundamentals of each feature of the software.

Another software package favored by many top editors is Sony Vegas Pro. Last summer, Sony produced the latest version of the package, a significant upgrade in features and performance. Sony Vegas lets you produce sophisticated video edits, audio mixes and even author DVD/Blu-ray disks. Udemy has a complete beginning course in Sony Vegas, perfect for new users eager to try their hand at this powerful software.

Whether your goal is to be the star of home movie night, or produce the next breakout film to rival the biggest directors in Hollywood, there is a video training course that is just right for your needs.