How to Draw Mickey Mouse Step by Step

How to Draw Mickey Mouse Step by StepDrawing can be a lot of fun, especially after you see a finished product that you’ve created that looks pretty good. Anybody who’s willing to put in the time and practice can learn how to draw a few things well. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the cognitive benefits on people who draw, especially children who are most in the developmental phase of their lives. Drawing can be a major contributor to the development of hand-eye coordination. The act of drawing produces positive brain chemistry in the form of serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. One of the most surprising and helpful benefits of drawing on the human brain is the way it actually impacts a person’s ability to learn and intake information. While drawing would seem to require a lot of concentration to do well, drawing actually makes a person more alert to their surroundings. It increases alertness in a way that makes the other brain functions perform better. Check out this course on Udemy for more information about brain science and using your whole brain.

The Educational Benefits of Drawing

The implications of drawing’s impact on the human brain run counter to what most people think when it comes to the learning process. School teachers often encounter students who draw or doodle on their papers when they should be paying attention to what the teacher is saying. Those teachers, understandably, assume that the doodling student isn’t paying attention. Yet drawing likely increases that student’s ability to pay attention, and you’d be surprised by how much they are actually taking in. If you’re a parent of children at any developing age, drawing would make a great activity to encourage them to dive into because it helps them to express personal creativity and it helps their brain to develop more and stronger connections that increase their ability to focus.

When people are first learning how to draw, it’s a good idea to pick something to draw that you’re familiar with. When you draw something you’re familiar with, your mind already has the image in mind, and you just have to translate the image you have in mind onto the page. Cartoon characters make a great drawing subject for artists because they’re relatively easy to draw, and they’re a lot of fun. When it comes to drawing cartoon characters, Mickey Mouse is probably the most fun and most well-known Disney character ever created. Be sure to take a look at this Udemy course for more information on drawing cartoon characters.

The Mickey Mouse Backstory

Walt Disney was one of the most innovative people who has ever lived. He was born in 1901, and in his 65 years of living, he worked in animation, created some of the most beloved cartoon characters ever, and started what is now arguably the most powerful production company in the world, The Walt Disney Corporation, or Disney for short. There is one enduring symbol that Disney himself created that immediately comes to mind at the mention of his name, and that is Mickey Mouse. In 1927 Disney had begun working on a series of cartoons for Universal Studios based on a cartoon rabbit that was created by Disney and animator Ub Iwerks. The rabbit’s name was Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and although the cartoon was largely a success, Disney ultimately felt pushed into abandoning the character when he was demanded by film producer Charles Mintz to take a 20% budget cut. Because Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was owned by Universal Studios, Disney relinquished any control over the character.

In 1928 Disney and Iwerks began brainstorming ideas for a new cartoon character to replace Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. This would be a character that Disney would own the rights to so that he wouldn’t end up in the same situation again. The character of Mickey Mouse was inspired by a pet mouse that Disney owned and kept at his desk at his Laugh-O-Gram studio in Kansas City, Missouri. Disney drew some initial sketches of the character before Iwerks took the sketches and refined the look of the character to be easier to animate. The character was originally named Mortimer Mouse by Disney, but his wife Lillian thought the name sounded unappealing and suggested the character should be named Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse has gone on to start in an incredible number of cartoons and has become the most famous and loved cartoon character in film history.

How to Draw Mickey Mouse Step by Step

Though Mickey Mouse is the most famous cartoon character in film history, he’s surprisingly easy to draw and a great character to draw for beginning artists. This tutorial will focus on drawing Mickey’s face.

Some Initial Tips

When you’re drawing, all you really need is a good pencil and some paper to draw on. You’ll be drawing some guiding lines in the process that will serve to help you as you complete your overall drawing. For that reason, make sure your initial pencil marks are light enough that they can be easily erased. You’ll make your final markings darker toward the end. Check out this Udemy course for more information about basic drawing skills.

Start With a Circle

With pencil in hand, the first thing you’ll do is draw a circle on your paper. Try to make it as perfectly round as you can get it. Remember to use light pencil marks. The circle is the foundation of Mickey Mouse’s face, but you’ll add more to your drawing as you go along. After you’ve drawn your circle, you will draw two lines across your circle. One of the lines will be horizontal, and the other line will be vertical. Both lines should meet at a cross section in the middle of your circle. You should now have a drawing of a circle with a horizontal line and a vertical line meeting in the middle of the circle.

Draw the Ears

You’ll add two smaller circles toward the top and to the sides of your larger circle. These two circles will be Mickey Mouse’s ears.

Draw the Nose

Just below the horizontal line in the middle of your large circle, you’ll draw a small horizontal oval that will function as Mickey Mouse’s nose. Use the vertical line to help you position the nose in the middle of Mickey’s face. After you’ve drawn the nose, you’ll add a curved horizontal line over the nose that extends just longer than the nose on each side.

Draw the Eyes

Using the curved horizontal line you just drew above the nose, add two vertical ovals on the curved horizontal line and on either side of the vertical line so that the eyes are equal in size and distance from the center. Add a smaller vertical oval into each eye for the pupils.

Draw the Mouth

Draw a long horizontal curved line beneath the nose that will function as a mouth that is smiling. Draw a smaller horizontal curved line on the bottom of the long horizontal curved line that will function as the bottom of Mickey’s open and smiling mouth. Draw an “m” shape inside the mouth’s opening to look like Mickey’s tongue. Draw a small horizontal line that curves up under each side of the mouth to function as Mickey’s chin.

Draw the Shape of Mickey’s Face

Starting on the vertical line down the middle of the circle just below the top of the circle, you’ll begin drawing the shape of Mickey’s face. The top shape of Mickey’s face looks somewhat like an “m” shape as you draw a curved line from the middle out and down, meeting at the horizontal line just above the end of the mouth. Do this on both sides. From there, you’ll protrude your pencil line out on each side and curving down before finally meeting in the middle at the chin.

Finalize Your Drawing

You’re now ready to make your pencil marks that are integral to Mickey’s face. After you’ve made those lines darker, you can erase the guide lines that helped you to draw the face along the way. Now that you have a completed pencil drawing of Mickey Mouse’s face, you can further finalize your drawing by using a drawing pen to finalize your markings. You can also color your drawing using colored pencils or markers.

Drawing Mickey Mouse can help you as a beginning artist to gain confidence in your ability to draw. It also helps you have fun in the drawing process because Mickey Mouse is a naturally fun character. Check out this Udemy course for more information about drawing with confidence.