How to Draw Mario Characters with Ease!

how to draw mario charactersAre you a fan of classic video games? If you are a fan, then you probably love the 2D style of many of the classic platformer games. One of the most famous and popular classic video games is Super Mario Bros.  Not only is Mario in video games, he has inspired movies, tv shows, and comic books. He also has a very large line of merchandising. Mario has gone through many graphic design changes, but has always resembled the character we know and love.

Why not learn to draw one of your favorite video game characters? You don’t need to know how to draw cartoony characters, even though it would be fun to learn. Take a look at these steps on how to draw Mario characters with ease. You are sure to impress all your nerdy friends with your new skills!


Who better to start with than Mario himself? Follow these simple steps and you will be drawing Mario like a pro. All you need to start drawing is a pencil, eraser, and piece of paper. Once you have assembled you supplies you can begin. Remember to press lightly with your pencil. It will be easier to erase any mistakes you make. Make sure you have plenty of time to draw, so that you are not rushed. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look right the first time. Just because you know how to draw Mario characters doesn’t mean they will look great on the first try. The more you practice drawing, the better you will become at it. What are you waiting for? Give these step by step instructions a try!

  1. Start by drawing a circle for Mario’s head. Add a guide line going across his head from ear to ear and one from the top of his head to the bottom. These guides will be for his eyes and nose. Make sure the vertical line is ¼ in from the side, not in the middle.
  2. Sketch out his hat; remember that it covers his entire forehead.
  3. Create two small ovals for his eyes, with the vertical line going in between them.
  4. On the right side of each oval draw two more ovals to create his iris and pupil.
  5. Add a crescent shaped eyebrow above each of his eyes, just below his hat.
  6. Next, draw a large circle for his nose. It should meet at the bottom of his eyes.
  7. Right below his nose, draw a mustache. It should come a little bit past the ends of his eyebrows.
  8. Now it’s time for his body. Draw a circle just below his head.
  9. Draw arms reaching up past his head. They should be a little wider at the ends.
  10. Create circles for his hands, an oval for his fingers, and one for his thumb.
  11. Then draw his legs and two ovals, one for each foot. These have a slightly curved in bottom.
  12. Now start to connect all the shapes. Add fingers to his hands and the bumps on the bottom of his mustache. Add his open smiling mouth just below.
  13. Don’t forget to all the straps to his overall, and the M on his hat.


If Mario seemed a little challenging for you there are some easier characters to start with. Learn how to draw Mario characters like toad. He is easy to learn because he is only made up of a few simple shapes. He is a great character to start with and practice until you feel more comfortable drawing. Let’s begin!

  1. Draw a circle with a flat top. This is where his mushroom top sits.
  2. Then create an oval for his body just below his head.
  3. Now draw a circle starting just below the top of his flat head and extending all the way to the other side about the same depth down. This is his mushroom top; it should be three times the size of his face.
  4. Give him a round foot that points down on the right and one that will point to the left.
  5. Draw toad’s arms next. The left one should be pointing down and the right one should be waving up at you. Just like humans toad has five fingers, which is unusual for animated characters.
  6. Now it’s time to draw toad’s clothes. Draw a vest that hangs on each side of his body and a line straight across for his pants.
  7. Now you can add some details to him. Add two oval black eyes and a curved open mouth smile.
  8. Finally add one medium sized circle on toad’s mushroom top and two circle slivers on the sides of his top.


One of Mario’s trusty companions is Yoshi. He is a really fun character that shows up in the game Super Mario World. You are able to ride him around and use him to eat turtles and spit the shells back out at the bad guys. If you are learning how to draw Mario characters, he needs to be one of them!

  1. To start draw a large oval for his body.
  2. Then draw a circle on top that is about half the size of the body oval. This will be his head.
  3. Create another slightly larger circle to the upper right of the first one. This circle should overlap the first circle you made. This is going to be his nose.
  4. To create the spots for his eye draw to oval shapes above his head and nose. They should be half the size of the first small circle.
  5. For his arms create two pipes. One facing up and the other will face down.
  6. Draw a circle at the end of each of his arms for his hands.
  7. Repeat the same process for his legs. His feet are about half the size of his oval body. They should be larger than his hands.
  8. Now you can start to connect all of the circles and create his outline. Erase all of the overlapping lines and add his mouth.
  9. Define his fingers and erase the parts of the circle that are no longer needed for them.
  10. Give Yoshi a shell and define his boots.
  11. Add all of the final details by adding in his pupils, nostrils, spikes on his back, and a line for his tummy and chin.

When you have finished each drawing reward yourself with a coloring session. It takes a lot of practice to remember how to draw them without looking at the steps. Take out your favorite colored pencils or paints and color each drawing in. Adding color to these Mario characters will really bring them to life!

Now that you know how to draw Mario characters, you can learn the secrets to drawing and work on improving your skills. The more you practice drawing, the more confidence you will have in your drawing abilities. You can even start to branch out to other mediums. Now that you know how to draw Mario characters, you can try something more advanced like a Pen and Ink Drawing. Toss that pencil and eraser to the side and feel confident in your newly developed skills. The next time a friend has a birthday, create a special Mario themed card to give to them. If they are into video games as much as you are, they are bound to love it!