How to Draw Manga Faces

how to draw manga facesDrawing can be a lot of fun if you’re someone who is creatively oriented. There’s something about taking a visualization from your mind and transferring it onto a page. In fact, some scientific studies have shown that drawing or doodling has cognitive benefits that help people to focus and take in information better. Drawing is something anyone can pick up if they’re willing to put in a lot of practice.

Anybody who is interested in drawing wants to be able to draw well, but your first drawings probably won’t look that great. It’s only after you’ve learned some technique and practiced the techniques consistently that you’ll start to see your drawings becoming more and more visually appealing. Taking a drawing course can help you if you’re new to drawing and you want to learn the core concepts of drawing.

Introduction to Manga

If you’ve ever watched any Japanese animation, you instantly notice the style of animation is different. Japanese animation relies on a drawing style known as manga. It’s very distinctive, and the entire manga style is based on the head and face of the character that is drawn. The body isn’t nearly as distinctive of a feature in manga as the face. Many artists want to know how to draw a face in the manga style. There are a few characteristics to keep in mind as you attempt to draw manga faces.

How to Draw Manga Faces

When you sit down to draw any type of figure, but especially a face, you want to make sure you use a pencil that can be easily erased. The reason is that you’ll begin drawing by creating some parameters or guidelines that will help you to draw the figure you want.

Breaking Down the Shapes

Everything that you draw can be reduced down to its core shapes. For the head or a face, that core shape is a circle. To draw a manga face, you’ll start by lighting drawing a circle with your pencil.

Adding Guidelines

The next thing you’ll do is lightly draw a vertical line with your pencil down the center of the circle. Start from the top. Go through the center, then down to the bottom. Instead of stopping your line at the bottom, you’re going to continue the guideline down below the circle about half the length of the circle. This guideline will help you to draw the chin of your manga face. You’ll draw two curved lines up from the bottom of your guideline that meet up with the left and right sides of the circle.

You should now have a shape that looks like an elongated face without any features. This is the distinctive shape of manga faces.

The Eyes

It’s now time to draw guidelines for where the eyes will go on the face. Starting at the center of your vertical guideline, you’ll draw a horizontal guideline from one side of the face to the other. Then you’ll draw a second horizontal halfway down the vertical guideline from the horizontal line you just drew. The eyes of the manga face will be drawn between these two horizontal lines. If you’ve ever looked at a manga face, you’ll notice that one of the most distinctive features of the manga face are the eyes that are located further down on the face than you would typically see on a non-manga face. You’ll also notice that the eyes are typically very round and very large. Manga eyes typically have top and bottom eyelids and the sides are usually implied.

The Eyelids

The eyelids, another distinctive characteristic of manga faces, curve up and out from the center of the face over the eyes.

The Ears

You’ll also use the two horizontal guidelines to place the ears of the manga face on the side of the head.

The Nose

Take a look at a picture of a manga face, and notice that the nose is typically very small, perhaps only one curved line. This is placed in between the eyes on the bottom horizontal line.

The Mouth

The mouth, which can be closed or open, is drawn just below the nose. For a closed mouth, you only need to draw a line for the mouth. You won’t have to draw lips on the face. A circle or oval can be drawn for an open mouth.

The Hair

The last thing you’ll add to your manga face is the hair. The type of hair that you draw will depend upon whether you’re drawing a male or female. Take a look at some pictures of manga faces to get some ideas of what you want the hair of your manga face to look like. You can get creative with this part of the face. You’ll notice that the hair on a manga head is composed of sharp lines and angles.

Finishing Up

The guidelines you started with should be very helpful in structuring your drawing to be symmetrical and making sure all the features in the right place. Now that you’ve finished all the features of your drawing, you’re ready to erase the guidelines. You can finish up your drawing by using your pencil to add more definition to your final lines. You could also use a pen to make your drawing more permanent. After outlining your drawing in pen, you can erase the pencil markings. Then, you can add some color to your drawing. You can learn more about pen and ink drawing by taking a look at this course on Udemy.

Now you know some of the characteristics that make manga drawings look different than non-manga drawings. Drawing can be a lot of fun. It can also be a way to grow in your creativity as you challenge yourself with many different types of drawings. Learning the skills of creating great drawings will help you to draw with confidence. Manga drawings are very distinctive, and you can create some interesting characters when you learn how to do manga drawings. Check out this course for more detailed information on how to draw manga faces and hair.