How to Draw Manga Eyes in Two Different Styles

shutterstock_170813579Manga is a major part of Japanese publishing representing billions in the Japanese market. Many people in Japan of different ages read manga. Manga is an art style of comics that was created in Japan. The term manga refers to the words comic and cartooning in Japanese. Many manga influenced comics exist all over the world and have influenced many different styles of manga.

If you are an artist who enjoys reading this style of comic, you can also learn to draw them. With a few tips and tricks you’ll be drawing manga characters in no time. Follow these easy steps to learn how to draw manga eyes.

Gather Your Supplies

In order to learn how to draw manga eyes you will need to collect a few supplies. It is important to get a variety of drawing pencils and a good sketchpad that you can carry with you. The ability to carry your sketchpad and pencils with you will be an invaluable tool. The more time you have to practice your skills the better you will become a drawing manga eyes. You’ll also want to get a good knead-able eraser in order to create highlights and erase any mistakes.

Primary Manga Style Eyes

These are the steps you need to take in order to learn how to draw great manga eyes. Follow along and you’re sure to be drawing manga style comics in no time.

  1. To begin learning how to draw manga eyes, you want to start with a horseshoe shape. The opening should be at the top. This shape will become the base of your eye.
  2. Next, you want to create a curved line over the top of the horseshoe this book slightly on the left.
  3. Draw a straight line at the bottom of the eye from left to right with a small hook at the end. With manga eyes, you don’t completely enclose the eye, so you do not want to connect the bottom outline with the top outline.
  4. Now add a circle to the top left of the eye to create a glimmering spot.
  5. Now you can start to add the detail by at drawing in an oval pupil and his few lashes to the right side of the eye.
  6. Now you can add a lid to the top of the eye, making the manga eyes more realistic and less cartoony.
  7. You’ll want to erase any extra lines for your final touch-ups. You can also add in some extra highlights, if you feel they are needed.
  8. Finally, take the time to create the colorful shading for your Iris.

Secondary Manga Style Eyes

This is another way to create a manga style eye that’s a little bit different. This eye is used in more serious realistic anime and manga.

  1. Start by drawing a slightly curved line, with the left side lower than the right. On the left side of the line, at the very end, it should have a small hook inward.
  2. Now lightly create two guidelines, one starting at each end of the eye and pointing towards the center. You don’t want these lines to be too horizontal or it will make the eye very flat.
  3. Use this guideline to draw the bottom line of the eye. Then erase the guidelines that you just created.
  4. Next you want to create the outline of the Iris. Remember that the Iris is not a perfect circle because the top and bottom are covered by the eyelid.
  5. After you created the Iris you want to draw the small circles of light glares on it. The glares will be much smaller than in the previous drawing.
  6. Now draw the top of the eyelid just above the eye.
  7. Now take the time to shade in the Iris carefully. You can create small line strokes in order to add detail to the iris. It’s important to make sure that the pupil is the darkest part of the eye and stands out from the Iris.
  8. Once you finish with the detail in the eye you can finish by adding an eyebrow just above the eyelid.

There are many different styles of manga eyes you can draw. With enough practice you will learn how to draw manga eyes in multiple styles. Sometimes there are differences between men and women eyes. The shape of the eyes can also be used to express different emotions. Just remember that the top of the eye is always thickest, and the outlines of the eyes do not connect on both sides. It is also important to add the highlights and detail into the iris. These are the signs of a truly great manga eye drawing. Practice creating multiple styles of manga eyes in order to improve your comic designs. Even though you can take a lot of time to focus on the detail in the eyes they can also be drawn quickly to practice. The more time you get to practice drawing manga eyes the faster you will become at creating them.

With enough practice, you’ll be able to develop your own style of manga. You may even decide to create your own comics. Because the eyes are one of the most expressive features on the face, learning how to draw manga eyes correctly will greatly improve your drawings. If you end up developing your own style of manga comics you can even sell your art online to other manga enthusiasts. Once you master drawing manga faces, is important to learn how to draw figures in order to develop a full comic. Perfecting your art is just a matter of time and practice. The sooner you get started, the faster you will be able to create amazing manga faces.