How to Draw Animals for Kids

how to draw animals for kids

Drawing is one of the most creative and imaginative things a child can do in their spare time. They get to come up with scenarios from their imagination and bring them to life on paper. One of the more popular subjects for kids to draw is animals. There are many animals that are easy to draw as a result of their shape and coloring. Others in the animal kingdom are a little more difficult, which encourages practice when drawing.

In order to be confident and driven with your animal drawings, you have to have a good drawing basis. Get practice with your drawing with this course, which explains the core concepts of drawing. In it, you will learn each aspect of drawing, as it is broken down and explained to you in a simple manner you can understand. You will be able to draw not just animals, but portraits and more, giving you a strong, well rounded base to branch out from.

Drawing Animals

Animals are one of the most fun things to draw, whether you are an adult or a child. There are plenty of subjects to choose from in the animal kingdom and each one is unique, challenging and fun to try to tackle drawing. From everyday animals such as cats and dog to more exotic animals like monkeys and sharks, there is always inspiration to pull from in this category.

The Basics

When drawing any figure, it is easiest to break them down into shapes so the whole body is proportionate. For example, use the head as a circle and body as either an oval, triangle or square, depending on the shape of your subject. When you create the base of your subject with shapes, you can make sure the body parts are proportionate and the head is not too big for the body or arms or legs are not different sizes. Once you have a basic shape for what you want to draw, you can then continue to fill in the details.

Animal Examples

There are plenty of animals that are easy to draw and a great starting point for someone who is interested in drawing animals. Here are a few examples of these animals, as well as the best way to draw them:

  • Cats

Cats are one of the easiest animals to draw. What makes them so easy is that their bodies are compromised of simple shapes. A cat sitting down is simply a triangle for the body, a circle for the head and two triangles for the ears. From there, you can fill in the tail, face, legs and coloring. You can keep the shapes as is or go a little further and make the body more realistic looking by rounding out the edges and adding shading.

  • Dogs

Like cats, dogs are also very simple to draw because both animals’ shapes are similar. To draw a dog sitting down is almost the same technique as drawing a cat sitting down. The body is a triangle, with a circle for the head. Depending on the dog breed, the ears can be triangles or ovals. Once you have the base for a dog, you will need to add a snout to the head, as well as a tail and legs. Fill in the face and coloring or markings if you’d like.

  • Birds

Like dogs and cats, birds are simple to draw. Start with an oval for the body, add a circle for a head and a little triangle for the beak. You have your bird basis. From there, you will need to add wings, little bird legs, eyes and tail feathers. Birds are one of the most fun and creative animals you can draw because they come in all kinds of different colors. You can draw a bright red Macaw, a pretty Bluebird, a yellow parakeet and more.

  • Horses

Horses are animals that many children are fascinated by, whether they have ridden them before or seen the beauty of these large animals at a farm. Teach your child how to recreate the horse’s majesty on paper with simple drawing tricks. The shapes in the horse are a large oval for the body, a rectangle for the horse’s long neck, a circle for the base of its head and a long oval for its snout. From there, draw similar-sized rectangles for the legs and then you can start filling in the details like eyes, mane, hooves and more.

  • Fish

If you’re going for an underwater landscape, drawing fish is a really simple task. If you enjoy the movie Finding Nemo, a clown fish is one of the easiest types of fish you can draw. Nemo is round, so the basis of your fish should be a circle. From there, just add fins and you have the body set. After drawing the body, add on eyes, a mouth and Nemo’s pretty orange and white coloring. If you want to get a little more complicated, you can draw an angelfish, which is differently shaped than your typical fish. Draw a circle for the body and a triangle at the top and bottom of the circle. Draw tiny fins and a tail, as well as a tiny snout at the front. Finish it with eyes and coloring.


Even more simple than drawing these basic animals is drawing cartoon animals. Cartoons are all about big, rounded shapes. Fat-cat Garfield is basically a bunch of circles, making it easy for children to replicate. Drawing animal cartoons is also a really great activity if your child is particularly funny. They can take their drawing and humor skills and create their very own comic strip. Learn how to draw cartoon animals even better with this course, which will teach you how to draw cute cartoon characters and give them personalities that bring them to life on paper. For additional information on how to draw cartoons and more subjects in a simple way, you can visit this blog.

Draw with Confidence

With every skill, drawing takes practice and patience. Chances are, your child will run into people with skills better than their own. The point is for them to know that everyone has different skill levels and the only way we get better is to practice. Still, it is difficult to have confidence in your art skills all the time, that’s why it’s important to learn how to be confident in your skills as an artist. In this course we offer, you will learn how to be more confident with your drawing. The course is for all ages and all drawing levels and will teach you how to strengthen your drawing skills to make you a more confident artist.

Exploring Different Mediums

If your child wants to explore the art world even further, introduce them to other art mediums. There are numerous ways to create art with different tools. Encourage your child to create art projects of different types with this course. In it, you will learn art elements and principles, painting with watercolor and acrylic and of course, drawing basics. Creativity is something that will benefit your child their entire life, so encourage them to create with whatever format they enjoy most. Who knows? They could end up using their creativity skills in the future to carve out a successful life for themselves.