How to Change Hair Color in Photoshop

Do you want to see how you’d look blonde? Were you thinking about changing the hair color of your grandma in the family Christmas photo? Just interested in learning more fun features about Photoshop? Great. This article should help you navigate your way to being a pro hair color changer. The techniques you’ll learn here will have a number of different applications, so take note. If you want to learn more techniques  you can  master the fundamentals of Photoshop in this online course.

  1. Open your image in Photoshop.

  2. Click on the new adjustment layer button which looks like a warped ying-yang without the respective dots.

  3. A list will populate, click on the hue/saturation layer button.


4. You’ll see a hue/saturation dialog box open, click the checkbox next to the word colorize on the bottom right hand corner.

5. Your image should now look red. This means you’re ready to begin choosing your hair color! Play around with the hue/saturation slider to attain your desired color. The hue will change the actual color. If you find a color you like but want it to look a little more intense, slide the saturation hue to the right. This will give you a higher number in saturation. Don’t worry if you don’t get it perfect – you can always change this later. Click OK.

6. You’ll notice now that the whole image, with the hair, has changed to the color you chose. This is normal.

Since we created a new adjustment layer in the beginning, we will be able to mask the color on the rest of the image while leaving the hair color alone.

  1. First, we need to fill the hue/saturation layer mask with black. This layer should already be selected so all you have to do is hit CTRL+Backspace. Look on your panel. Is there a black box next to the new layer? Good.

2. Now we need to get your brush from the tool box. Hit the letter B for a shortcut, or click on the brush itself.  Want to know more about shortcuts and tools? Check out  Photoshop 101.

3. Make sure your foreground color is white. Photoshop should have done this for you, but just in case, make sure.4. This part is like magic. Take your brush and paint over the hair in the image. Wherever your brush touches will reveal the color you customized before.

5. Now that you’ve colored all the hair, we can fine-tune your results in a few ways.

a. Go to the blend tool which appears in your layers panel on the top left. It says normal right now, go ahead and change that to color or soft light. Play around with these until you get the look you want.

b. Change the opacity percentage, also on the layers panel, to create a more subtle look for the hair.

Have stray hairs you want to get? No problem. Lower the size of your brush so it won’t be so intense. You can also zoom in to really get specific.

Did you make a mistake? It’s okay. Press x and it will swap out your foreground and background. Since your background’s black you should be able to paint over the mistake just fine.

Don’t forget to hit save when you’re done! You now can change the color of the hair from white to red to purple – if you want! Feeling like you want to gain more useful Photoshop skills? Photoshop made easy will get you started.