How to Calculate your GPA : Why it Matters

howtocalculateyourgpaGPA, or Grade Point Average, is a very important measure of aptitude and can seriously affect your future, especially if you are trying to get high paying jobs. Teachers and markers often create a system to mark any students’ work. Often, this means using a marking template, which allows you to be able to mark all work on a particular part of the curriculum. Often, grades come in the form of the alphabet. Getting the best grades in exams means you really have to be in the right mindframe for the exam. This course in dealing with exams could help you.

Assuming you get a fantastic grade, hit all of the points on the grading list, and your work isn’t plagiarized, you can expect to get the highest possible grade. This would be an A+ / A / A* depending on which type of marking system the teacher is using.

Your Grade Point Average is calculated from an average of all of your grades across all of your subjects. So, if your work that you take home one day is worth 10 marks and you take 3 subjects over the course of the year, assuming the maximum amount of marks, this piece of homework would be worth 3.33% of your overall Grade Point Average. Often, you will want to increase your Grade Point Average to as high as you possibly can and writing in college can really help this. Take a look at this course in College Writing and see your Grade Point Average rocket up.

The larger the piece of coursework the more of the overall percentage of the subject that piece of work contributes to your Grade Point Average. This applies to all graded work, exams or coursework. Generally, in larger projects like coursework and exams, the marking scheme will be designed in such a manner so that there are multiple areas in which you can score marks. So, for a technical project, maybe 50% of the marks will come from creating a real product with the other 50% being written work. Furthermore, these areas will have little sub-areas where you can score marks. You might be able to get at least ten marks, purely from being able to edit your work well!

Your Grade Point Average is generally shown as a number ranging from 0.0 to 4.0. To get the maximum Grade Point Average of 4.0, you must get an A grade in each subject that you take. Often, the Grade Point Average for any given student will be weighted in such a manner as to show how important different areas of your education are.

Most of the time, you can graduate from university or college with a Grade Point Average of 2.0 at the minimum. Generally, a Grade Point Average of 3.0 is what you should be aiming for, as you often will not be invited to higher education establishments with a very low Grade Point Average. This is because many schools have actually got rid of the ”D” rank for academic achievement, citing that it is the same as an ”F” score. This makes the lowest Grade Point Average to pass being 3.0

The calculation of your Grade Point Average is actually very easy. We’ll walk through the calculations in just one minute.

Let us assume that you are a top grade student in all of your classes and you often score A grades on your exams. You are taking five separate subjects, each with equal credits.

This means you will have a grade very close to 4.0 in all of your exams.

Let us assume at the end of the year you achieved a 4.0, 3.7, 3.5, 3.9 and 3.2

To average these, you add them all up and divide by the amounts of the amount of subjects taken. In this calculation, your Grade Point Average would be 3.66.

Now, let us assume that you find a few of your subjects difficult, whilst easily besting the others.

This year, you achieved 4.0,4.0,4.0, 3.2 and 2.4. This would make your overall Grade Point Average a 3.52.

These calculations show how achieving highly in some subjects whilst flunking another means you can still achieve a fairly good GPA. As this student gets A’s more often than they get C’s, their overall Grade Point Average academic score isn’t ruined.

In the case that you are a middling student, your grades might look a little more like this.

3.0, 2.5, 2.5, 2.2, 1.2

Obviously, you are failing one of your courses. Your Grade Point Average would be 2.28

This raises obvious problems when you come to apply for jobs and such in the future as you might have excelled in a certain field yet failed in the other areas of subjects that you took, making your Grade Point Average low. Having a low Grade Point Average because you flunked a class can easily mean that people don’t bother reading the rest of your resumé, meaning you probably won’t be interviewed for any jobs in your profession.

Your Grade Point Average is the most important thing to concentrate on when you are still in school and at university and can easily be improved by spending a little more time studying and learning academic disciplines. We often find that teaching people how to write well and show them how to write correct essays and such is superbly important in improving their Grade Point Averages. Almost all subjects will be easier to pass when you know how to write well. We recommend this course in writing, for academic and technical purposes. In addition to this, time management and tracking is a superb skill to have and can make up for a lower Grade Point Average. If you think you need a little work on Time Management, we highly recommend that you take a little time and learn how to use your time effectively.