How to Block Someone on Twitter: Fast and Easy to Do.

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After fully embracing the world of Twitter, the question arises, can everyone really see everything I tweet? If you want to make your tweets private to only your followers it’s quite simple to change in the settings, but what about that crazy ex? What if one of your followers just gives you the creeps and you don’t want them to know anything about you? Or how about a spam bot that is hijacking your feed and retweeting a whole bunch of things you don’t want the world to see.

Like every social networking site, you have the option to control who you want to follow, and who can join your list of followers. Fortunately, Twitter makes it very easy to block a user who is repeatedly following or tweeting you despite the fact you have been consistently removing them from your lists. If you know the culprit, its a fast process. If you have lots of followers and you think there are quite a few spambots it will take longer to comb through all of your fans.

Steps to block a user:

  1. First you need to login to your Twitter account, using your username and password. If you are using a shared computer please remember to select the check-box “Do not remember me on this computer” to protect your personal information.

  2. Browse your followers list, to see if the user you want to block is already following you. Click their profile link, and you will be taken to your unwanted contacts personal information page. If they are not following you, head to their profile page by typing their unique twitter URL into the address bar in your browser, or put their name into Twitter’s search box.

  3. As you look at the users profile, in the top centre of the screen there is a gear icon. This is right next to the message box. Selecting this icon will give you a short menu, with the options of “Mention,” “Block,” or “Report for Spam.”

  4. All you need to do is click “Block” and your spammer/stalker won’t be able to interact with you on Twitter.

  5. When they login to their profile, there is no notification to update the user they have been blocked, but they will be able to see that you have blocked them if they start checking out your profile. A red box with a line through the words “Blocked” replaces the “Following” box on their profile screen, and they won’t be able to access your tweets or photos.

After successfully blocking a user, they will not be able to add your Twitter account to their lists. If they send you @replies, direct messages or mentions they will not show in your mentions tab, but these may be visible to the public through a search. Unfortunately nothing you can do about this point. Most importantly, blocked users cannot follow you, or see your profile picture in their feed.

If your tweets are public, anyone can view your public profile page and see your latest updates, regardless if you have blocked them, or if they even have a Twitter account. If you are experiencing problems with a specific user it may be beneficial to set your tweets and profile to protected, so that only your followers can see what you are upto.

If you accidentally block the wrong user, it’s simple to undo the steps above. You just need to login to your Twitter account and visit the blocked users profile. Under the users name there will be an “undo” box, right next to the words blocked. After you have un-blocked them, they will need to follow you again (and vice versa) for their tweets and updates to show in your feed.

For many of us, blocking is the best way to stop unwanted messages, tweets, @replies and mentions. If you notice a large increase in spam in your account you probably need to go through your followers list and clean up your lists. It takes a bit of time to check through every followers profile, use the blocking technique to remove users you have nothing in common with (or most likely just auto-followed you).

Having a lot of followers doesn’t help your online credibility, especially if half of them are spammers. Follow some tried and true lessons for managing your business presence on Twitter to really have success. Set up your account well, manage your followers and enjoy the benefits Twitter can bring to your brand, business or simply your personal life.