how to become a photographer

Are you a serious photography hobbyist, and now ready to learn how to become a photographer? It’s an exciting career that you will find challenging and fulfilling. Here are several ways you can take your photography goals to a professional level.

Back To School

Much of photography is learned in the field. But you can lay a solid foundation by enrolling in photography, graphic arts and similar courses online or in the classroom. You’ll get advice and feedback that will shorten your advancement in the profession.

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Hit The Books

Along with classroom work, study appropriate books and textbooks about lighting, composition, depth of field, framing, and staging. By understanding the underlying mechanics of what makes a photo great, you give yourself a greater chance to develop a personal style that is unique in the marketplace. 

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Become Client Focused

Many aspects of professional photography have nothing to do with taking pictures, and everything to with learning to communicate with clients. They can be demanding, caustic and hard to control. You may be taking pictures at an event that is highly emotional for them, like a wedding. Learn to handle these situations with grace and patience, gently guiding them in order to get the best pictures that will make them look their best.

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Develop A Personal Style

Over time, you will develop a consistent look in your photography, whether you are mainly commercial or artistic. Learn to look for nuances in your shots that feel right for you, that express your particular point of view. In the end, photography is about expression, about communicating a vision of the world. By recognizing and nurturing what you want to communicate, you’ll develop an authentic brand that people will begin to recognize.

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Follow Your Heroes

One way to develop your personal style is to analyze the work of professional photographers you admire. Break down their work and determine why it works. Is it the lighting, the staging, the overall feel of the photos? Ask yourself what gets you excited about their work, and try to incorporate some of their influence in your own shots.

Professional photography is a field that is both challenging and satisfying. Learning how to become a photographer will take patience and dedication to reach your goals, but once there you will be glad you took the first steps.

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