how to become a nannyIf you enjoy spending time with children and are good at working with kids, a job in childcare might be a great fit for your skills and talents. There are many different ways you can get involved in a childcare career, as this blog post illustrates. One of the more popular jobs in childcare is becoming a nanny. There are many parents in need of a reliable and responsible nanny to take care of their children. The question is, how do you become a nanny, know what your terms and conditions should be and know how much to charge.

The first part of becoming a nanny, however, is understanding what it is a nanny does and what you can expect from a job as a nanny. This course offers a professional nanny class and provides the tools and resources you need to become an official nanny.

What You Need to Become a Nanny and Get Hired

Wanting to become a nanny is not enough. People place their children’s safety in your care and trust that you know what to do in the event of an emergency. That is a large amount of trust that’s placed on you. as a result, you will have to prove to the parents that you have the skills and knowledge of someone that can be trusted with their children.

Volunteering is not only a great way to feel good and make others feel good, but it looks great on a resume. If you are specifically looking to go into a career working with children, look for volunteer opportunities that work directly with kids. There are plenty out there that are always looking for people to help out. By volunteering, you will be able to get important experience working with children, learn more about caring for and interacting with children and have something impressive to put on your resume. Volunteering also gives you an opportunity to gain references if you get along well with your employers or fellow co-workers. Having someone give a great reference can make a big difference when you start to go and look for a job. Take your volunteering seriously, get the most that you can out of it, push yourself to become a better person and a stunning reference will be easy to obtain.

Knowing first aid is the most important part of being a nanny. It means that you know how to handle emergency and life-threatening situations. Kids are curious, get into trouble and get hurt quite often, and it is your job to know the skills that can save their lives or prevent them from a seriously injury. There are many organizations that offer first aid and CPR training and it is easy to get enrolled in one of the classes. Before you enroll, you can take this course, which offers a series of lectures and cinematic scenarios that can prepare you for what you will learn in your certifiable first aid clinics.

Once you can provide a certificate or additional proof that you are familiar with first aid procedures, you will be one step closer toward that nannying job you are looking for.

In order to connect with the children you are nannying, you have to be able to relate to them and understand their thoughts and feelings. Like adults, children want to be loved and feel like their voices and opinions matter. To do that, you have to be able to put yourself in their shoes and think back to when you were a child. Many of us can easily forgot childhood and what it was like to be a child, but when you are working with children, it is important to remember those special years. Think back to how adults treated you as a child. Who were adults that you looked up to? How did they treat you? Do you remember adults that made you feel like you weren’t important? If so, what did they do that made you feel that way? By going back and remembering your relationships with adults as a child, it will help you to form your own relationships with children as an adult. Granted, not all children are the same, but thinking back and reflecting on your childhood will help you find common ground with the child you are nannying for.

Nannying is not just looking after someone else’s child or children, but you also have to be in charge of the house while the parents are away. This means picking up after yourself and after the children, taking the children to extracurricular activities and sometimes cleaning the house and doing laundry. It’s a lot to juggle, so that’s why being organized is an important part of being a nanny. The best way to get organized is to buy a day planner. This will help you to write down the children’s schedules and activities from day to day. It is also helpful if you need to make notes for yourself or give yourself reminders. In addition to a daily planner, having daily to-do lists will help make sure everything gets done around the house and during the day. Start each morning with everything that has to be done that day and check off the items as they get finished. That way you can make sure everything gets done that needed to be done.

Children are some of the most creative and imaginative people on this planet. While adults are jaded and have been hardened by the world, children are still discovering it and exploring it. Embrace that mentality and start looking at everyday items and events in a new way. Channel your creativity and start seeing things as games and challenges. Use your imagination like you did as a child. Children can take the most ordinary objects and have fun with them for hours. For example, a simple refrigerator box can be turned into a fort, a spaceship, a time machine and more. Start looking at ordinary objects in a new way. Challenge your creativity to get on the playing level of a child. Know that everyone can be creative, too. Creativity is not just something some people are born with and some people are not. This course will teach you that creativity is a process that anyone can follow. Once you have honed your own creativity, you can start thinking of fun games and activities you can do with the children you nanny that engages them, gets them to think and most importantly, lets them have fun.

Making sure their children are getting the proper nutrition is important for parents. They want their children to be healthy, grow and learn how to eat right from an early age. Since nannies spend meal times with children, it is important that they know about proper nutrition themselves. Nannies need to set good examples for the children by eating healthy. Fast food and desserts are nice treats, but that’s exactly what they are: treats. These types of food should be reserved for special occasions and should never be an everyday type of food. Prove to your potential employers that you care about child nutrition by setting a good example. Eat fruits and vegetables in front of the kids. Use your creativity to make creations out of food so children will have more fun eating it. (Vegetables are not as yucky if they’re in fun shapes!) Of course, child nutrition is different from adult nutrition. Children — especially young children — are growing and developing quickly and need the proper nutrition to make them healthy and strong. Learn more about child nutrition — specifically nutrition for infants and toddlers — with this course on the subject. In it, you will learn to work with picky eaters and encourage children to eat more vegetables, how to get children to try new foods and more. In addition, you will get recipes and resources so you can bring all your food knowledge to the table and be able to provide the best nutrition.

Create a Great Looking Resume

If you are applying for any kind of job, you will need to have a resume. Having a good resume can be one of the things that gets you in the door to the job you want. The key is to know how to create and build a solid resume. If you are looking to become a nanny, you will need to put down all relevant experience you have in the field, including past jobs, volunteer work, certifications, etc. This is the way your potential employers will know that you are experienced and prepared in the field. You will also need to find some references to put on your resume as well. Three is usually a solid number of references. Two professional references and one personal reference is a good ratio to have and you will need to double check to make sure the people you choose are OK with being a reference for you.

Once your resume is complete, you will need to draft up a cover letter to go along with it. Cover letters are a great opportunity for you to show your strengths that were not necessarily listed in your resume. These letters let you explain to your potential employers why are are interested in the job and let you brag a little bit about the skills and knowledge you have in the field. You want to get the job, so it’s important for you to boast a little and make yourself look like the best candidate you can be. If you need help with creating a resume and drafting a cover letter, we offer this course that will teach you how to create a professional resume and cover letter. In it, you will learn what to include in a resume, formatting techniques, skills for writing an attention-grabbing cover letter and more.

Childcare is a career path that is challenging, but extremely rewarding and nannying is one of those careers. You have to be conscious of what is best and safe for the child you are caring for and be someone their parents can trust putting their child’s care in. If you can be this person, the result is not only rewarding, but something you can make a living on as well.

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