howtobecomeamotivationalspeakerWho wouldn’t love to inspire crowds for a living? If this is something you think you would be great at, you may be interested in pursuing oppurtunities in motivational speaking. But since the process of attaining your status as a motivational speaker is quite different from that of traditional career paths, you might need some guidance to get started.

Read on for some perspectives on how you can land some speaking gigs and start building yourself up as a speaker. If you would like a great starting place for learning some skills you’ll need, you might want to complete a course in public speaking as well.

Have something inspiring you want to speak about

Motivation, of course, is not a commodity. It isn’t something you can buy and sell in bulk. Instead, it is something you will be generating from your unique message and the way you express it to your audience.  So to do this well, you need to have a message you want to start with.

If you generally know that you want to help inspire others but you don’t have a focused message to put across, you may need to do some exploring to find something that could really be compelling. Perhaps you need to seek some inspiration yourself. Find a mentor or coach; read inspirational books or literature; look for paths that might lead to helpful insights to clarify your message.

One possible avenue is to learn from experts who can help you learn to take greater control of all aspects of your life by mastering the way you think. For this reason, you might considering enrolling in an online course in mind mastery for positive change.

Write and publish about your message

When you have locked in on something you want to share with others, you can start right away on getting it out there. A great way to do that is to begin writing about the topic. With the ability to publish content through the internet and on social media, there is nothing barring you from putting your words out there to start reaching people and building your reputation.

If you would rather go after another medium for building your presence, that is another option. For instance, you can record and publish videos on YouTube or Video. Or you could start recording audio of your speaking and do a podcast. If you are going after YouTube as a way to get your message out, you can find some guidance specifically with that medium. Try a course in mastering YouTube for maximum views.

If you would like some help getting started on writing this kind of content, you might be interested in a course on leveraging social media for business. Or you can take a course designed specifically to help with writing inspirational content.

Sell the articles you write and make sure to get a byline

Aside from contributing free media on social networks, you might consider undertaking some efforts to sell your written work to established news and journalistic publications. Not only will this put some money in your pocket while you are still building yourself up, but it will also give your name a boost by having a byline in a trusted publication.

You can use this to start building a foundation of credibility and widening your audience through publications’ existing readerships. You might benefit from a course that teaches some basics of publicity.

Get very effective and very familiar with speaking in public

If you are considering motivational speaking as a serious option, chances are you are comfortable giving a speech, but everyone has improvements they can make. You will want to get your proficiency in speech making to the highest standards before you look for engagements to take on.

Promote yourself

When you begin to work social media and reach out to people online, take an eye toward developing your brand. You want to try to put out a consistent brand message that helps reinforce the quality of your product, which in this case means you!

Put some thought in to the messages you circulate through social media channels to make sure they are both interesting and generally consistent with the overall direction of your thinking.

Spend a lot of time interacting with people and understanding them.

Are you getting in to motivational speaking in part because you love dealing with people? Well, hopefully the idea doesn’t make you any less excited about it because it will be a big part of the job. To have a successful speaking engagement, you will want to to make things fun and interactive. You will need to find ways to get your crowd involved.

Know who you’ll be speaking to

Aside from having a general knack for dealing with people, you’ll want to make sure you get some time in researching actual groups you will work with before you go in for speaking gigs. This will be critical if you want to gear your speeches toward a group for a productive outcome.

The bottom line

As is true for all kinds of entrepreneurial pursuits, starting up as a motivational speaker does not have a path as clear cut as finding a convential position with an established employer. But this just means you need to put some work in to establish the business for yourself, and when you do, you will find a world of rewards to make it worth your while.

Going down this path may take some time, and you will need to expect you won’t start pulling in a lot of money right away. But once you get your foothold as a motivational speaker, you will be glad you made the choice to pursue your passion.

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