How to Be Stress Free in the 21st Century

howtobestressfreeDid you know that Americans typically work more hours and take less vacation than any other country in the world?  According to this Bureau of Labor Statistics News Release we also retire later too!  Of course there are ways to improve the way that we work, you may have heard of the saying “Work smarter, not harder”.

Learning how to use techniques to reduce the amount of time we spend doing a particular task may help us save time, but that doesn’t eliminate the fact that we live in an age where constantly being ‘connected’ is the norm.  Most people carry a smart phone or a device that has the capability of sending and receiving email messages at all times of the day.  Being constantly connected makes it easy to forget that you haven’t taken the time to disconnect from work and taken the time to connect to your life outside how to be stress freeof work.  Before you know it, days may have gone by without you taking a second to disconnect from the daily issues which may be stressing you out and reconnecting and recharging yourself.  Being constantly connected may be good business, but it’s not always good for our bodies, minds, and souls.  Constant connection can lead to stress and stress can lead to many other ailments.  Having and living a stress free life may seem like a distant illusion to you, but maybe it’s time it became your reality.

Stress can be caused by many things.  Some people may become stressed and panic when the envelope icon all of a sudden displays a new email message on their phone.  Does the pinging sound of your phone from across the room send a chill up your spine and make you wonder “What Now”?  There may be a small part of you that wants to ignore the new email message as you calmly tell yourself that you’ll get to it later.  While another part of you immediately pictures that one ignored message turning into a landslide of never-ending unanswered email messages with urgent flags and words that are written out in all caps.

Taking control of your email inbox is a lot simpler than learning how to control the stress you may feel on a day to day basis. Thankfully learning how to stay on top of your inbox and keep it organized is easy and can be easily achieved with this course.

howtobestressfreeHaving to find the time in an already busy day to answer emails however may be the least of your problems.  Choosing to ignore or just live with the stress that you feel can lead to other more serious issues that can have long term effects on your health.  Headaches, jaw clenching, insomnia, weight gain, anxiety and high blood pressure can all be your bodies way of telling you that your stress levels are out of control.  Learning how to take control of your life by managing your time may be an effective way to begin to reduce the amount of stress that you feel on a day to day basis.  If you’re already dealing with the effects of sleep loss, or feel that you want to get the most out of the time you do spend sleeping you should definitely check out Sleep Hacking 101.

Sure, you may be among the type of people that sometimes feels motivated by stress or the pressure of an approaching deadline.  And, like most things stress in small doses isn’t necessarily all that bad.  It can be a great motivator for some, especially for those that may have procrastinated and left an important task until the last minute.  Nothing makes a person jump on a task like the fact that it’s due in a few short days, or even hours… am I right?  Shout out to all you procrastinators out there, you know who you are!  If you decide you want to overcome that pesky habit and want to hear about how you can be ahead of a deadline instead of racing to meet it, then don’t wait until the last minute to check out our course on how to overcome being a constant procrastinator.

But, when stress controls your life it may be time to rethink your day to day and prioritize your health and mental well-being before it leads to serious health issues.  Learning how to take control and manage your stress levels is the first step in the right direction.  Relaxing may seem easy and like a welcome retreat for some but for others learning how to turn their brains off for a few minutes may be harder than they initially thought.  Some people have found that music has helped them turn off their thoughts and relax.  While others may find that learning how to meditate allows them to disconnect and reach a Zen like state.  To find your Zen through meditation I highly suggest you check out our course, Meditation for Stress.  In the same way that different people react differently to stress, different methods of relaxation will work for different people.  In other words what works for me, may not work for you.

Identify Stress Triggers

Learning how to identify your stress triggers will help you identify when you may need to take a step away from the situation to regain your composure and lower your stress levels.  Unfortunately, most people are so used to being stressed that they don’t even realize that they are stressed until their stress levels are peaking.  Take a moment out of your day to think about specific things that make your heart race, make you feel emotional, or leave you feeling overwhelmed.  Learning to identify what makes you feel stressed and overwhelmed will help you to better prepare yourself to overcome and deal with your triggers.

Take Control

You may not be able to eliminate your stress triggers from your life, but you can learn to control them.  Learn to avoid stressful situations if possible and when they simply can’t be avoided learn how to break them down into smaller tasks so that they don’t seem so overwhelming.  Take control of your life, if you don’t then who will!

Accept that some things (and people) just can’t be changed

Learn to accept that some situations (or people) just can’t be changed.  Once you accept that there will always be things in life that you don’t want to do but just can’t put off and people that you don’t enjoy dealing with but have to it will be easier to handle both the situation and the people.  Learn to look at these stressful situations as opportunities to grow yourself and become a better person.  Accept that no one and nothing is perfect, yes, this includes you.

Do You

Easier said than done right?  Learning how to put yourself first isn’t easy, trust me I’ve got three kids I know.  But it’s something that has to be done and as hard as it seems there are small changes that you can make in your day – to – day routine that can have a big impact on how you feel.  Take time out of your day to tend to your physical and mental needs.  Exercising, eating right, and meditating are all things that you can do for yourself that will help you to keep your stress levels in check and live a healthier and happier life while doing them as well.  For some great tips and tricks on healthy eating, check out our course on Healthy Eating.

Taking control of the stressors in your life means you’re well on your way to being stress free in the 21st Century.

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