how to be happy alwaysHappiness is the one thing that most everyone wants in life.  At the end of the day, it may not matter what kind of car you drive, how many friends you have, or how many people have re-tweeted you in the last thirty days (really).  After you brush your teeth at night, slip under the covers, and look up at your concrete ceiling and ask yourself, “Am I happy?”  What is your answer?  We all want to say “Yes”, and go on to effortlessly list the reasons why.  However, happiness is sometimes so hard to develop and maintain.  We do not blame you; with all of the stresses that people deal with on a daily basis — from wondering how to pay monthly bills, to job security, and optimal health – life packs a variety of punches.  Since we can agree that happiness is tough, always being happy has to be an even harder position to achieve.  Luckily, we are going to give you some helpful hints and tips onto how to get into the mindset of making yourself happy, always.  Get ready to stretch that smile, and let’s get started!

Choosing Happiness

First, it can be helpful to get yourself into the habit of thinking of happiness as a choice.  As such, if you are aware that something is a choice – then you have all the right in the world to make it one of your choices!  Before we get into the details, here are some very simple (but sometimes tough!) things that you can do to set you on the path to choosing happiness:

Choose To…

Be the best you

Focusing on yourself can be hard, especially when you are working for other people, have a family, or are quick to compare.  The key is not focus on being better than someone else – just be the best person you can be with the unique qualities and components that you are given.

Focus on what you have

When you put the focus on the things you have, and not what you don’t have, you become thankful and appreciative of what is evident in your life.  If you constantly want something new or new things, then it is hard to focus on being happy with what you do have.


Smiling is a choice, and even if you do not always feel like it, smiling will make you feel better and will make others around you feel better and perceive you in a positive light.  Even if you are having a rough day, smile – and your brain will think that you are happy.

Let Go

There are certain things in life that are not worth fighting for if you are the only one fighting.  Some things have to be purged out of your life to make room for happiness to come in.  Especially if you are holding on to thing s that might be toxic to your life – let it go!

Embrace Change

If you are holding on to thoughts or emotions from your past that are keeping you from being happy, move forward.  We all experience hurt, failure, and are scared when certain things come to an end.  If you embrace the fact that change is a part of life, you will have a much easier time being happy with moving forward and feeling comfortable with new life experiences and choices.

Steps to Always Being Happy

Now, let’s take a look at some more detailed steps that you can take that will keep you happy, always:

  1. Decide to be happy:  This might sound silly, but telling yourself that you will remain happy despite what may happen today, tomorrow, or in the future – you will have the mindset that you will deserve happiness no matter what.
  2. Don’t fret:  For people who are highly anxious and tend to worry often, happiness can be hard to achieve.  Get rid of tension, fear, and negative thinking.  Those will only hinder your happiness and you will be less likely to get anything productive done.
  3. Balance:  Create balance in your life.  Spend time with family, make time for exercise, eat healthy, and do things for yourself.
  4. Offer Compliments:  Showing others that you appreciate little things about them will make them feel happy, and in turn, you will feel good about yourself for brightening someone’s day!  Do not forget, you can compliment yourself too!
  5. Plan:  Having a plan will always help you achieve your goal faster than just sitting around and hoping and wishing for something to happen.   Actions and plans make for productive thinking.
  6. Love you:  Being your best friend might be just what you need.  After all, at the end of the day, you are only left with yourself.  Knowing that you will never let yourself down and trusting your beliefs and decisions will help you create your own happiness.
  7. Turn failure around:  Not everything in life is going to plan out the way you want it too.  Additionally, people make mistakes – we are human after all!  When you are met with a failure or a disappointment, turn it around and see it as an opportunity for growth, learning, and change.
  8. Do not compare:  Comparing yourself to others will always set you up for failure, as you can never be anyone but yourself.  Focusing on you and your personal goals will help you achieve happiness faster than always trying to find someone to one-up.
  9. Do not please:  If you are set on pleasing a bunch of other people, then you will never achieve your personal happiness.   Do not feel like you have to please anyone but yourself.  People might have expectations or beliefs for your life that are no way in line with what you desire.  Focus on what you need to do for you.
  10. Be active:  If you sit around all day waiting for happiness to come to you – it won’t.  Being active and adamantly working towards a goal or a purpose is a surefire way to help to always keep yourself happy.
  11. Material goods:  Objects, things, and what you have will not give you happiness (not permanent at least).  Happiness is found within you and it comes from your mind and your thoughts, not what you have.
  12. Success:  Success does not equate happiness.  Rather, happy people are successful, or at least on the road to being successful in whatever they set their minds to.
  13. Do not be afraid:  Fear is the great road block to happiness.  If you fear doing certain things, or keep from making decisions based on other people’s opinions, you will never be happy with yourself.  Think for you.
  14. Accept yourself:  You have probably heard the phrase, “You cannot love someone else without loving yourself first.”  This is true in the sense that you have to be happy with who you are, as no one other person is going to make you truly happy inside.
  15. Live:  Being present and being in the moment is all about living.  If your mind is always worried about the next best thing, or stuck up on a past situation – you will never be able to appreciate what you have now, and you will never be truly happy.

Be Yourself

How to be happy always; with always being the clincher.  How do you do anything, always?  The answer is to make it a habit, a lifestyle, and not an action that comes and goes.  There are so many ways and things that you can choose and do to always be happy.  Remember to focus on doing what works best for you, and everything else will fall into place.  Udemy has some wonderful online courses taught by professionals that will be sure to help you put a permanent smile on your face.  Choose to be happy, because you deserve it!

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