How To Be Beautiful Inside and Out

how to be beautifulThere are days when you wake up and you feel like pulling the covers back over, crawling back into bed, and ordering Thai takeout (all at once).  Then, there are days where you wake up ready to reenact the Westside Story scene, circa 1961; “I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright.”  What a nice combination; to feel pretty, witty, and bright.  Sounds like a pretty decent recipe for feeling beautiful, don’t you think?  So, what can you do to wake up feeling like this every day?  While we know that this might not be humanly possible, it is feasible to consider some small steps that you can take to help you be beautiful.  Keep in mind, the more beautiful you feel, the more beautiful you will look to the world.

What is Beauty?

There are two types of obvious beauty: inner beauty and outer beauty.  But before we discuss either of these two any further, let’s try to define beauty.  What is this thing that we all want to achieve?  What is beauty?

If you came here looking for a straight answer to the aforementioned question, we will tell you straight out that we cannot answer that for you.  Beauty is how you define it.  For some, it is more of a feeling than an object. But for others, it can be a picture, a person, or an offering.  In addition to differing by person, the definition and response to feeling beautiful can deviate by culture, age group, and religion.  Basically, when it comes to determining how to be beautiful, it is like asking someone what makes them happy – there is probably an overall theme, but the reactions will vary.  With that said, let’s take a look at some of the more obvious, but often overlooked things that you can do to be beautiful.

Outer Beauty

In our opinion, inner beauty is much more important, but we are going to address outer beauty first because it is a lighter and easier topic to begin with.

Body:  One of the first things you will notice about a person is their body and overall physique.  The way to keeping your body beautiful is to keep it healthy.  Remember, you are what you eat, so eat healthfully.

  • Eat balanced meals, drink plenty of water, and make sure you incorporate the proper amounts of all the required food groups.  There is no problem is eating out or having dessert once in awhile, but remember that moderation is key.  Having a healthy diet will not only make you feel good inside, but make you looking great on the outside as well.
  • In addition to eating healthy, you should know that consistent exercise is going to make your body looking beautiful as well.  Ignore pictures of overly toned women in magazines, or impossible looking abs on Instagram.  Instead, do what makes you feel good, balanced, and fit.  Aim for at least 20-30 minutes of exercise each day to keep things varied.

Skin:  Your skin will be your clothes for the rest of your life, so treat it well.  Having healthy and glowing skin will make you feel beautiful.

  • Use sunscreen and drink water to hydrate your skin.  If you skimp out on water, your skin will look and feel old and brittle.
  • Wash and moisturize your face at least twice a day to remove any dirt or oil.
  • Use lip balm or lip moisturizer to keep your lips from becoming dry and cracked.  Kissable lips are beautiful lips!

Hygiene:  It will be hard to feel beautiful without keeping yourself well-kept.  Looking or smelling dirty will definitely impact how you feel.

  • Shower on a daily basis, wash your hair regularly, and wear proper clothes and deodorant to keep your body looking and smelling fresh and well-kept.
  • Make sure the parts of your body (ie: your hands and feet), that are easily visible, remain well-kept.  A simple pedicure or a manicure can be an easy way to feel beautiful for a small price.
  • Your smile can be one of your best features, and it is important to remember to smile even if you might not be feeling your best.  As such, remember to brush your teeth and floss on a daily basis.  Investing in teeth whitening kits can be a good idea if you suffer from staining.

Hair:  Do not get your head too wrapped up in this one!  Hair is a defining feature and can really shape your face and features if you know how to work it correctly.  Choose a hairstyle that is flattering for you and your style.  Try to choose one that is easy to maintain, especially if you are trying to be beautiful on a tight schedule!

Clothes:  We know there are tons of fashion trends out there that are constantly changing.  They key to feeling beautiful in your clothes is to choose a style and wardrobe that is comfortable for you and suits your style and body-type.

Makeup:  Do not over-do this area.  Beauty is natural, and packing on beauty products onto your face can make you appear older, overdone, and messy.  Try to keep your look classy and simple rather than flashy and trendy.

Inner Beauty

Inner beauty can be as simple as doing things that make you feel good and happy– which will result in helping you feel beautiful.  Here are some facets of yourself that you can work to develop as a way to amplify your qualities and personality.

  • Be You:  Sometimes we try to say and do things or be a certain way to fit a mold that we think someone else or society might want for us.  Do not pretend; say what you mean, think, or feel at all times.  You will feel and know yourself much better at the end of the day.
  • Let Go:  There are always going to be people or instances in your life who of which do not make you feel beautiful: let them go, or simply, do not let them bother you.  This is easier said than done, but the more you are aware to do so, the easier it will be for you to ignore certain people and unwanted feelings.
  • Give:  It is important to remember that wealth is not a prerequisite to being generous.  Generosity lies in the simplest things, favors, or kind words that you can give to another person.  Make someone else feel beautiful, and that energy will bounce back to you.
  • Relationships:  People need people, and the more positive energy that you surround yourself with, the more beautiful you will feel.  A strong support system will be there to pick you up when you are down and remind you how amazing you are.
  • Community:  Just like relationships, feeling apart or connected to something is important into keeping your spirit feeling beautiful.  Volunteer, contribute, and get involved in your community or an organization that you feel passionate about.  Inner beauty is about sharing your abilities with others.

You Are Beautiful

Feeling beautiful is a process that takes time.  Do not get discouraged if you are not automatically feeling like a million bucks.  Take you time and get to know yourself, your body, and how you interact with your surroundings.  You are beautiful because you are you, so simply fine-tune your best qualities and your beauty will shine through.