How Do You Make an App? An Introductory Guide

Smartphone with cloud of application iconsMobile apps are now one of the most popular and rewarding businesses on the Web. However, this seems to go even further. Everyone seems to be creating apps today: to promote their products, optimize their social communication, share news and events better. Making one became really easy, too.

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You’ve decided to create an app? Before starting make sure you know answers to these questions:

What’s your app for?

You should know if you’re making an app in order to make money or as an addition to your company’s promo. Many businesses create mobile apps in order to popularize their brand name and increase sales.

In the first case, start with some research: check what apps and what topics are popular now, go to app stores, charts and collect some info. Also, don’t spend all your energy, time and money on one app only. It’s better to make a couple of simple ones, with a small budget and little effort wasted.

In the second case you will have a pretty clear idea what your app should be like. There’s a set of actions to be performed, a number of features, texts and pictures related to your product. However, don’t get too distracted and don’t make it too promotional.

What kind of app would you prefer?

First of all, will this be an Android or iPhone app? It’s usually hard and not justified to make both at once, so you will probably have to choose. Remember that iPhone may earn you more money, while Android will be much more accessible to your customers, which is good for an app that is gaining popularity.

Second of all, will you make it free or paid? Of course, if this is a promotional app for your product, then it most definitely will be free. However, even if you’re planning to make money from your apps, if you are only beginning with the app business, it would be awesome for a good start to release a couple of simple free apps to see how it actually works, how many people are interested in it, etc.

Who will use this app?

The most important thing in  building it is to always have your target audience in mind. Just ask yourself: who will buy/use it and what is it for? Will people be interested? Maybe there are tons of other apps precisely like yours in the app stores at the moment? Why should people download yours? Not sure they will? Now is the perfect time to modify the original idea.

Who will create your app?

This actually is not that hard to answer: the options are vast and will differ depending on your previous answers. If you are making an app for your business, you can delegate that job to a freelancer on oDesk, Elance, etc. Still, if you have taken up this project pretty seriously, you might first of all want to learn the basics on your own. That knowledge will be precious when dealing with third-party developers, your own team, partners and competitors. You can also use one of the free tools that give an opportunity to make apps within minutes without any technical experience. You can learn more about that in the free course: How To Make App For Iphone, Android, Kindle Without Coding. What you make won’t be a gaming masterpiece, but maybe you don’t need one.

Now you’ve got a plan, so it’s time to turn it into reality. Analyze, think about your users and make awesome apps!

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