You may be wondering: What’s a great holiday campaign to get more students enrolled in my courses?

I’m glad you asked. 🙂


Mid-December is the perfect time to kick off a Holiday Savings campaign. Below, I pasted scripts you can use for a 7-day campaign. The campaign is designed to get your email subscribers, social media followers, acquaintances, etc. to “unwrap the savings.” You’ll see what I mean when you read the scripts.

Of course, adapt the scripts to fit your voice and speak the language of your audience. Use the messaging across your various marketing channels, e.g. private email list blasts, Course Announcements, blog posts, Facebook, etc. Here goes…


DAY 1:

It’s the end of the year, and I’m holding a Holiday Special for all the aspiring Knitting Comedians out there! I’m calling it 7 days of Holiday Savings!

You have 7 days to get discounted access to my Advanced Knitting for Comedians course. I’m not telling you how much of a discount I’m giving—you have to click here [insert your coupon code here] to unwrap your surprise and find out.

Go on—unwrap your surprise [insert your coupon code] to see how much of a discount I’m giving.

I also hope you have plenty of other gifts to “unwrap” this holiday season.


DAY 3:

Good news—several people have taken advantage of the 7 days of Holiday Savings, and if you’re ready to become a Knitting Comedian, you can still enroll in the course at a discount [insert your coupon code]!

Here’s what you’ll learn if/when you join the course (in case you need a reminder):

1) The best places to buy yarn and other knitting supplies online

2) How to knit a multi-colored scarf in 4 hours

3) How to make a stranger laugh while knitting on the bus

I created resources on all three topics, and I can’t wait to dive into them with you! You have 4 more days to access the course at a discount.

Remember, I’m not revealing how much of a discount I’m giving; you have to click to unwrap the gift [insert your coupon code] and find out for yourself! Hope to see you in the course.


DAY 6:

I received an email from one of my Advanced Knitting for Comedians students about her experience in the course. I was really humbled and blown away by everything she accomplished in such a short period of time! Talk about an inspiration.

If you’re unsure about your ability to learn how to knit and be funny, read below to see what’s possible if you just give it a try. Here’s an excerpt from her email:

[Include testimonial email from previous student regarding the results he/she achieved because of the course.]

If you’re thinking about joining Advanced Knitting for Comedians, join us [insert your coupon code]! The 7 days of Holiday Savings ends tomorrow! Enroll here now [insert your coupon code].


DAY 7:

This week has flown by! If you’re considering joining Advanced Knitting for Comedians during the 7 days of Holiday Savings, this is your final reminder!

Tis the season to treat yourself to some learning, so click here to enroll at a discount [insert your coupon code] before it goes away tonight. Hope to be knitting and laughing with you in no time!

P.S. If you have any funny (or wannabe funny) friends, tell them about the savings, too [insert your coupon code]!


Hope this helps get you thinking about the best ways to enroll more students into your courses this holiday season!


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