Imagine how next-generation airplanes, trains, and cars are redefining the future of mobility across both physical and digital infrastructure. Think of self-driving cars that are linked into a city’s public transit system, so you can pick up a car at whatever train stop you alight at. Or imagine a new multi-modal aircraft that addresses airport congestion. AKKA Technologies, Europe’s leading engineering and R&D consulting firm and Udemy for Business customer, is accelerating innovation and time-to-market for the aerospace, automotive, and railway sectors. Headquartered in Brussels, AKKA provides cutting-edge engineering expertise for clients throughout the product lifecycle to help build and innovate disruptive mobility technologies. 

For example, AKKA’s new “Link & Fly” is a revolutionary multimodal aircraft recently presented at the Paris Air Show. To address airport congestion, the Link & Fly has been designed not just as an aircraft, but as a solution that addresses multiple passenger, aircraft, and infrastructure operational challenges that will optimize aircraft turn-around times at the world’s airports. 

“The future of mobility is about user-driven multimodality. It disrupts all previously known models, extends across all platforms, from electric scooters to aircrafts and their respective physical and digital infrastructures. Link & Fly sets a new benchmark in multimodal aircraft development. This is why I am particularly proud of this milestone—it takes ambitious ideas, together with solid engineering skills from all parts of our business to make bold innovation happen,” says Mauro Ricci, Founder & CEO of AKKA in a recent press release.

Learning at the AKKAdemy

To stay at the forefront of innovation, the AKKA Group invests in a robust learning and development program to ensure its engineering consultants stay up to speed with the latest skills. Not only is AKKA focused on developing existing talent, but it has also created the AKKAdemy—a program designed to help new graduates become consultants and business managers in the digital IT and engineering space. 

In order for AKKA to stay ahead of cutting-edge technologies, Head of Learning Thibaut Yven recognized its engineering consultants and business manager trainees needed a learning partner that could enrich their traditional, internally led sessions. To make this happen, he required a learning partner that not only supplemented the learning needs of consultants throughout the entire program but offered a full range of the latest content to enhance the value of the AKKAdemy.

After piloting Udemy for Business—recommended by a colleague who had taken courses on—he immediately received positive results. “We had great feedback from learners. They appreciated the quality of the content and our commitment to adding more useful courses to the AKKAdemy that they could apply to their role every day.”

Partnering with Udemy for Business for the latest in tech and soft skills

During the 13-month AKKAdemy learning program, Thibaut utilizes Udemy for Business content as part of a blended learning strategy, explaining: “We wanted to enrich the technical and soft skills learning experience for consultants and business managers and therefore needed an offering that met the high demands of our program.”

Udemy for Business has been instrumental in upskilling the key technical proficiencies and business skills consultants need to ensure AKKA stays ahead of innovation and technology change, enabling AKKA to redefine the future of mobility. 

“As you know, data science and engineering are fields where new technology comes out almost every day. Udemy is the ideal solution for this,” says one AKKA employee and AKKAdemy participant. 

AKKAdemy students are thrilled with the selection of Udemy courses, expressing excitement over how quickly they could pick up new technical skills like Python, C#, and machine learning as well as brush up on French, English, and other business skills.

Another AKKA employee shares, “I believe that it has highly impacted my professional skills and I am very confident that I can do my job not only better, but also faster.” 

By having a well-rounded collection of content from Udemy for Business, the AKKAdemy leverages soft skill courses on topics such as presentation techniques, cross-team communication, project management, emotional intelligence, and more. Thibaut believes that “all of these courses are critical to their consulting and business management success.”

The ability to choose when and where they engaged with course content was another reason for the program’s success. One AKKA employee says, “You can learn pretty much anything you want. You don’t have to travel. You can do it from home, from work, from pretty much anywhere.”

Preparing consultants for whatever comes next

Members of the AKKAdemy come from diverse backgrounds from across Europe. Strengthening their business acumen helps breaks down barriers and opens the lines of collaboration across multi-cultural backgrounds. “The skills we’re learning improve our agility and flexibility and help us work better together as an international group,” says Thibaut.

Attracting the best talent by offering the best training

Attracting the best engineering talent fuels AKKA’s ability to innovate next-generation technologies in the aerospace, automotive, and railway sectors. AKKA’s L&D plays a critical role in attracting the best minds to the company.  “As the new wave of recruits joins the AKKAdemy, we continue to use our L&D efforts and Udemy for Business to attract talent from across Europe. This type of program will continue to grab the attention of talented professionals,” says Thibaut.

As the AKKAdemy continues to enhance the technical and business acumen of new consultants, Udemy for Business is their chosen strategic learning partner. Working together, they can ensure recruits to the AKKAdemy have the latest and most critical skills needed to support AKKA’s mission to redefine the future of mobility, whether it’s the next-generation airplane or train.

For more information, read the Udemy for Business case study on AKKA and watch the video.

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