PabloFariasI conducted a live interview with Udemy Bestseller Pablo Farias to find out what tactics he used to scale up to earning thousands of dollars per month on Udemy in Instructor Promotion (revenue earned through instructor coupon codes).

Pablo Farias used a combination of three tactics to find success on Udemy. I summarized them below so you can try them for yourself today.

Ask relevant blogs to share your course with their audiences

  1. Find relevant blogs and content channels (incl. podcasts): Pablo performed Google searches for the top blogs in indie game development with HTML5. Instead of looking for any blog on game development, he narrowed his initial search to indie game development with HTML5. Narrow your search to very specific groups of target students.
  2. Write an email to the blogs and content sites. Here is the email structure Pablo used: Paragraph 1) Compliment the person on their blog or content site. Be genuine and point out a specific detail you love about the site. Paragraph 2) “I created this course on [topic, e.g. Game Development with HTML5] for [target audience, e.g. beginner indie developers]. Here’s a coupon you and three friends can use to access the course for free.” Paragraph 3) “I created coupon code “GOGAMERROCKS” that will give your readership and email subscribers 30% off. Feel free to share the direct link with them [direct coupon code link].” Paragraph 4) “I hope you enjoy previewing my course for free and that your readers find value in it, as well!”
  3. Note: You can also offer to split course commissions with them for any sales their blog drives. Make sure your course(s) is in the Udemy Affiliate Marketplace (send an email to to get added). Direct the blog to to create an account.
  4. Also, leverage existing relationships: Do you know anyone who owns or works for a sizable blog and/or has a large email list? Let them know you recently published a course that their readers would be interested in taking.


Contribute content/tutorials to relevant blogs and link to your course(s)

  1. Reach out to popular, relevant content sites, and offer to contribute content and/or tutorials on a topic their audience wants to learn about. (Note: Sites focused on tutorials, how-to, etc. are great because the readers visit specifically to learn about certain topics.)
  2. Pablo included a coupon code link to his course in his bio and included links throughout the tutorial.


That’s the rundown of my chat with Pablo Farias on Affiliates.


Page Last Updated: February 2020

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