hotel management system projectGone are the days of getting a job merely because you possess the necessary skills or qualifications. With the decline in the economy, job cuts on every corner and candidates all fighting for the same jobs, you need to set yourself apart if you want to stand out from the crowd to land your dream job. A great way to show what you are really capable of and what you can do, is by taking on a project to show off your skills and abilities. A hotel management system project for example could show off your HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL skills. The Learn HTML5, CSS, PHP, MySQL, jQuery & AJAX in one project will teach you how to build a dynamic website using HTML5, CSS, PHP, MySQL and JQuery.  It will show you how to structure your project using HTML5, how to apply CSS style sheets to make it look great, how to add dynamic code using PHP, how to search and update the database using MySQL and how to populate the page using jQuery. You will also learn how to update the website and database using AJAX.

This blog shows you how you can design and manage a hotel management system project to show off your skills and abilities. This kind of project requires skills in various areas and can be used as a great platform for finding a job. The project requires certain basic project management skills as well as programming skills to create the hotel management system. The average hotel management system can be very costly for small owners that run bed and breakfasts, lodges or hotels. Creating a system for one of these organizations can be a great way to help out in your local community and showcase your skills and talents at the same time.

Meet Your Client

The first step in designing your project is to find a client and then meet with your client. To find a client, make a list of local small hotels and lodges and call them up to see if they have a web based hotel management system. If not, then ask if you can make an appointment to meet with them. Explain that you are a student and are not selling anything and are looking to help them for free. This will help you get your foot in the door.

When you meet with the client, make sure you dress for success. Make sure your clothing makes you look professional. Prepare for the interview by creating a set of questions you need to ask your new client. Do they require the system to manage the hotel maintenance and cleaning as well as managing bookings? How does their current booking system work? Do they accept credit card payments and what credit card providers do they use? What kind of impression does the hotel want to make on its website?

Take the time to gather as much information as you can about the client. Ask for brochures, menus and other printed material that the client uses in their hotel. These brochures will give you design elements, like hotel logos and images that you can use when you design your website.

The How to interview clients to understand their needs course offers lessons on how to structure a needs based conversation, how to control the conversation and how to close out the interview successfully.

Start the Project

Data management and analytic icons set. VectorOnce you have a good idea of what the client needs and expects you can begin to design and develop the project. When I create a project for a client, I begin by looking at the general areas needed to see how I can design a database to accommodate my client’s needs in the most effective way. I find that knowing what fields I need to include and work with, gives me a structure for my websites and apps.

MySQL is my first choice as far as creating a database that can be accessed from a website and from a mobile app so the database is extremely flexible. The Database Design Introduction course will help you to avoid typical developer mistakes by teaching you how to create and normalize a relational database. The course is designed for beginners and provides information on what a database is, what normalization is and how to assign relationships. It will help you eliminate repetition. The course will also teach you how to set up and relate tables with ID’s and the course includes various design rules that you can implement in your projects.

Create Your Website

responsivewebdesignexamplesOnce you have a database structure in place, it’s time to move onto the HTML5 and CSS section of your project. HTML5 is the new standard for webpages and offers a number of design elements that you can use to really wow your client. Use the images and brochures you collected during the interview stage to create a design concept for your website. Try to include the “feel” of the hotel within your design. A modern hotel should have a modern looking website, a country hotel should have a less formal look and feel to the web design.

The HTML5 & CSS3 Site Design course will help you improve your coding skills. This course shows you how to set up a website from scratch and also includes various tricks and tips that will help you create an attractive and user-friendly site. It includes everything you need to know to build, format and test your site.

It’s a good idea to consult with the client at this stage to make sure that they are impressed with or like your concept. It’s easier to redesign the site at this stage rather than spending hours creating pages that the client feels does not represent them. It is also important to make sure at this stage that your database will suit their requirements in terms of booking, hotel maintenance etc.

Once you have the go ahead from the client, and you have a concept design in HTML5 and CSS, its time to create the various pages you require for the project.

Create the JavaScript, AJAX and JQuery Elements

Now that you have a concept design that the client approves of, it’s time to create the engine of your hotel management system. You will need to create pages that allow a potential client to see the various rates applicable for rooms at different times of the year, as well as checking the availability of the rooms involved. You also need to create pages for the hotelier to be able to see which rooms are booked for various periods to ensure the rooms are ready for guests. The hotel owner should also be able to adjust rates of the rooms. These pages can be coded using your HTML5 web page as the structure and then using JQuery, JavaScript and AJAX to access and update the various pages.

The Build E-commerce website with PHP, MySQL, jQuery and PayPal will teach you how to develop an E-Commerce web application using object-oriented PHP, MySQL, jQuery and Paypal. It will show you how to create a shopping basket. You can adjust this “basket” to create a system for users to book and pay for their room. The course also teaches you how to integrate payments using the PayPal IPN method.

Build a Mobile App

Finally, once you have developed and tested your website, it’s time to develop a web app for the hotel as well. Sources show that a number clients today prefer to make room reservations from their mobile devices so it’s important to include mobile connectivity for your project.

A mobile site uses the same technologies as a web application, so this step merely requires you to take mobile design into account for your web app. The Developing Mobile Websites will show you how to use JavaScript, HTML5, CSS and other tools to create responsive mobile websites. It will teach you how to adapt layouts so that they are suitable for use on a smartphone, ipad, laptop and desktop computer. The course includes lessons on mobile-friendly HTML5 features and JavaScript enhancements for diverse devices.

Showcase Your Work

Once the project is complete, it’s time to showcase your work. By completing your hotel project management system project, you have a great reference for your CV and you have clear evidence of your skills. Make sure you include the project details in your CV and that you include both the project management skills as well as coding skills you used for the project. Your CV will ultimately help you get your foot in the door for your dream job so make sure you include all of the pertinent details within your CV.

The How to Write a Killer CV offers you a step by step guide to writing a killer CV to make sure you land your dream job. The course requires no prior knowledge or experience in CV writing, it will show you how to write well and will show you what a professional CV should look like.

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