5 Homemade Gift Basket Ideas Anyone Can Make

homemade gift basket ideasFinding just the right gift can be a challenge. Sometimes you are buying something for a close friend and other times it’s for someone you may not know very well. Not only can selecting the perfect gift be hard, a tight budget can also affect your gift giving options. If you have ever thought about or looked at purchasing a gift basket you know they can be very expensive. Instead of purchasing a premade gift basket that starts around $40 and can go well over $100, you should consider homemade gift basket ideas.

They easier on the budget and have a more personal touch. Plus you can pick products you love or know they enjoy. It’s a win for you, your wallet, and the gift basket receiver. You can even add something like your own handmade jewelry as one of the gift items if it’s a hobby of yours. Check out the 10 homemade gift basket ideas to find one that will work for your occasion and budget.


Many times people forget to calculate the cost of their basket into their budget. Having to add this cost in after you have purchased the other items could send you well over you original budget. Don’t despair though, there are plenty of way to save move on your basket. You don’t have to use a brand new basket as long as it looks new. Here are some basket ideas you can try.

  • Re-Gift a Basket – Use a basket from one that was given to you. Just remember not to give back to the person who gave it to you!
  • Thrift Stores – Shop at places like Goodwill for used baskets. Just make sure they are in good condition and no one will ever know you didn’t buy it new.
  • Dollar Stores – You don’t have to use a basket. Dollar stores are great for things like buckets or bowls to use instead.
  • Discount Stores – Check out stores like Ross or T-J Max for better prices on new baskets.
  • Craft Stores – Try and use a coupon from the Sunday paper. They usually have a forty percent off of one item coupon that would be perfect if you needed to just get a basket.
  • Big Box Stores – The final place you can get a basket is a store like Target or Walmart.

Just remember to look around, and keep your eyes open for good deals. You never know when you might come across one.

Family Game Night

This homemade gift basket idea is just what you need for Christmas. Create a gift basket full of fun family activities and you have one gift for everyone! Here are some homemade gift basket ideas for family game nights.

  • Basket Idea – Instead of the traditional basket, you could use a fabric bin that the games fit completely inside of. This way the family can also use it to store the games!
  • Large Games – Select one or two larger games, just remember to keep in mind how old their kids are.
  • Small games – Pick 2 or 3 smaller card games to add in.
  • Snacks – Finally select a bag of chocolate candy and one non-chocolate type. You can add in a popcorn bag as well.

Gift Baskets for Women

There are a few homemade gift basket ideas for any lady in your life. You could choose to create a spa, wine, baking, coffee, gardening, or book gift basket. You can easily choose a theme that fits the gift receiver. One of the most common homemade gift basket ideas for women is the Spa Basket. Here are some things you can put in your basket.

  • Basket – For this one you can use a regular basket or purchase a nice plastic one that they could use for storage in the bathroom. They may even want to use it to keep the pampering supplies together.
  • Bath – Select a body wash or sugar scrub. You can even include some homemade soap in the basket.
  • Mani – Put a file and a couple of colors of nail polish in. You can also add a hand cream or lotion.
  • Pedi – Purchase a foot scrub and brush. You may even throw in a pair of flip flops or toe separators. You can get another nail polish for the toes or go with the first two you put in.
  • Candle – Every stress free spa treatment needs a candle to help set the mood. Pick something that has a nice sent but isn’t too strong.

Gift Baskets for Men

Not sure what gift to get that special guy in your life? There are plenty of homemade gift basket ideas for you to pick from. Just a few of the basket themes you could select are BBQ, Tools, Coffee, or Game Night. Here is what a BBQ gift basket might look like.

  • Basket – Purchase a metal bucket that can double as an ice bucket later.
  • BBQ Items – Add in a grill spatula and a pair of tongs.
  • Sauces – Select some of his favorite BBQ sauces or pick a brand you like.
  • Drinks – Put a few beer or sodas in for when he’s hanging out at the grill. He can use the bucket you got him to keep his drinks cold.

New Baby

Do you know someone who is about to have a new baby? Help get them prepared for their new baby with a homemade gift basket. There are so many things to buy for a new baby you have a bunch of possibilities and can’t go wrong with whatever you choose to include. This is just one homemade gift basket idea you can try.

  • Basket – You can select a traditional basket for this arrangement or pick out a blue or pink basket depending on what gender they are expecting. You could also pick a bath tub or clothes basket because there are plenty of baby necessities to fill them with.
  • Big Items – Receiving blankets and burp cloths are great larger items. You can also include a package of diapers if you have a larger basket. A baby towel and washcloth it another option as well.
  • Small Items – Some of the smaller things new parents need are diaper rash cream, baby wash, bottles, pacifiers, and baby toys.
  • Themes – Because so many baby items come with cute themes like ducks or elephants, you can even make sure everything in the basket matches the theme. You can even include a small stuffed animal like a duck to go with the other things in the basket.

College Bound

Do you know someone heading off to college? They may not be moving into a new apartment but there are a lot of things a new college student will need for school. Because a new college student needs so much when heading off to college you have a lot of options for stuffing it. Here are some homemade gift basket ideas for your favorite college student.

  • Basket – You can either choose to make a large basket or a small one. If you choose large you can actually purchase a clothes basket to stuff. Buy some ribbon to string through the top for a pop of color. If you choose to go with a smaller gift basket you can buy a basket that can be used as a small shower caddy later.
  • Big Items – If you decided to go with a clothes basket you can pick out a 3 piece towel set to put in the basket. Some other larger items could be some laundry detergent or cleaning wipes.
  • Smaller Items – For smaller items put some shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in. You can also do some snacks like granola bars and Juice or soda.
  •  Extras – A small first aid kit is a great item to have. You can also put in some hangers, toilet paper, and paper towel roll.

With all these homemade gift basket ideas, you will be able to easily put one together for you next event. These are great for kids going off to college, the arrival of a new baby, or even just to cheer someone up when they have been sick. If you show up to your next event with one of these homemade gift basket ideas, not only will your friends be impressed, they will think you are a super friend.

If you still think putting a gift basket together is out of your budget you can always try something smaller like creating an exploding gift box with a single item inside. It will be easier on your budget but still take some time and care to put together, making it just as personal as a gift basket. However, if you really enjoy making homemade gift baskets and everyone loves them consider earning some extra money sell them. Sometimes people buy premade gift baskets because they don’t think they have the time. Save them time and money, and allow them to give a more personal gift, with one of your homemade gift basket ideas. Brush up on your photography skills so that you can take some nice product pictures of them if you decide to sell your gift baskets.