Homecoming Makeup Tips: Look Amazing on Your Big Night

Homecoming MakeupUse the easy-to-follow Homecoming makeup tips in this article to look and feel fabulous on your big night.

You’ll discover all you need for your Homecoming makeup look, which includes how to do smouldering, smoky eyes (which suits every eye shape); how to cover up blemishes; and the big makeup mistakes to avoid.

Match Your Makeup to Your Overall Look

Your makeup needs to match the look of your dress, hair, and shoes. If, for instance, you’ve got a slinky, sophisticated dress and killer high-heels, then go for a super glam look. If your dress and shoes are more ‘beach babe’ than ‘vixen’ go for a natural, sun-kissed look.

Use Makeup to Highlight Your Best Features

Makeup is all about highlighting your best features. The secret to looking great on any occasion – Homecoming, Prom night, daytime or evening – is to understand that you use a light color to highlight an area and a dark color to minimize an area. Keep this in mind when you’re contouring or shading or applying foundation, highlighter, concealer, blush, or eye-shadow.

Practice, Practice, Practice

False eyelashes and liquid eyeliner look stunning but applying them takes quite a bit of practice. If you’re going to use false eyelashes or liquid eyeliner with your Homecoming makeup, don’t leave learning how to apply them until the Big Night. You want to enjoy getting ready, not be fiddling about with eyelashes that won’t stick or wonky eyeliner. Start practicing now. Better yet, learn the tricks of the trade from a professional makeup artist.

Smoky Eyes

Smoky eyes look dramatic and sexy. Best of all, they ensure that people focus on your eyes, and not on the areas you’re less keen they look at like zits, acne, blemishes, thin or small lips, etc.

How to do Smoky Eyes

This is a hot look that suits all eye shapes: deep set, close set, wide-set, prominent, big, and small eyes.

The Secret To Perfect Smoky Eyes

The trick to achieving the perfect smoky eye look is to build the color gradually in layers rather than applying it all in one splodge. Doing it in layers means you can stop when you feel you’ve achieved the right look. This is better than applying a large dollop of darkest eye-shadow onto your eyelid because if it’s too heavy, you’ll have to remove it all and start again.

  • Do Your Eyes First

Makeup your eyes first so that if any dark eye-shadow falls onto your cheeks, you can remove it easily.

  • The Smoky Eyes Technique

Use a dark eye-shadow in any of the following colors: black, charcoal, gray, dark brown, deep berry, dark blue (think midnight blue), or dark metallic silver.

Apply foundation over your eyelids and follow with a light dusting of translucent powder. The powder will ‘set’ the foundation.

Use the point of a dark eyeliner pencil between the lashes on your upper eyelids. Follow this with the dark eye-shadow you’ve chosen along your upper lash line, smudging and blending it.

Apply a lighter eye-shadow above the eyeliner and blend it up to the crease of your eye-socket.

Blend the dark eye-shadow over the lower part of your eyelid. Apply black eyeliner pencil inside the upper eyelid and then along the edge of your lower eyelid (close to the eyelash roots). Finish with two coats of mascara (allowing the first coat to dry before putting on the second). Gorgeous!

How to Cover Up Blemishes

Breakouts like zits, pimples, or spots are not the end of the world but just an annoying fact of life! Here’s what to do: choose a concealer or foundation stick in the same shade or tone of your skin. Dab the concealer or foundation onto the spot. Wipe away any concealer or foundation from the surrounding skin. If necessary, add a second coat. Dust a little skin-tone correcting powder directly on top of the spot. Then forget about it and enjoy the occasion!

How to Get A Super Glam Look

Decide if you’re going to highlight your lips OR your eyes. Don’t use heavy eye makeup together with a bold colored lipstick because it will look ‘too made-up’ or as if you’ve been experimenting with your Mom’s makeup!

How To Get A Natural, Sun-kissed Look

If you want to look as natural as possible, pare down your makeup to the bare minimum. Use a light or sheer foundation to even out your complexion. Lightly apply bronzer to the apples of your cheeks, along your jaw line, and each temple. Coat your lips in glossy pink lipstick (or a pink stain with clear gloss) then add a few coats of mascara to your eyelashes.

How to Deal With Oily Skin

Use foundation designed for oily or combination skin. Deal with oily skin during your Big Night by dabbing it with blotting paper. (You can pop some in your purse before you leave home.)

Avoid Heavy Foundation

Heavy foundation can make you look as if you’re wearing a mask and a scary one at that! Use a light touch with foundation. Look for a foundation that matches and enhances your skin tone. Better yet, learn how to choose the perfect foundation and makeup to suit your skin tone and eye color from a professional makeup artist.

Change Your Face Shape And Features With Contouring

Done well, contouring can change, hide, define, or accentuate your face and features. It can make eyes look bigger, narrow a nose, create fuller lips, and create or give definition to cheekbones.

International makeup artist Rae Morris says the ability to contour is a makeup artist’s “most powerful weapon”.

Here’s the thing: it takes skill to do it properly. Don’t even think about doing it for the first time on your Homecoming night: this is something that takes practice and which can look awful if not done well. Learn how to contour effectively and practice at home before Homecoming.

How to Get a Sexy Pout

If you’re using a pink lipstick, find the right pink shade for your skin tone: if you’re pale-skinned, try a darker pink lipstick (veering towards the purple end of the pink spectrum) and if you’re dark-skinned, try a brighter or lighter shade of pink lipstick.

If you’re planning to vamp it up with red lipstick, choose a shade that suits your skin tone: pale skin tones tend to look best with a blue-based red while darker or olive skin tones tend to look best with a red lipstick that has a yellow-orange base.

To make your lips look fuller, use a shimmery powder to highlight the top of your lips (otherwise known as the ‘Cupid’s Bow’). This will make your top lip look fuller and give it more definition.

If you’re going to wear only sheer lip gloss, highlight (with the same shimmery powder) the middle of your bottom lip. This will immediately make your bottom lip look rounder and fuller. Add your sheer lip gloss.

If you’re going to wear lipstick, apply it before adding the shimmery powder to the middle of your lip.

How to Look Peachy Sweet

Look perfectly pretty with peachy cheeks (brush the apples of your cheeks with peach blush) and team with a coral-pink lipstick. Line your eyes with a dark brown pencil and a coat of mascara.

Go Easy On The Glitter

Unless you want to resemble a Christmas tree, go easy on the glitter and sparkles. If you’re going to wear a dress with sequins, limit the sparkles elsewhere. Opt for matte eye-shadow. Also choose makeup, nail polish, body lotions, hair accessories and jewelry with a low glitter count so that it doesn’t all clash with your dress.

Learn From A Professional Makeup Artist

Make it super easy on yourself and learn how to use makeup to enhance your natural beauty from a professional makeup artist.

If you’re just learning about makeup, then a course that teaches you the basic makeup techniques is ideal. You’ll learn how to apply foundation, eye makeup, blusher as well as how to choose the makeup that best suits your complexion (oily, dry, sensitive, combination, etc.) as well as lots of insider tricks.

For Homecoming and Prom makeup, it’s probably better to join a class that focuses purely on doing special occasion kind of makeup.

If you’re keen to learn the kind of contouring techniques celebrities like Kim Kardashian use, then a course that focuses purely on contouring makeup techniques is ideal.

And if you’ve realized that you want to do makeup full-time, kick-start your career as a makeup artist with a course that teaches you how to apply makeup like a pro.