Your Home Workout Plan

home workout planThe New Year has ended and Spring is upon us, which likely means your well-intended resolutions to get to the gym before work or have a consistent exercise routine and shed a few pounds while also ramping up your overall health and well being, has started to slide. Well, before you throw in the towel completely, consider making your workout plan easier by learning some fitness techniques that will allow you to workout from anywhere. Having all the right great space and a consistent workout can be hard, but once you get the setup and routine you’ll be able to workout while you travel, or during those early mornings before you head to work. Perhaps even sneaking in a quick 10-15 minutes cardio burst when you find a free moment while the family is out and about. Here are a few tips we’ve compiled to help you accomplish your fitness goals.

Try Yoga

Over the last fifteen years yoga has become wildly popular in the west, with everyone from moms to teens, fitness feigns and athletes, to elderly people and those looking to heal injuries. What most people don’t know is that there’s several TYPES of yoga. Don’t allow the fear of “not being flexible,” to scare you away from trying out a practice that can easily be done from home, while traveling, or on a sneaky work-break lunch. Try a few different types of yoga for a better success rate, see below:

Yin Yoga or Restorative Yoga

Yin Yoga is something you can learn, and is a soothing and calming practice that goes deeper into the connective tissue, calms the central nervous system, relaxes the mind and also creates strength and flexibility. To make any exercise routine easier, having the proper props helps. We recommend investing in a mat, strap and a block for extra support. Yin yoga helps bring balance to an already “yang” life. To maintain joint flexibility for more rigorous workout or fitness routines, rehabilitating the connective tissues by gently stretching them will allow to have more joint flexibility.

Vinyasa or Hatha Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is likely the yoga you see, as it has been popularized as a common exercise practice. With Vinyasa you are “moving through breath,” with a series of Sun A’s, Sun B’s and balancing postures. Linking each movement to each breath. You can move through Sun A’s each morning before starting your day and you will instantly feel more energy, connection to breath (which helps with daily stress and focus) and over time notice length and toning in your muscles. You can also work up a sweat as you flow through different series and become more familiar with the sequencing.

Iyengar Yoga

Typically Iyengar Yoga, made popular by B.K.S. Iyengar, is about finding proper alignment while using yoga props; bolsters, blocks, blankets, chairs and so forth. Breathing through these difficult postures has been found to have profound healing effects on your body. Make sure to study before taking it on the road so you don’t injure yourself.

Try Pilates

Pilates is not only an easy workout from home, it’s also an incredibly core strengthener. Having a strong core is essential to having a strong body. Pilates tones your overall body, while working with your own body weight, lengthening your muscles and helping you to find your truest, healthiest shape.


The beautiful thing about having an able body to jump, run, twist and shake is that you can get your heart rate pumping anywhere at anytime. While running outside is always an option for a great cardio workout, and a good way to explore your surroundings, if you’re trying to workout while traveling, there’s additional cardio options that you maybe haven’t thought of. If you forget your running shoes, you’re still good to go. You would be surprised at how effective bursts of cardio throughout your day actually are. If you’re unable to get in a solid 30-60minute exercise a few times a week, try starting with ten to fifteen, or twenty minute “cardio bursts.” Time each exercise, throw on some tunes and get to sweating. Below is an example:

  • 2 minutes: Jumping Jacks
  • 1 minute: burpees
  • 2 minutes: running in place with high knees
  • 1 minute: squat jumps
  • 2 minutes: jump-switch lunges
  • 1 minute: running in place
  •  1minute: lateral lunges

You can switch up different plyometric workouts to make your at-home exercise routines fun and interesting. Cooking dinner? Doing laundry? Use those ten minutes to pump your heart rate up and activate your metabolism. Something is always better than nothing. If you aren’t digging the traditional cardio bursts, try turning on your favorite playlist and dancing, yes, dancing for a solid 15 minutes. You may laugh, you’ll most likely sweat and you’ll get a release that busy adults rarely get, not to mention a playful one. No dancing partners necessary.

Core/Ab Work

Having a strong core, as mentioned before will help your posture, relieve lower back pain and provide overall stability to your body. So, roll on down to the floor and get to crunching. Ab workouts can be varied, Here’s a couple to try:

  1. Hold plank for thirty seconds to a full minute. You can also work your way to forearm plank for more of a challenge.
  2. Reverse crunches to get to the lower abdominals. Flex your feet high to the sky and with little range of motion pop your hips up.
  3. Boat Pose- tuck your navel up and in and play with bringing both feet up and off of the ground, eventually straightening your legs for a challenge.
  4. The Classic Bicycle Crunch- stimulate your obliques and get your heart rate up.
  5. One Arm Side-Plank Hip Raises- bonus you’re also toning and strengthening your arms.
  6. Long Arm Crunch- extend your arms overhead and with a long, straight spine inhale up to seated. Repeat 10+ times to active your entire abdominal wall.

Working out doesn’t have to be an intimidating task. It also doesn’t have to be inaccessible. If you have your body, some floor space and the desire/commitment to do it, you can power through these exercises on a daily basis and feel your overall health and wellbeing skyrocket. No matter what your fitness preferences are, there’s something for everyone. Share with us what your at-home workout routines are and help your fitness-friendly community grow, healthier, happier and stronger.