Home Remedies for Cellulite: Not Your Typical Cures

home remedies for celluliteThis may not be your typical article about cellulite.  See, I have this theory: even though the media might be telling you that cellulite is something to be eliminated at all costs, according to medical experts, it’s looking more and more like this is just a natural way your body stores fat.  There are dozens of strange and probably ineffective products out there on the market which promise to rid you of this “unsightly nuisance”, but I think I have a different approach.  How about a focus on your health, happiness (and the science of attaining) and building strength?

I am not going to promise you that your cellulite will go away, because short of undergoing invasive surgeries, there isn’t really anything that will get rid of it completely. That doesn’t mean that you are “stuck” with it though.  Cellulite is more often something women are worried about. While we are not supposed to be “fat”, at the same time, women are discouraged from strength training.  Let’s explore that paradox a little.  By increasing muscle, you can decrease your body fat percentage – wouldn’t that include cellulite?  I propose that we look at this in a whole different way.  Instead of talking about how you can get rid of something, why not talk about how you can gain something?  You can approach this from the positive angle of wanting to be more confident, stronger, and healthier.  Let’s focus on body re-composition through healthy means.  Those are the best home remedies for cellulite you are going to find.

Gain Some Confidence in Yourself

This can be hard sometimes.  If you are looking online for home remedies for cellulite, it probably means that you are feeling a little embarrassed about yourself.  That’s okay, and it happens to everyone.  But do you think that attacking just the cellulite will solve your problems, or is it possible that this goes deeper? Chances are, this is an issue of self-confidence that is manifesting in an “I hate my thighs” moment.

More than ever, we are bombarded with images from fashion magazines and Hollywood, and they all set unreasonable standards.  How could we possibly measure up?  This is an unhealthy way of thinking, because it continually reinforces the concept that you are somehow not “good enough”.  You can learn to find the positive things about you (there are hundreds, believe me!), and you can turn that thinking around.  Gaining self confidence is a process, but the benefits can be huge.  Once you are looking at yourself in a happy and positive light, you might come to realize that you are the only one obsessing over that cellulite.

Take a Look at Your Habits, and See if They Could be Healthier

As an adult woman today, you are probably extremely busy.  Between your job, and school, and your commute, and your kids, and your house, there is enough filling your day to make your head spin.  These are the times when we often fall into unhealthy habits.  We stop going to the gym, because it messes up our dinner prep.  Since our dinner prep is already messed up, might as well just grab some fast food, and call it a night.  Since that fast food wasn’t very filling, now we’re searching the pantry at 10pm.  And on, and on…

There is space in there to make some changes for a healthier routine, and they do not have to be difficult or time consuming.  If your body has a higher fat content than you (or your doctor) would like, you can begin making small, but meaningful changes right away.  No crash diets, no crazy plans, just healthier habits that will benefit you over time.  Cellulite is just stored fat, and slowly reducing your body fat percentage in healthy ways will ultimately reduce the look of that cellulite too.  Not to mention leave you feeling better, and more energetic.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Get Stronger

Body re-composition is the process of adding more lean muscle and reducing fat.  To do this, you just have to move your body every day.  However you want to do that is up to you.  If you love dancing, then go ahead and set aside 20 minutes to tear it up.  More of an outdoorsy type?  Get a little more familiar with your local hiking and biking trails.  As for my personal favorite, I really can’t say enough good things about weight lifting.  Yes, for women.  Even though you might have always considered that back section of the gym “for guys”, it’s not.  Get in there and begin building muscle.

You don’t have to be afraid of getting “big and bulky”, because that simply doesn’t happen.  There are female bodybuilders who would love to bulk up as easily as some women fear they will, but in reality that takes a highly specialized diet and a strict training schedule.  What you will accomplish by building muscle through consistent workouts is making your body a more efficient fat burning machine.  Cellulite is fat, so watch it begin to vanish, as you get leaner.

Strength training will also add to your energy level, and promote healthier eating.  If you either over or under do it at the dinner table, you will know when you go to work out.  You can adjust accordingly as you go along, an all the while, you will be getting stronger, healthier and more confident.

I want to share something with you.  I mentioned to a group of friends that I was going to be writing about home remedies for cellulite, and I asked them what they would recommend.  Here are their answers: “Uh… pantyhose?”, “A decent tan.”, “Dark colored pants.” and “Just buy a new shade of lipstick to make yourself feel sexier, and rock it!”

The point is, just about everyone has some cellulite.  There is a lot more to be said for focusing on the positives like better health, more energy and a positive attitude, than there is for buying pills, wraps and promises.  Like my friends and I agreed, “Rock it!”

Got 10 minutes? Get less stress, less cellulite, and more happiness today.