House Colour Schemes: Top Home and Bedroom Colour Schemes

house colour schemesWith all the Home makeover shows on television such as Extreme Makeover: Home Addition, HGTV Home Makeover, or Color Splash, people are getting more and more eager and in tune with updating and redesigning their homes.  Whether or not you are buying your first place, or looking to spruce up an already lived-in space, new house colour schemes are a great way to jump-start any home make over and reinvent certain areas of your home and life.  Let’s take a gander at some of the top house colour schemes for your home and bedroom.

Top House Colour Schemes

Berry, Burgundy, and Putty

These deep colors are powerful and strong.  The effects are dramatic but they are low contrast and can work to brighten up any room.  Combining dark red colors will work best, such as a deep red with a dark burgundy color.

Pale Blue, dark Grey, and Light Grey

These stormy type color mixed with a blue will bring out the sweetness of the pale blue.  At the same time, the darker tones will keep the blue from seeming too young.  This colour scheme is known as “three shades of the sky” and can add an elegant feel to any room in your house.

Gold, Butter, and Cream

These are not too far from beige colors, but they are going to help keep your home cheerful, comforting, and warm at the same time.  Yellow is a generally happy color and gold tones tend to be easier to work with because they provide a “highlighter” effect to a room.

Moss Green, Petal Pink, and Olive

These are the basic and beautiful colours of nature, so using these colors in your house is going to help bring the outside in.  These colours do not have to be light to work, even when they are strong, they will help to saturate and lighten up most walls and ceilings of a home.  However, if you want to create a cheerful canopy or ceiling, aim to use lighter colors.  The great part about this colour combination is that green can seemingly be paired with most colors.

Orange, Yolk Yellow, and Shamrock Green

These colours might sound like they are straight out of your childhood paint box.  The goal of these colours is to create optimistic and bright hues that will pack your home with energy.  You can incorporate these colours on your home walls or even on the accessories in your home.

Grey and Whites merged with Yellows

An upcoming trend in 2014 with home colour schemes it to mix grays and whites with subtle yellow colours.  These tones are going to help warm things up in your home.  Colors such as Resene Orchid White, Resene Thorndon Cream, and Resene Rice Cake are popular colours.

Any type of Blue

Blue is the colour of most things in nature, which makes it such a versatile colour to have in your home.  The blue colour of the skies and sea is becoming a popular colour used to brush up any home.

Top House Bedroom Colour Schemes

Sky Blue, White, and Fuchsia

These colours will help a colour scheme go from basic to unique by incorporating the right degree of colour ratios.  Try to use blue in the background, white in light doses, and use fuchsia as an accent to keep your bedroom looking refined.  Too much fuchsia in the bedroom could make things start to appear theatrical.

Sand, Weathered White, and Sea Glass

If you love the beach, why not bring it to the bedroom?  Try to incorporate some sandy brown colours with weathered down whites.  You can add in some layers of dusty blues and greens to bring out the natural aspect of the ocean.

Peppy Colour Scheme

To achieve a peppy colour scheme for your bedroom, try keeping your walls neutral and your furniture to warm white colours.  Use a cloud-like backdrop for your walls.  Abstract floral print shades on the bed will provide a very happy and peppy feel.  You might feel inclined to keep your bed sheet colours coordinated, but do not be afraid to mix things up.

Dusty Peony, Grass Green, and White

If you want to bring the outside in, try this modern garden colour scheme for your bedroom.  Try a muted floral hue with a zingy green, and use plenty of crisp white on the bedding and the furniture.

Indigo, Parchment, and Gold

For a more sophisticated look for your bedroom, consider the above colour scheme to bring a rich feel into your bedroom.  Consider using indigo blue walls and a cocoa brown for the wood shades or floors.  A gold accent colour will also help lighten up some of the darker hues to keep things looking elegant and sophisticated.

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How to Choose A House Colour Scheme

House Colour Schemes:To help make the color choosing process easier for you, let’s go over some tips on how to choose a colour scheme for your home.

  1. Reference a pattern:  Look around your home and choose a colour scheme from the largest pattern that you can find in your space.  For example, if you have an Oriental rug or a piece of art work in your home, choose some colours that you like from those patterns.
  2. Start with formal areas:  When choosing colour schemes for the interior of your home, start with the formal areas of your house, such as the living room, the dining room, or the entry way.  Working with these larger colour schemes is going to help you hone in on the more specific aspects of your home later on.
  3. Consult your closet:  Most people buy clothes in terms of which colours that they like.  Since you are the one that is going to be living in your home, pick home colour schemes that you feel you would look good in.

Colour Your Home

Choosing a colour scheme for your home is a fun and decorative process.  Above all, follow your person style and decorate honestly.  This will help you create a space that you and others will genuinely appreciate.