24 Hebrew Sayings to Learn

hebrew sayingsDo you ever have to travel to Israel for business? If you do you probably know that about 70% of the population speaks Hebrew. Impress your business partners the next time you visit by learning a few Hebrew sayings. The more you learn about a culture, the better your chances of a successful business relationship. It is important to be friendly as well as professional to develop a strong network of business professionals.

Not only will learning a few Hebrew saying go a long way with your business partners it is also something you can do to show an interest in a close friends culture. If you don’t travel a lot, but have a few friends or members of your community that are Jewish, you can also benefit from learning some Hebrew sayings. Show them that you are interested in learning more about their language and culture. You could even try some of them out the next time you are invited to a Jewish event. You never know what will develop from a friendship you put extra time and effort into.

Reading Hebrew

The first thing to know, if you plan to learn Hebrew, is how to read it. It is important to know that Hebrew is read from right to left, unlike the English language, which is read from left to right. Knowing this and learning the Hebrew alphabet is a good place to start. These are some Hebrew saying that you can learn for fun while you develop your knowledge of the Hebrew language. It is important to learn the alphabet and some conversational phrases and words for when you are traveling abroad.

Hebrew Sayings for Business

If you are learning some Hebrew saying because you do a lot of business in Israel, then you should learn the following ones first. These Hebrew saying are great for those in business because they are about actions. What you need to do to gain wisdom, or how you should things now and not wait till it’s too late. You can show your business partner you learned some important saying everyone should live by.

  • Who is wise? He who learns from all people. – Eizehu chachâm? Ha’lomed mi’kol adâm.
  • And if not now, when? – Ve’im lo achshâv, ei’matây?
  • Say little and do much. – Emor me’ât ve’aseh harbe.
  • The first step to wisdom is silence. – se’yag la’chochma – shti’ka.
  • Do what you have promised. – Ha’yotze mi’pi’chem ta’a’su.
  • Keep far from a lie! – Mi’dvar shêker tirchak!
  • It is not what one say, but rather what one does. – Lo ha’midrâsh hu ha’ikâr, ela ha’ma’asê.
  • The more schooling, the more wisdom. – Marbe ye’shiva marbe choch’ma.
  • Greet every person with a pleasant face. – He’vei me’kabel et kol ha’adâm be’sever panim yafot.

Hebrew Saying about Judgments

Another reason to learn some Hebrew sayings is to understand you own culture better. Some people decide to learn a language so that they may better understand their religious texts and culture. If you want to learn more about your religious texts and maybe even read them yourself you should learn some Hebrew for beginners. That will give you a better understanding of the language and help you read the religious text you are interested in. For now you can learn more about the culture with the following Hebrew sayings.

  • Do not judge your friend until you stand in his place. – Al tadin et cha’vercha ad she’tagia lim’komo.
  • A person is judged only by his acts at the time.  – Ein denim et ha’adâm ela lefi ma’asav shel ota sha’â.
  • Judge every man charitably. – He’vei dan et kol ha’adâm le’chaf zchut.
  • Repentance and good deeds are a man’s best lawyer. – P’rak’litin shel adâm – t’shuvâ u’ma’asim tovim.
  • The Torah speaks in a language all people speak. – Dibra torâ bil’shon bnei adâm.
  • The welcoming of guests takes precedence over welcoming the divine presence. – Ge’dola hachnasat orchim me’hakbalat pnei she’china.

Hebrew Sayings about Teachers

Teaching others can be a hard thankless job. In today’s society not everyone appreciates what teachers do for us and how they help us to learn. Think about these Hebrew sayings as you are learning more about the language. Remember to thank any of the teachers that have helped you learn more about the Hebrew language and culture.

  • Scholars enhance peace in the world. – Tal’midei cha’cha’mim marbim shalom ba’olâm.
  • Revere your teachers as you would heaven. – Mora Rab’cha ke’mora shamâyim.
  • I become wiser from every teacher. – Mi’kol Me’lamdai his’kalti.
  • Do not say I will study when I have time, lest you never find the time. – Al tomar: lich’she’efne eshne, shema lo tifne.

Hebrew Sayings about Charity

It is important in every culture all over the world to show charity to those who are less fortunate then ourselves. Many people all over the world struggle through hard times and it is important to help them when we can. The following are some great Hebrew saying about charity that everyone should live by.

  • Give charity graciously and cheerfully. – Ten tsdakâ be’sever panim yafot u’be’simchâ.
  • Charity outweighs all other commandments. – Sh’kula tsdakâ ke’nêged kol ha’mitzvot.
  • Great is charity, for it brings near the redemption. – Ge’dola tsdakâ, she’mekarevet et ha’geula.
  • Who visits a sick friend lessens his pain a little. – Ha’mevaker cholê notel echad mi’shishim be’tza’aro.
  • Whoever saves a single life is as if he had saved an entire universe. – Kol hamatzil nefesh achât mi’Yisra’êl, ke’ilu hitsil olâm male.

Learning with Audio

Another great way to learn the Hebrew language, and these Hebrew sayings, is to find someone to talk with to practice. You can also look up audio tools online that will read the word to you so you can hear how they are pronounced. This can be very helpful, especially if you do not have anyone to practice with.

Now that you know some Hebrew sayings you can develop some skills to learn more about the language. It is helpful to get a better understanding of how to learn a foreign language if you will be traveling a lot. If you plan to visit Israel some more you may also benefit from learning some basic Arabic as it is the other official language of Israel. Not only will it impress those you are visiting but it will also be good if you find yourself needing help with something.

If you are a world traveler, but don’t plan to visit Israel soon you can always check out other languages to learn. Another popular language, which would also be good for those in business, is Spanish. Learn some conversational Spanish to build your business relationships in and out of the US. With all these options for learning a language you will be not only a world traveler; you will be a world communicator.

Have fun the next time you are in Israel telling your friends about the Hebrew sayings you have learned. They will be very impressed be all the time and effort you put into learning their language.