handwriting analysisThere are two really good reasons to use handwriting analysis. The first reason is to discover the authenticity of the writing. If you have a document that claims to be written by someone famous, you need to have handwriting analysis done to determine whether or not the famous person actually wrote it. Another reason people use handwriting analysis is to discover a person’s personality. For instance, if you are hiring employees and want to use handwriting to discover personality disorders.

The Forensic Handwriting Expert

The person you call to determine whether or not a document is legitimate is a Forensic Handwriting Expert. This type of expert is who you want to call when you need to prove a certain person wrote a document. The Forensic Handwriting Expert will go over the handwriting to match it to other known documents the person has written to determine if the way the letters are written match the known documents.

It isn’t just the handwriting itself that is examined, though. The Forensic Handwriting Expert will also examine the paper the handwriting is on to make sure it matches the time period or the physical location the document is supposed to be from. If the document was written on a scroll and is supposedly from ancient Egypt then the expert will determine if the material the scroll was made from matches what scrolls were made from during that time in Egypt. If it is written on cardboard, obviously that doesn’t match the time period in Egypt or anywhere else.

Ink is another clue that allows the expert to rule out if the document is legitimate. Ink changes quite a bit over the centuries. If ink from the suggested time period of the document was usually from berries and the ink on the document is soy based, then there is a real problem with the document. Different time periods do not use the same pigments or inks.

When a Forensic Handwriting Expert is Hired

You see Forensic Handwriting Experts hired a lot for court cases.  If there is a law suit going on over whether or not a person signed their will, they will need to hire an expert to review the will. Only an expert can determine with reasonable certainty that the document is legitimate or a forgery. But, it isn’t just contested wills where they are hired. These experts are used in all kinds of court cases and their testimony is given on the legitimacy of deeds, insurance policies, contracts and works of art.

Another common area where people use Forensic Handwriting Experts is when someone wants to determine the authenticity of a collector’s item. If you have ever watched the TV show “Pawn Stars” then you have seen this type of expert consulted frequently. Anytime someone brings an item into the pawn shop that is supposedly signed by a very famous person then they call an expert to find out if it is legitimate. The types of items vary dramatically from documents signed by presidents, autographed sports equipment or signed photos of famous sports stars to concert posters signed by rock stars. The expert considers the ink, the amount of pressure used when the signature was written, the type of pen used and the period of time that was from, to the layers of ink in the signature. Even the paper that is used or the fabric used in the making of the item can determine whether the item is legitimate or not. Certainly, original paintings are another area where an handwriting expert can be of great use, but usually there is far more involved with validating the legitimacy of a work of painted art. The signature is only a small part of it.

Graphology or Handwriting Revealing Personality Traits

The handwriting analysis done by a Graphologist is a completely different sort of thing than what the Forensic Handwriting Expert does. The Graphologist isn’t trained in determining legitimacy of documents, but is an expert in what that handwriting reveals about the person’s personality.

When you want to find out more about your own hidden personality traits then you consult a Graphologist to examine samples of your handwriting. Possibly you will bring in samples of writing that you have done over time and this will reveal how your personality has changed over the years.

What the Handwriting Analysis Reveals

You will see that the handwriting analysis will reveal a lot about a person and their personality. You might have a person’s handwriting analyzed if you are considering hiring them or if you are dating them and want to find out if they are honest, trustworthy with a generous nature or if they might have a personality disorder or a mental illness. If you want to know what someone’s personality is like, their handwriting can reveal quite a bit and that person doesn’t even know it.

What the Slant of Letters Might Reveal

To a certain extent, slant is taught. Your teachers fought fairly hard to get you to slant your letters to the right. Slanting to the right can be of particular difficulty for the left-handed person. So, if you are judging the slant of the letters of a person then you first need to find out if they are left-handed or right-handed.

Generally, if the handwriting slants to the right and they are right-handed then that person is very caring and outgoing. If their handwriting slants to the left and they are right-handed then this might indicate the person is self-involved and cold or indifferent in response to other people. If the handwriting has no slant at all then this might indicate the person doesn’t reveal their emotions easily and they keep a good handle on their emotions.

What the Pressure of the Handwriting Might Mean

If a person presses really hard on the paper when they write, it is easy to tell. If you flip the paper over then you will see that every letter is raised. This person sort of embosses the paper with every stroke. If there is nothing on the flip side of the paper then the person has a very light tough when they write.

Generally speaking, people who write with very heavy pressure are very successful people. They have a lot of physical and mental energy that they put to good use in life. Those who write very lightly tend to avoid confrontations and emotional battles and are conformists.

What the Line of Handwriting Reveals

How well a person writes in a straight line can reveal certain things about a person’s personality, also. Of course, you need to take the person’s physical condition and eyesight into consideration. If a person needs glasses then it can affect how they see the line they are writing.

What direction the handwriting takes can reveal certain things about that person. If a person’s handwriting is in a perfectly straight line across the paper then that person is very disciplined. If their handwriting goes up and down a lot in a sentence then that person is in a very emotional state. If the writing looks as though it is going uphill then this might indicate the person is very optimistic in their outlook. If it is making a down slope with each sentence then maybe the person is depressed or tired.

Discover if a Person is Lying to You

One of the things people have used handwriting analysis for is to discover whether or not someone is lying to them. The way this works is to have the person write a couple of paragraphs about the topic that he or she might be lying about. Then have someone analyze the handwriting to determine if the person is being truthful.

One clue that they might not be honest is if they are a putting large space between the words that are in question. For instance if the words are spaced evenly in the sentences and then when they are writing about being not guilty of the crime the words have large spaces between them, this might indicate they are not being truthful.

Another clue to dishonesty is when a person has put fancy swoops or tails on the ending letter of words. Like the letter Y having a stroke that swoops back on the tail almost to the beginning of the word. This might indicate the person has something to hide or is feeling defensive.

The “Felon’s Claw” is a way of putting a tail on a letter. It has been said that 80% of felons have this handwriting quirk. It is like drawing a little hump on the tail of the “y” or the stem of an “F” or any other letter that involves one long stick in its creation. The felon’s handwriting is full of this odd little writing trait.

If the person’s signature is vastly different than the text, then this indicates the person might not be exactly who he or she says she is, or possible they are just pretentious and arrogant.

More Ways to Discover a Person’s True Personality

There are a lot of ways people try to discover a person’s true personality. They will use face reading techniques or take classes in body language so they can learn about what people are thinking. Since time began for people they have wanted some way to discover what people are really thinking. People also want to know if the other person is cheating them or lying to them. Things like face reading, handwriting analysis and body language will reveal what the person is thinking or feeling on the inside, no matter what they are saying to you.

Picking a potential mate is another reason people use things like body language or they try to discover the hidden secrets in a person’s personality before they marry them. It is also very helpful when you’re in a club to read some clues in a person’s body language to figure out if they really want to talk to you. Their body language will let you know if they are open to getting to know you better or if they want you to go away immediately. One of the biggest reasons people using handwriting analysis or these other  forms of discovering hidden personality traits is to get to know themselves better.

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