Hairstyles for Round Faces: Cuts and Styles

Hairstyles for Round FacesLook in the mirror, what type of face shape do you have?  Maybe you have a round, oval, or long-shaped face.  If you have ever bought sunglasses or glasses, typically, the salesperson will direct you to a particular frame style based on your face shape. It is no surprise that hairstyles are categorized or requested based on an individual’s face shape as well.  So what about those of you with gorgeous round faces?  Let’s take a look at some haircuts and styles that are bound to suit your beautiful face shape!

Best Haircuts for Round Faces

Long Locks: A long and luscious cut is a great style for round faces.  Especially if your long locks are layered, the layers will work to elongate your face shape.  To achieve some long extended locks, disperse some cream throughout your hair and give it a quick blow-dry with a paddle brush.  The paddle brush will help keep your layers nice and flat.  Then add some extra smoothness to your hair with a flat or straightening iron.

Short and Sweet: Some people think that short hair would only make round faces seem rounder.  However, a very short cut can be pulled off with some side swept bangs.  The shortness and the bangs together will actually add height to your face and make it appear more oval.  Apply some styling foam to your short hair and give it a blow dry with a rounded brush.  Finish your look off with some hairspray to keep the bangs in place.

Single Length: Single length will definitely not look boring on a round-face because it will also work to make your face shape look longer.  If you think single-length is too plain, go ahead and add some layers near the front ends of your hair.  With single-length hair, use a paddle-brush to blow-dry your hair straight.  You can curl your ends in towards your face if you wish for a little pop.

Side Sweep: With any length hair, side swept bangs are a nice component for someone with a round face.  The bangs will create a nice angle for your face to make it look smaller.  Blow-dry your bangs with a round brush and sweep them to the side.  This look will work fine with either curled or straight hair.

Pixie Cut: A pixie-length cut can look great on round faces as well!  Try out an asymmetrical pixie cut if you have a round face, as the side bangs will help add length to your face.  With your pixie cut, use a blow-dryer to blow-dry the top of your head with a rounded brush.  For the back of your head, just go ahead and tousle your hair around with your fingers while you are blow-drying.  Add some styling gel in at the end for added texture and staying support.

Best Hairstyles for Round Faces

Headbands: Adding a cute chic headband to your hairstyle is a great way to add length to your face as well.  Part your hair deeply on one side and place your headband on your head.  Let some strands of hair fall loose around your face to create a feminine and sweet look.

Waves:  Styling your hair with long waves is a great way to make your neck seem longer, especially if you have long locks to work with.  Start your waves at the lower section of your hair to keep the volume looking bottom-heavy.  This is a great way to make the top seem smooth to balance out your features.

Bold Bangs:  Straight bangs are not for everyone, but they are good for round faces because they accentuate and bring focus to other parts of the face.  Try out your bangs with some soft waves, and add some sassy lipstick to really make the lower part of your face pop.

Loose Side Pony:  A loose side pony-tail will add height and volume to a round face.  The look is both simple and classy, and can be achieved by simply sweeping your hair to one side and keeping it in place with a hair tie.  Make sure that the pony tail is loose and that it falls over your chest.  Add some soft curls to your pony tail for an elegant night out!

Low Bun:  A low bun with side swept bangs is perfect for round faces because the bangs and the placing of the bun will elongate your face.  Simply tie your hair into a low side pony tail and twist your hair into a bun.  Secure your bun in place with bobby pins and add some hair spray to keep it set.

Dressy Waves:  Another way to incorporate waves into your look is to dress them up a little bit!  You can do this by sleeking back a single side of your hair by using hairspray and bobby pins.  Keep your curls in-tact by using a one-inch curling iron.

Center Part:  If you have long hair, a center part can be flattering for women with round faces.  Center parts look great with long soft curls that you can achieve with a large-barrel curling iron.  Once you have curled your hair, part your hair in the middle and run your fingers through your hair to loosen the curls.

Top Knots:  How do you style your hair in the summer?  The answer: a top knot!  This is a great way to keep your hair up and away from your face.  Luckily top knots work well on round faces by keeping their volume away from the face and on the top of the head; making the face appear leaner and longer.

High Pony:  A high pony tail will create the illusion that your face is long and slim.  Simply grab all of your hair up at a high height on your head and stick it in place with a hair tie.  Also, consider adding curls to your pony tail to add the perfect amount of volume to you look.

Elongate, elongate, elongate!

Women with round faces will rejoice in these fun and elegant looks that are perfect for any occasion or season!  If you need a little more help, be sure to check out for any of your other hair styling needs.