Hair Styling Tips For Every Length

hair styling tipsToday, we are going to act as your stylist and give you some different styles and styling tips for your hair — in whatever shape or form it may be.  Most of us get into our own routine that we tend to stick to on a daily basis: we either put it up or keep it down.  The problem here is that arranging the same hairstyle every day can get boring.  So what do we do with it?  We are not saying you have to go out for a drastic cut; but sometimes, it can be fun to switch things up a little bit.  It is underestimated how different, refreshed, and reinvigorating a new hairstyle can make us feel.

Short Hair

Short hair can be quick and easy way to shake up your style without jumping too far into the sea.  It has also become exceeding popular with many women who want a low-maintenance type look.  There are plenty of hair styles for short hair.  Let us elaborate on the different types of short-cuts that you can sport:

  • The Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts have made a comeback since Twiggy made it popular in the 1960s.  Pixie cuts are a great way to frame your face, and easy to style.  Pixie cuts tend to go well with slim and long faces because it will help to round it out a bit more.

  • The Bob

For those of you who thought the only person who could rock a bob was your mom – you thought wrong!  Chin-length bobs are a great easy way to achieve a cute, short cut without cutting your hair above your jaw-line.  Plus, they allow for many different styling options since they are a bit longer.  If you have some very prominent facial features, a bob will help soften your overall look.

  • Short and edgy

These are a lot of fun to wear, especially if you have to confidence to rock this look.  You can create an asymmetrical look by styling a side-swept bang that can go down as far as your chin.  It is great for round faces and can work to balance out your facial features.  If you have fine hair, try purchasing some volume-enhancing products to shape it to your desire.  Remember, if you have curly hair then you will not want to cut it too straight.  Try layering your short look and applying product so it does not poof.  If Rhianna and Pink can make it work, so can you!

  • Long Bob

Rachel (aka Jennifer Aniston), just gave herself a pretty prefect long bob.  Long bobs are a great and trendy alternative if you do not want to go too short.  They work great on all faces and help to accentuate bone structure.

Short Tips

  • Keep in mind that short hair will need to be cut often if you want to keep it short.  You may need a trim every six weeks depending on how fast your hair grows.
  • A short cut will make your hair more bouncy or poufy, depending on its texture.  You may need to invest in a flat iron to keep your strands under control.

Long Hair

Rapunzel had the whole long hair thing down.  She knew how to use it to her advantage and it looked like she had the perfect comb.  However, even Rapunzel could have eventually sunk into a style funk with her long locks.  Here are some style tips that will keep your long locks looking fun and fresh for a long time.

  • Half and Half

A Half-down and half-up style makes the sweetest look appear sexy and somewhat whimsical.  This is a great way to bring your hair away from your face, while still giving your locks room to fall.  You can curl the ends of your hair and the up-part for a more stylish look.

  • Simply Sleek

If you do not have a lot of time, let your hair air dry after applying so product.  This will give you a very natural texture and look that can be very refreshing.

  • Curly-Cue

If you want to look a little fancy, but in a relaxed way, give some long loose curls a try.  Dry you hair with a large rounded brush, and then section your hair off in two-inch sections and wrap them loosely around a curling iron.  Once you are finished, smooth out the curls a bit so that they are not too tight.  Be careful not to fry your hair while creating curls.

  • Deep Side Part

This look works great the day after you have straightened your hair.  This is because by then, your hair has been tossed and has a bit more volume.  Part your hair to your desired side and sweep it over.  Feel free to add some curls if you would like for a fancier look.  The deep part will make you hair pop in the back and add a nice volume- finish.

  • Long Layers and Bangs

Bangs can add a lot of personality and style to a simple long-hair look.  Bangs and long hair will work with any face shape, so just add a little bit of smoothing product to give your hair a shiny and sleek look and feel.  You will definitely look more sophisticated than before!

Long Tips

  • Try not to keep you hair in tight ponytails all that often.  This can cause your hair to damage or break.
  • Use broader tooth combs for long hair.  This equates to better combing and keeping your hair nice and strong.  If you comb your hair incorrectly, you can damage your hair as well.

Medium  Hair

So you are stuck in the middle.  The middle is not exactly a bad place to be.  Being on neither one side nor the other allows you to have more options, and possibly the best of both worlds.  Here are just a few of your many options:

  • Bob

Yes!  You can do a bob too!  A bob for medium-length hair is a cute way to enhance your face with more volume that a short-length bob would give you.  Try a side-swept bang with your cut to give your hair more texture and fun, flirty feel.

  • Shaggy Chic

This style can look very laid-back and approachable.  It tends to give off the, “I did not try hard at all” look, and the truth is—you probably did not!  All you really need to do here is add a little hair spray and blow your hair while tossing it with your hands.  There is not that much to this look, but it does have a great pay-off.

  • Bouncy

Medium –length hair can give you something that long-hair cannot: bounce.  This can be achieved by blowing out your hair with a fat rounded brush and flipping in the ends while doing so.  Once you are finished, use a curling iron to accentuate those flips-ins even more.  This gives you look a very put-together, polished, and healthy feel.

  • Slanted Bangs

Bangs can be fun with any hair length, but they can help frame your face even more with a medium-length cut.  A shoulder-length cut with bangs slanting down your eye-line is a very feminine and chic way to show off your features.

  • Waves

Voluminous waves are a lot easier to achieve with medium-length hair than with long hair.  Simply apply some dry shampoo, part your hair to one side, and curl your face-framing locks away from your face.  Brush through the curls once you are done to create a more relaxed and less-tight feel.

Medium Tips

  • For medium-length hair, when you are selecting a condition, choose on with natural hydrators.  Do not overload your head with moisturizer, but do let a small amount soak in for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Remember to use a rounded brush, as it will give you the best curls and ability to shape your hair length to highlight your facial features.

Hair-Care Tips for Any Length!

Okay, so by now you have enough styles to last you for a while.  With that said, you are going to need your hair to be strong and in tip-top shape to get it to do what you want it to!  Here are some tips to keeping your hair healthy and happy.

  1. Do not over-wash:  Washing your hair every day will dry it out in no time.  This is especially worse if you already have dry or coarse hair.  Hair is actually very fragile.  Try washing every other day, and resort to a dry shampoo if you absolutely cannot wait.
  2. Blow Drying:  Blow-drying your hair too often can dry up and damage your locks as well.  Make sure that you are drying it gently by applying de-tangling spray and using a proper comb.
  3. Dead Ends:  This is going to happen at one time or another.  When you see split ends, trim them right away.  The longer you wait, the worse your split ends are going to be.  If you do not want to go to a salon, do it yourself!  There are plenty of trimming tools out there at reasonable prices that are easy to use.
  4. Hot Tools:  Heat is going to damage your hair, and even more so if you are directly touching you hair with your heating tools on a regular basis.  Make sure that you have some heat protectant, and use your tools at their lowest setting.

Get Stylin’!

There are so many ways that you can achieve your ideal look to cater to your hair-length and personal style.  Chances are you will always have some length of hair, so you might as well make the most of it!