Guitar Exercises: How to Go from Beginner to Pro

guitar exercisesA lot of people think it’s easy to start using a guitar and become a professional in a matter of days, but that is far from true. It takes years to practice the guitar and truly master it. Even the greatest artists in the world with the most talent, spent countless hours perfecting their craft and working on songs until their fingers hurt.

Using a guitar requires you to orient your fingers in a way that you may not be used to. Because of this there are some key guitar exercises that you should try. These exercises will strengthen your fingers and it will make using your guitar feel more natural. There’s a lot of work that come with playing a guitar, and you shouldn’t feel bad if you don’t master it immediately. The Guitar Techniques course offered by Udemy is something you must check out if you’re serious about learning how to play this instrument. You can take things further and learn how to play specific Guitar Pieces from a similar course as well.

Choosing the Right Guitar for Beginners 

Before you start working on your first album, you have to find a good guitar to start practicing with. It’s important that you choose between electric or acoustic guitars. Each guitar has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it’s entirely up to you how you want to start.

No matter what guitar you choose, you can do the same exercises, but it may be wise to choose a guitar you plan to use throughout your future or one you want to use for several years so that you can get a key grasp on how it feels to use that particular type. Of course, once you get the hang of it you can pretty much play whatever guitar you want. You can also easily find a list of the best guitars to use for beginners.

Finger Strength Exercises

Playing guitar means putting your fingers through a workout. The finger strength exercise makes them strong enough to endure the constant strain you put on them, especially your fingertips.

To do the finger strength exercise is easy, and all you need is your guitar. First you will place your fingers, all four of them, on adjacent frets of a single string. You will then lift two non-adjacent fingers off of the fretboard and keep the other two fingers touching it. Now switch fingers.

If you noticed, this isn’t the easiest exercise in the world to do. Does it feel awkward trying to lift two fingers that aren’t adjacent two each other? It’s okay if it is a little difficult to perform at first. This is a hard exercise, but with time you can condition your fingers to get used to the strain.

Playing Finger Combination Exercises

As you play guitar you will have to increase the speed at which your fingers move across the instrument. In order to do this, you can perform finger fretting combinations. A finger fretting combination involves you playing a combination of notes on your guitar in succession.

You will start these exercises by placing your fingers in first position on the sixth string and holding your fingers on frets one through four. Assign numbers to your fingers. For example, 1 will be your index finger, 2 will be your middle finger, etc.

Now you will practice key combinations. For now, you should practice the following combinations 1-2-3-4, 1-2-4-3, 1-3-2-4, 1-3-4-2, 1-4-2-3, and 1-4-3-2.

Does it feel strange or weird to do in quick succession? This is just one set of finger fretting combinations, but you can find several available that has all of the combinations that you can perform. Once you’re able to perform these combinations quickly, you will have mastered some of the key.

Left Hand Fretting Exercise

This exercise is designed to make each of your fingers on your fretting hand move as smoothly and as independently as possible. Your fingers are unable to move equally. With this exercise, you can change that and teach your fingers to move more equivocally. This exercise helps in a variety of applications, and it most importantly allows you to play more smoothly.

The best way to perform this exercise is to do your scales, and follow key notes. If you want to learn how to play a specific style, there are courses that can help you with these exercises as well as teach you about various others.

For example, the Guitar Lessons – Learn Finger Picking Blues Guitar specifies in teaching you about the Blues, but also helps you learn other exercises as well. It’s a great resource for teaching you about this specific style of music so you can explore other songs that are similar to what you’re learning. However, do remember to practice many different styles of music. Even though you may never perform everything in your repertoire, having those additional skills could benefit you big time in the long run.

Becoming an Expert Guitarist

Following through with these exercises is important for any beginner guitarist. They can feel strange and be frustrating to do, but the level of your playing ability will increase drastically as you continue to practice regularly. Remember that above all else, the best thing that you can do to further your goals of becoming an expert guitarist is to practice daily, using these and other exercises in order to improve your control over the strings and your dexterity.

Once you’ve gotten more adept at playing the guitar, you can expand your knowledge and your skill set by learning more advanced techniques. These techniques can help you to produce vastly different sounds that can suit many different styles of music, such as the Blues. The Blues and Advanced Guitar Lessonshutt on Udemy is a great resource for you if you want to take your playing to the next level. With this course and your continuing dedication to the art of guitar, you can be proficient in no time at all.