Guided Meditation Scripts: A Walk Through

guided meditation scriptFor hundreds of years, meditation has been practiced worldwide to ease the mind of its troubles and bring to light the brighter side of life. A newcomer to the field, guided meditation aims to do the same. The difference between this form of meditation and others is that guided meditation, as the name implies, is led by an audio source, either live or recorded that instructs the individual and leads them through the peaceful reflection.

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Now onto the scripts:

Self-Esteem Relaxation Script

Before beginning this meditation, take note of how you feel, both internally and externally. Gently inhale and exhale, releasing the tension in every muscle in your body, one by one. Continue this process until you feel your muscles have become fully relaxed.

As you continue breathing deeply, conjure up the image of a place where you feel entirely comfortable and happy. Let the imagery of this scene overwhelm your mind; imagine the details, the sounds, how it makes you feel, and anything else essential.

This is your safe place, the place where you feel utterly at peace with yourself. Repeat the following to yourself as you experience your safe place.

I am comfortable with who I am.

I am worthy of appreciation.

I am worthy of respect.

I deserve to unwind.

I deserve to live a life worth living.

I enjoy being happy.

I believe this to be the truth.

I understand that bad moods do not last.

I understand that pain is only temporary.

My future is full of potential.

I am excited for the future.

I value the present.

I forgive myself for the mistakes I’ve made.

It’s alright to make mistakes.

I feel good about who I am.

I accept who I am.

It’s alright to feel sad at times.

I accept who I am.

I have many strengths that counter my weaknesses.

I accept who I am.

I am a confident human being.

I accept who I am.

Return to your safe place once again and refresh your mind of the varying details of the scene. Inhale slowly, exhale once more and then open your eyes. You should now feel serene, self-assured, and stress-free.

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Grief Meditation Script

Begin by locating a private area and sitting down in a comfortable position. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly, relaxing your body and letting your mind step away from your current state of sorrow.

Imagine your body as a soft sheet, dipped in a tub of warm water. Imagine floating on top of the water and the small ripples that appear around your body, cascading over you. Now imagine being elevated from the tub, the burden of the water weighing your form down. You’re stretched out on a slab of concrete in the exposed sunlight. Imagine the feeling of the heavy water, all that’s weighing you down, slowly evaporate in the sunlight, steam rising from your body, as you become lighter and lighter.

Now that your body is relaxed, turn your attention to the grief that’s been weighing on you. Remind yourself that the pain and sense of loss you feel is only temporary. An emotional injury is no different from a physical injury in that it needs time to heal.

Repeat to yourself the following lines:

This pain will not last forever.

I am strong enough to get past this.

I must be kind to myself.

I am healing.

It is alright to feel numb.

It is alright to feel pain.

I am allowed to be angry.

Right now, I do not need to be rational.

I am healing.

This pain will not last forever.

I will get through this.

I deserve to feel happy again.

I am not at fault.

I am healing.

This pain will not last forever.

Continue to inhale and exhale deeply for a few more minutes before opening your eyes. You should feel momentarily at peace with your loss.

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Overcoming Procrastination Script

Before starting your meditation, locate a relaxing position and allow your mind to release the stress that has been eating at you. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly.

Close your eyes and acknowledge how you feel, both physically and mentally. Release the tension in your muscles, one by one, until you feel that your body is at ease.

Once you feel relaxed, turn your attention to the activities you’ve been avoiding doing. Ask yourself why you do not want to do these activities. Do you have priorities? Do you not enjoy the task? Or, perhaps, do you fear failure?

Whatever the reason may be, let the discomfort of the unfinished task slip away and recite the following lines.

The sooner I do it, the sooner it is done.

I am not a failure.

I will accomplish this task.

Procrastination will only hurt me.

I will reward myself after it is done.

I have time to finish this and my other obligations.

The longer I wait, the more difficult it will become.

This task does not need to be done perfectly.

I will finish this task and I will feel better.

Inhale and exhale once more, imagining the stress over the unfinished task being expelled from your body along with that last breath. When you open your eyes, you should feel considerably more motivated to complete the task.

Meditation can bring about a sense of peace in situations where you feel you lack control. It offers relief to those who feel sorrow or overwhelming stress and adds a sense of positivity to life. Hopefully these scripts, along with other meditation techniques, such as the ones expressed in this course on meditations that heal, will help you discover a more optimistic and enlightening outlook on life.