Who’s in the Top 20? Grow the Pie Challenge Leaderboard

Our Grow the Pie Challenge was a HUGE SUCCESS! Instructors went above and beyond, hit the internet pavement, and brought the most “new to Udemy” students to their courses this month!

Instructors Grew the Pie larger than ever. That means more potential students for you and your courses! It was a great demonstration of what Udemy instructors can accomplish when focusing on one outcome together.

So who won the challenge, and who’s on the Final Leaderboard?

Congratulations to eduCBA and Bryan Cohen for coming in #1 and #2 for our Grow the Pie Challenge! They are both receiving iPad minis and the Udemy team is building iPhone apps for their courses!

We randomly selected 1 of the top 20 to receive our Udemy swag pack plus a $50 Amazon gift card OR also have their course turned into an iPhone app. Congratulations to José María González for winning that honor! Here are the Top 20:



This month, our focus is reaching new audiencesWe’re assembling a monster resource for Udemy instructors to do just that. To comment and to be included, join the Faculty Lounge and post your comment here.

FIRST: Post Your Comment. NEXT: Get Your 25 Students.

Can you bring 25 new students this month by engaging with new audiences? Read how these Udemy Bestsellers did it:

Good luck on a HUGE month!