Grow the Pie: The Latest Instructor Challenge


This month, we’re holding an Instructor Challenge where you can earn an iPad mini, Udemy hoodie, Amazon gift card, or have your course turned into an iPhone app!

What’s the contest all about?

It’s about working together to Grow the Pie.

The phrase “Grow the Pie” has two meanings.

As a Udemy instructor, you have an opportunity to grow students’ pie of knowledge. A good friend once told me a pie represents our body of knowledge—what we know we know, what we know we don’t know, and what we don’t know we don’t know.

For instance, Gary knows he knows the sky is blue. He knows he doesn’t know how to pilot a plane. Since Gary grew up in a rural area with limited internet access, he doesn’t know he doesn’t know that he can learn web development on Udemy, move to a nearby country, and become a Web Developer. We can’t take the opportunities we don’t know exist.

As an instructor, you have the power to reach more students and expand their body of knowledge, or Grow the Pie.


Secondly, a pie often represents an entire market of customers. When you grow the entire pie (instead of just your small slice of the pie), you add more customers (students) for you and other instructors.

In other words, as a Udemy instructor, if you bring an additional 50 students to your courses on Udemy, and another instructor brings an additional 30 new students, then together you grew the pie by 80 students!


Grow the Pie in June, and you and your fellow instructors will enjoy the fruits of your labor—whichever way you slice it. :)

See the current Grow the Pie Leaderboard here.


The instructors who enroll the most new students from outside of Udemy by June 30th earn these prizes:

  • 1st and 2nd place receive an iPad mini and get their courses turned into iPhone apps. (That’s right—your course will be available for download in the App Store, which will give you additional visibility!)
  • We will randomly select someone from 3rd to 20th place to receive a Udemy swag pack and a $50 Amazon gift card.


  1. Create coupon codes containing “GROW” to be tracked for the Challenge. For instance: GROW2013, LETSGROW, GROWREDDIT.
  2. Determine what promotional channels you’ll use this month to bring more students to your courses from outside of Udemy.