Grounding Techniques: How to Reconnect With Your Body

grounding techniquesHave you ever met someone that seemed so far removed and displaced from reality that you just wanted to tie a little string to them and pull them down?  Since our physical capabilities limit us from doing this, let’s talk about a realistic approach: Grounding.  This is all about centering yourself and taking the the focus off emotional pain and distractions and to be more “grounded” with the physical Earth to become more aware. Grounding involves a set of simple strategies to create anchors to become happier, feel safer, and more in touch with the physical elements of life.

The more that you learn about grounding the more you may want to try it out for yourself.  Because, let’s face it, there are so many things that happen that can make us feel out of control or carried away.  Instead of tying a paper weight to your ankle, check out this Udemy course and join the many others who have received help to control their stress, worries, or nervousness so much so that they became out of touch with reality.  Today, we are also going to provide you with some grounding techniques that you can do yourself whether you want to feel more balanced, dealing with anxiety, or simply needing to live in the moment.

Basic Grounding Technique

To bring our bodies, minds, and emotions down into a balanced and affirmative state, let’s go over the most basic grounding technique for grounding and centering yourself.

  1. Get a chair and have a seat.  Make sure you place your chair in a quiet place as to not be disturbed.  Place your feet directly on the ground.
  2. Close your eyes and pay attention to your breathing.  Breathe up high into your chest while clenching your stomach muscles.  If you are breathing with a clenched and tight chest, you are probably doing so because you feel anxious, stressed, or troubled.  The next step will be to help loosen that tightness.
  3. Relax yourself.  Slow down your breathing and let it reach down towards your belly area.  Close your eyes and imagine your breath flow down past your stomach, through your legs, and into your toes.  If you find this type of breathing unnatural, that probably just means that you are tense most of the time throughout the day.  Begin to practice breathing so that when you place your hand on your belly, your belly with extend and push your hand outwards.  If you do this enough, it will become an easy and natural way of breathing for you!
  4. Immerse yourself into the ground.  Not literally of course, but mentally.  You can do this by closing your eyes and imagine that your breath is flowing through your body, down to your feet, and pushing out through your toes.  Visualize your feet as the legs of a tree and your toes pushing into the soil of the earth.  It can be helpful to think about the sensation that you get when you place your toes into the sand on a beach.  Consider the same thing with your toes here going into the soil of the earth.  Imagine that they are coming into contact with all the components and qualities that make living things grow.  Acknowledge how healthy, energized, and rich the soil feels.
  5. Let go of any tension or fear in your body by letting it seep into the soil and disintegrate through the roots.  If this does not work for you, imagine that you are standing at a cliff and overlooking a fire at the center of the earth.  Picture yourself throwing any negative emotions, feelings, or problems into that fire pit and, as you watch is dissipate, feel those feelings that have been weighing you down disintegrate as well.
  6. Power up from`the Earth.  The Earth is filled with energy, vitality, and strength.  As you are sitting in your seat, imagine that the fire that you threw all of your troubles and problems in is flowing up into a river of creative energy that is ready to flow right into your toes and nurture you with its abundance.
  7. Feel the water flow up towards your spine, as if you were a tree and your spine was the trunk of the tree.  Allow this energy to disperse into the places that you need it the most.  For instance, if your heart needs healing energy, let the water flow into your chest area.
  8. Direct any of the other energy through your arms and up past your neck and towards the top of your head.  Be sure to hit all the areas on your body where you feel like you may need repair and revitalization.
  9. Now, as you are letting the water settle throughout your body, imagine that the sun is shining down on you from overhead, and get ready to let it blossom and energize you.  Close your eyes, open your palms, and let the energy of the sun soak into your skin.
  10. Finally, go ahead and open your eyes.  Take a few moments to access how you are feeling.
  11. Begin to notice your breath again and come back into a mental stillness.  Where in your body do you feel most grounded?  Take time to process the images you have in your mind and see how these relate to the mental state you are in now.  Remember these images and feelings so that you can go back to them if you ever need to be taken into this grounding state again.

grounding techniques

Put Your Mind and Body in Balance

Overtime, the more you practice this grounding technique, the easier that grounding will become.  In addition to this basic technique, there are plenty of other ways that you can help yourself become more centered in mind and body.  Head on over to for some helpful meditation courses, where you will learn the power of guided visualizations with the help of certified professionals.   Soon enough, you will be in touch with your senses and the world without even realizing it!