Choosing Groom’s Cakes

grooms cakeThe groom’s cake is both a recent phenomenon and an historical tradition dating back to Victorian times. As the popularity of this second wedding cake begins to spread, many couples are beginning to look for inspiration, or ways to create a groom’s cake that will capture the spirit of the groom and the day. Use any of these cake ideas as a jumping off point for some inspiration of your own.

History Behind the Groom’s Cake

Many people mistakenly believe that the groom’s cake was a tradition stemming from the South where it is served at a separate table from the wedding cake, or at the reception dinner. The tradition actually began in the UK, however, during the Victorian era.

The cake was not meant to be eaten originally; it was sliced and distributed to unmarried girls and women. The recipient would sleep with the cake beneath her pillow that night as a way to inspire dreams of her future husband.

Today, the popularity of the groom’s cake is on the rise. And while the original cakes were usually a version of fruit cake, today’s cakes can take on many different personas, often reflecting the personality of the groom. Some cakes, in fact, have gotten so elaborate that many people are signing up for cake decorating courses just to get some inspiration on what to create.

Groom’s Cake Inspiration

If you’re stuck for some inspiration for your groom’s cake, take a look at these ideas. They range from simple to elaborate, and show a variety of ways you can include your groom’s personal tastes. Many of these ideas are so fun to see, you may want to look into learning some food photography to document your results.

Hamburger Cake

grooms cakeThe hamburger cake is one version of the fun, novelty groom’s cake. Novelty cakes like this one are often made to look like a specific object, like football helmet, an animal, or a non-cake food item. If your groom is the master of the barbecue, or simply loves to eat, a hamburger cake is a fun way to celebrate. And while it may appear that this type of cake is extremely elaborate to produce, it’s actually a simple three layer cake that has a rounded top and some fairly simple icing to create the look. Fondant is used to give the cake layers their smooth surface, and icing is piped on to create the lettuce, ketchup, and mustard that help make the cake look so realistic.

Musical Note

grooms cakeThis musical note cake is a fun way to display your groom’s interests in a tasteful way. A simple sheet cake can be decorated with nearly anything to help show off your groom’s personality. This musical note makes for a very simple black and white cake, but any image could be used, including a sports ball, animal, or object like a camera – whatever would best show off the groom’s talents and interests. Because the groom’s cake does not have to be very large, a single sheet cake is the perfect size both for displaying the decoration and for the table.

Fisherman’s Cake

grooms cakeSometimes the way to decorate a groom’s cake is to go with a theme or a specific scene, such as this fisherman’s cake. The cake itself is fairly simple, decorated in a blue frosting to depict the water. Cake toppers or gum paste figurines help to give the cake some personality. This is a very simple, yet effective way to create a groom’s cake that both shows interest, but won’t compete with the main cake.

Updated Fruit Cake

grooms cakeIf you want to update the tradition a little, and create a cake that isn’t personal to the groom, consider updating the original fruit cake. Fruit-flavored flour cakes are an exotic alternative to the traditional vanilla or chocolate cake, and can come in all types from orange to raspberry. This orange cake is decorated with fresh fruit on top and some nuts on the sides to give a nod to the traditional cakes used in Victorian England, but has a modern flavor and appeal.

grooms cakeComplementary Cake

If you don’t want a themed or realistic cake, but don’t want to use a generic cake, consider using a complementary cake. If you’ve ever taken a class in wedding coordination, you’ll see several ways that you can use different colors and shapes effectively throughout one venue for a cohesive look. The same applies for the groom’s cake. You can make the groom’s cake a smaller version of the main cake, or use similar decorating, such as using chocolate fondant for the groom’s cake when the main cake is white. This is a very tasteful way of serving the groom’s cake, particularly if the table it is on is nearby the table with the main wedding cake.

Half and Half Cake

Also increasing in popularity is the idea of having the groom’s cake be part of the wedding cake. This His and Hers cake design usually has a specific split somewhere along the cake lines to show which portion is meant for the bride and which for the groom. The bride’s cake may be decorated in white, or may be frosted in white, while the groom’s cake may be chocolate or decorated in black. Often the decorations will vary as well; flowers for the bride’s cake and more masculine decorations on the other half.

There are two ways of creating this type of cake. One method stacks the bride’s cake on top of the grooms. This is a nice way of both showing support, and for combining two colors of decoration on one color of cake. The other method involves decorating one side of the cake for the bride and the other side for the groom. This method works best for a chocolate and vanilla style cake that can be decorated similarly on each side.

grooms cake grooms cake

Selecting Your Cake

With so many different options for the groom’s cake, your biggest problem is probably going to be narrowing your choices down. There are a few ways you can do this, however, to help make the choice easier.

  • Decide on a theme: Do you want a themed cake, realistic cake, or a more traditional cake. You may find that you or the groom have a strong preference you can narrow down from.
  • Select the cake taste: Don’t focus on decoration for a minute and instead focus on the cake itself. Many groom’s cakes are made of cheesecake, while others may be chocolate or fruit-based. Picking a flavor or type of cake may help dictate its shape or what can be done with it, which can narrow down your choices.
  • Look to the wedding venue: You’ll want to make sure that the cake doesn’t clash with the rest of your décor or the wedding cake. A hamburger cake would be out of place at a very formal affair, while a complementary cake might fit right in.

Enjoy Your Cake

Remember that the groom’s cake is not a requirement to the wedding, and should only be done if you feel that it will add something special to the event. To help narrow down your choices further, consider signing up for a class in cake decorating to help you see what kinds of options there are and what can be done in cakes today. Remember that no matter what you choose for your cake, that it’s just a small part of the entire day, and shouldn’t overwhelm or overtake the rest of the event. Pick a groom’s cake that symbolizes the groom on his day and enjoy every minute.