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graphic illustrationUsing graphic illustration in web design is an extremely effective solution to use for times when you need a unique design that is tailored and personalized for your particular site or brand. Graphic illustration effectively showcases the points you are trying to make, and helps to engage your audience with much more effectiveness than the simple written word. It can be used to simplify a complicated subject by the use of charts, maps or diagrams.

There are many secrets to designing a great looking website with the help of graphic illustrations, some of those secrets are revealed on this Udemy course on design fundamentals.

We can see examples of graphic illustration all over the Internet. The most notable would probably be on news websites. Nearly every major article you might read will come with an image that is descriptive of the subject. These are sometimes stock photographs of course, but sometimes they might be a diagram or a chart, or some other type of graphic. In all cases, the graphic shown will probably tell you a great deal about the subject before you even start reading, or it will help you understand what the writer is saying. It’s true what they say about “a picture painting a thousand words”.

Graphic illustration is also an effective way to engage your audience. By using an interesting graphic, it’s possible to “draw in” your readers. It’s widely known that columns and articles that contain interesting graphics are more likely to be read.

Getting Started with Graphic Illustration

So having acknowledged that the use of graphics in your website design is a great idea, how do you get started? Well, you could go out and get yourself a copy of Adobe Illustrator, but if you’ve never used an advanced package like this before, you might be limited initially to creating stick men.

Luckily there are plenty of ways to learn about illustration, such as a great number of courses available on the Internet to help you use a graphics package. For example, this graphics illustrator course has lessons for beginners as well as advanced users, and teaches you how to use Adobe Illustrator well.

Graphic Illustration: Better than Photography?

Compared to using stock photography for branding, illustration can be more fun and can add a refreshing touch to your design concept whilst at the same time making your brand stand apart from your competitors. You can build a strong online presence by realizing the importance of using graphic illustration for branding. If you can create graphic illustrations with an authentic appearance you will find that this grabs the attention of visitors right away, and they will stay to read more about your products.

You can also convey a great deal more with diagrams and pictures than you can with words. Sure, the words are necessary to explain what you are trying to say, but it always helps to have a visual aid to help as well. If people can “see” what you mean, they are more likely to understand. A good example of this would be the weather report!! Imagine what that would be like without diagrams and maps as a visual aid. Your own custom graphics will also enable you to channel your exact thoughts directly to your audience.

Distorting Perspective

With illustrated graphical imagery, you are also able to distort perspective and break with reality and the way you see fit. This is a very useful marketing tactic, and is used in many situations. With graphic illustration you are able to create imagery that is impossible to photograph in the real world, and for that reason it will catch the eye – which is exactly the reason why you want to use graphic illustration. You can create wonderful graphics and illustrations with a package like Adobe Photoshop and a little inspiration.

But Don’t Get Carried Away…

Just like a painter who doesn’t know when to stop, one tip to remember is just because you can create wonderful images, it doesn’t mean you need one for every paragraph on your website. Graphic illustrations are a great visual aid, but can be confusing if you use too much. Try to use illustrations in an intelligent way, to add impact to your website, and to increase the usefulness of the content. By doing this, your website design can be packed with useful information that is easy to understand due to the reinforcement of your images, but at the same time it is uncluttered and easy to navigate. Check out this course on website design for more tips!

Is Graphic Illustration just for Website Design?

I get asked this question a lot, and the answer is absolutely not! Many people these days automatically think that the Internet is now the only place to market their services. This isn’t true, and the age-old art of having snazzy business cards, brochures and fliers is still well and truly alive. If you’re thinking of taking a course on graphic illustration for your website, then you’ll find the skills you have learned will be invaluable to other types of media marketing too. In fact, it all goes hand in hand, because graphics you design for your site can also be used on your other stationery to promote a corporate identity.

Learn More

There are many graphics packages on the market today that will help you create wonderful images, but like anything you will probably need some guidance in order to make the best use of your skills. This is where a course such as Adobe Illustration for Beginners at Udemy can come in handy. Here you can learn many different techniques with useful examples and ideas to help you along the way. Look up a course today, and get those creative juices flowing!

Page Last Updated: March 2014

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