4 Grapefruit Juice Benefits to Improve Health

grapefruit juice benefitsIt seems that people everywhere (myself included) are constantly looking for new ways get healthier, lose weight, or simply  improve quality of life. We not only want these results, but we want them fast. This often results in dieters turning to fad diets or quick fixes. One quick fix that seems to have hung around for a long time is the grapefruit diet.

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Traditionally, a dieter primarily eats grapefruit (and not much else) and loses weight quickly.  Like many low calorie diet plans, this works initially but does not serve as a healthy, long-term plan.  However, this narrow view of grapefruit sells this super fruit short; grapefruit boasts a variety of benefits aside from its low calorie count. As a fruit, grapefruit contains a myriad of nutritional benefits that will improve overall health and quality of life.  Among juices, grapefruit juice stands out due to its high Vitamin C content, zero fat, low sodium content, and abundance of disease fighting vitamins. A balanced diet that incorporates grapefruit could not only serve weight loss purposes, but enhance general health, and even help to battle illness. However, if taking prescription medication, consult your doctor before adding grapefruit juice to your diet as it can interfere with medications.

Below, you’ll find the four bigest advantages to grapefruit juice.

Benefit #1: Aids with Detoxification

Consuming grapefruit juice is a great way to help stimulate the detoxification process when it comes to diet. Whether you are participating in a cleanse or simply trying to add detoxifying elements to your diet, grapefruit is an effective type of juice to incorporate.  Grapefruit juice will help to draw out and eliminate toxins that have built up within the body. Do you feel like your body could benefit from detoxification? This article on detox foods includes signs your body may be in need of detox and  details the best foods to aid with the process.

Grapefruit contain a great amount of water. This high water content will help to flush out your system during diet detoxificaition.  In addition, the natural sugars contained in grapefruit will serve as fuel and are easy for your body to break down. The fiber content in grapefruit will aid with the removal of solid waste while an abundance of vitamins will help to repair damage poor diet could have caused.

Grapefruit has a unique flavor that is bitter yet sweet. Some people adore grapefruit right off the bat, while others consider it to be an acquired taste. Though it is undoubtedly acidic in taste, once in your body, grapefruit is considered to be an alkaline food. Alkaline foods help our bodies deal with refined foods that we consume like white sugar, flour, and processed meats. The soluble fiber and pectin found in grapefruit helps the digestive system to do its job. Grapefruit juice also helps the body with physical discomfort by relieving heartburn and helping to reduce gas and bloating.

Benefit #2: Prevents Disease

Vitamin C is a powerful nutrient that boasts many benefits.  According to The George Mateljan Foundation, consuming foods high in Vitamin C is associated with a reduced risk of death from all causes including heart disease, stroke and cancer.

Lycopene, the red pigment in grapefruit, is a cancer fighting antioxidant. According to healthy-juicing.com, the following cancer preventives are found in grapefruit juice:

  • Phenolic acid: inhibits progress of cancer-causing nitrosamines.
  • Limonoids, terpenes, and monoterpenes: increase production of cancer fighting enzymes.
  • Bioflavonoids: shut down the factory in the body responsible for tumor growth.

There are other common ailments that grapefruit juice can help with as well. As mentioned above, grapefruit juice reduces acidity in the body. Minimizing acidity could help to prevent fevers, pneumonia, and even the common cold.

Grapefruit can also help provide relief to those suffering from arthritis. The organic salicylic acid found in grapefruit helps to eliminate calcium that builds up in the joints.  Grapefruit juice can help to lower cholesterol. Both white and red grapefruit have been shown to reduce levels of bad cholesterol within the body. The antioxidants in grapefruit reduce heart disease.

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Benefit #3: Helps with Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight, grapefruit can help to speed up the process. Grapefruit juice contains a high amount of fat burning enzymes. These enzymes combined with the high water content of grapefruit will speed up your metabolism. Not only will grapefruit increase metabolic activity and burn fat, but grapefruit juice can increase energy as well.  Womenfitness.net suggests that drinking 8 ounces of grapefruit juice may block enzymes involved in the storage of fat and carbohydrates. Therefore, adding grapefruit juice to your diet would help to jump-start the weight loss process. For a complete dietary makeover to improve health and lose weight, check out this course.

Benefit #4: Improves Appearance

Grapefruit juice can also help to enhance your outward appearance. Complexion can be improved by stimulating the production of collagen. Vitamin C is one of the best ways to stimulate collagen growth. In addition, Vitamin C will maintain strong bones and teeth as well as help to repair wounds and scars.   You can transform your body in thirty days by following this course offered by Udemy that will help you to renovate your body at the cellular level.

Grapefruit and Drug Interactions

A common concern people have when consuming grapefruit juice is the fact that it can interfere with pharmaceutical drugs. If taking medicine, consult with your doctor about drinking grapefruit juice. Certain drugs become more potent because grapefruit inhibits an enzyme in the intestines that is responsible for the natural breakdown of many medications. This could result in a medication staying in your body for too long or too short of a duration. Therefore, a medication might not work because it wasn’t in your system long enough, or could become toxic from being in your body too long resulting in dangerous side effects.


Whether you are trying to improve overall health, lose weight, or overcome physical ailments,  grapefruit juice can be beneficial in the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. The disease fighting and immune boosting elements found in this powerful juice are undeniable and should be considered when embarking on a journey toward better health. If you are seeking a healthier lifestyle, The 5 Pillars of Optimal Health details a holistic approach to living a healthy lifestyle by providing a foundation for quality health on three levels: physical, mental, and emotional.