Gothic Makeup: Tips for Channeling your Dark side

Gothic MakeupGothic makeup and the overall gothic look is not just reserved for Halloween.   Initially, Gothic makeup and culture can appear heavy and striking, but the subculture of people who choose to appear gothic is a tight-knit and strong community that is apparent in all different types of cultures and ethnicities.  Characters such as Sweeny Todd and Dracula are good examples of some popular gothic characters.  So, if you are interested in channeling a darker and more visually conspicuous look, we have some makeup tips to get you looking as gothic and ghoulish as your skin allows.

Before Application

Before you start creating your desired Gothic look, here are some things to think about and to keep in mind:

Face:  No matter what type of makeup look you are trying to achieve, knowing your face is essential before any prior application.  Knowing your best features will help you choose what you have to work with, what you will want to have stand out, and other features that you may choose to downplay.  Keep in mind that a Gothic makeup look will require a lot of light face makeup.  As such, be sure to wash your face thoroughly before and after you apply any makeup.

Style:  There are different types of Gothic styles that you will have to choose from.  Choosing a style can be fun!  It is a chance to express your creativity or channel an era or style that you would like to represent.  Consider these:

  • Vampire Goth:  This look is reserved for more supernatural and hardcore Goth individuals who will not mind practicing with extremely dark or white shades.
  • Romantic Goth:  Interested in a more sensual look?  A romantic Goth will incorporate more soft and red tones into their look.
  • Edgy:  An edgy Gothic look will have a more metal feel to it, which is more inspired by the heavy metal musical era.

The Makeup

Once you have decided on the type of Gothic look you want to pursue, it is time to consider your makeup options.

Makeup:  If this is your first time attempting a Gothic look, there will probably be a lot of trial and error for you in the makeup department.  If you choose to go with drugstore makeup, try not to pick up products solely based on their prices.  With makeup, often the quality is in the price.  A good thing to do before you start purchasing makeup for your look is to do some research.  Go online for consumer reviews and responses, consult your friends, or go to a makeup counter and speak with a professional.

Colors:  As you experiment with your makeup, you will also figure out which colors look best on you and your skin tone.  This is also why it is a great option to go to a makeup counter or a friend’s house and experiment with different colors and textures.  Also, depending on the look you are going for, you can decide to go with heavy dark black liner or a softer and more romantic and whimsical style.  If you are not confined to any look or style, go ahead and choose the makeup style and color that you feel most comfortable in.  After all, being Goth is all about channeling your individuality!

Base:  Base can get interesting when it comes to Gothic looks.  There are a few different options you have.  They are:

  • Natural:  Natural powder works well with Romantic Goth looks because it will give your face a more sensual and real feel to it.
  • White:  A white face for Gothic makeup is a whole look in itself.  A white face will channel a ghastly and eerie image.  This works well with Goths working a vampire or supernatural look.  Like dusting is the way to go, because you do not want your look to appear as if you have just caked on a bunch of white makeup – this can leave you looking like a clown.
  • Plain:  Adding no base at all to your face can be a good way to go as well.  Just because you do not have an eccentric face color does not take away from the Gothic feel.  Do what feels right for your skin and your look.

Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup can do wonders for a Gothic makeup look, and it is an essential feature to incorporate into a look that you want to achieve.  Remember that you can choose whether or not you want the focus of your look to be on your eyes.  If you want your hair or lips to be more noticeable, then downplay your eye makeup a little bit more.  Here are some Gothic eye makeup styles that you can consider:

  • Unique eyeliner:   If regular black eye liner is not crazy enough for you, you can always take things to the next level and create actual circles around your eyes with liquid eyeliner.  You can also mix different eyeliner colors together and draw shapes or wing out your eyeliner for various looks.
  • Unique eye shadow:  The beauty of eye makeup is that you can experiment with as many techniques and colors as you like to achieve your ideal look.  Get as crazy as you want with eye shadow by mixing and matching dark hues with glittery shades for a haunting appeal.
  • Black liquid liner:  This is a nice and neat way to make your eyes stand out without looking too overdone.  Feel free to pair some red lipstick with your black liner for a powerful look.  Use as many coats as you so desire.

Vamp out!

No matter what type of Gothic-style you choose for your makeup and look, remember to keep to your own personal style and incorporate that into your look.  Go with the look that you are happy with, and you will be sure to turn a few heads and give rise to your dark side!