Good Luck On Your New Job: Ways to Congratulate a Coworker

good luck on your new jobI recently had a much beloved coworker leave for a new job out of state. Our whole staff was sad to see him go, but we made sure to give him a proper congratulations. There are many times when coworkers we enjoy working with leave for other opportunities. It’s just the nature of careers. You’ve enjoyed your time with them, now how do you properly say “Good luck on your new job” in a way that is touching to them?

Probably the most important thing is to make their last days in your workplace as enjoyable and stress free as possible. Your coworker is probably filled with many emotions. They are nervous about their new responsibilities, excited about a new environment, sad about leaving their work friends behind and happy about new opportunities. These are a lot of emotions to handle at one time. Help them out by improving your own emotional intelligence in the workplace. The more you are confident with yourself in your workplace, the better sendoff you can give your coworker. You can improve relationships, gain confidence and reduce stress for yourself and others by taking this course.

Things You Can Do To Wish Your Coworker Good Luck

There are many things you can do leading up to your coworker’s last days. These can be fun activities, thoughtful gifts, kind letters or even favors in order to make their transitions as smooth as possible. Here are some of the ways you can wish your coworker good luck and let them know you care.

  • Write Them a Letter

Sometimes people have a hard time communicating their sentiments and emotions face to face. If you care about your coworker and want to wish them luck, a good way to do so is by writing them a letter. By writing them a letter, you can let them know how much they meant to you during your time together and how you wish them the best. They can go and read it privately, without having the attention of your other coworkers around you. In the letter, write about some of the memories you had while working with them. Tell them their positive qualities in the workplace and assure them that those qualities will help them with their new job. It will not only make them feel good, but it will also give them more confidence going into the workplace.

  • Bake Them Going Away Goodies

People love any excuse to have goodies in the office. It’s a treat they wouldn’t otherwise get for themselves. Celebrate your coworker’s last days by bringing in baked goods. If you have a specialty cookie recipe, share it with others and bring in those cookies. The problem with baked goods, however, is that many people have a gluten intolerance and have to go on gluten-free diets. If you work in a large company, chances are there is someone who is on the gluten-free diet. Include them by learning how to bake gluten-free goodies. As more people are going gluten-free, there are more substitutes and recipes available, making it easier to create gluten-free baked goods. If one of your coworkers is on this diet, make them some gluten-free pastries with this course. In it, you will learn baking fundamentals, introduction to gluten and yeast and learn different recipes from the course. But regardless of the occasion, treats are always welcome in the workplace.

  • Get Them a Thoughtful Gift

You can get anyone a gift from a store. It’s gifts that take time and thought that are the ones that are most cherished. If you enjoyed the time you spent with your coworker, put some thought into a nice gift for them. It can be something that reminds them of an inside joke the two of you shared or something that is part of their interests or hobbies. Gifts that are handmade are usually inexpensive if you are low on cash. These gifts are also ones that are most cherished because they took time and creativity to make. They are also gifts that are personal and represent the relationship you have with your coworker. If your coworker wears jewelry, make them something in their favorite color or find a charm that represents their likes and hobbies. There are plenty of craft stores that sell jewelry making supplies. Pick out the supplies that you think fit your coworker. Not sure how to make jewelry on your own? We offer a course on how to do wire wrapping with found objects. You can make beautiful pendants with gems and stones you find and polish by wrapping them in wire. It’s a simple and beautiful way to make a thoughtful gift. If you want to try a different jewelry making style, you can take a look at this blog, which will teach you more techniques.

  • Design Them a Good Luck Card

Cards are usually protocol around the office. You pass around a happy birthday card, a get well card, a good luck card and so on. Cards are a kind gesture, but if you really want to wish your coworker good luck on their new job, you’ll go the extra mile and create a personalized card. Like personalized gifts, this is something they will be able to treasure, as it represents them and their contributions at the work place. There are many different programs you can use to create a unique, funny, kind, personal card for your coworker. One of the more popular programs is Photoshop. You can be artistic, make funny creations or just say whatever you would like to say using this program. If you are unfamiliar with Photoshop, we offer this intro course that can get you started. In it, you will learn all the important aspects of Photoshop, including working with layers, retouching images, creating multiple composites and more.

With these skills and ideas, you will be able to with your coworker good luck on their new job in the best way possible.