Good Fundraising Ideas: Tips to Raise More Money

shutterstock_165751187In order to get people to give you their money, you have to convince them that your cause is worth it. This is where good fundraising ideas come into play. When it comes to fundraising, there are dozens of ways you can get people’s attention. You just need to find out the way that works best for you and is able to get the attention of the demographic you’re targeting.

The first step to fundraising is setting your goals. How much money would you like to raise? How much money do you think you can raise? By setting monetary goals for yourself, you will be more compelled to push and work hard to reach them. Not sure how much your goals should be? We offer a course that helps to gauge how much money you should set as a goal when fundraising. In it, you will learn how to make better financial assumptions, how to budget, how to set a time-line and more.

Ideas for Online Fundraising

Our society is one that communicates more and more through technology. In order to get the word out about your endeavor, you need to be tech savvy to a certain degree. Social media is an affordable tool for fundraising because it is free. However, it is crucial to know how to use social media in a way that will get your cause in front of a lot of people.

With 1.23 billion users by the end of 2013, Facebook is most likely the best route to get your fundraising needs seen. But being seen won’t get you the results you are looking for when fundraising. You will need to know how to target and interact with your audience in order to get the best results from your social media platform. This course focuses on marketing strictly for Facebook and can help you reach a larger online audience. It covers simple Facebook marketing like getting traffic to your page, advertising on the site, promoting your endeavor and more.

One of the best ways to reach people and raise money online is through crowdfunding. Sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Crowdfunder, RocketHub and more. Finding a website that works best for you depends on what each website has to offer. Kickstarter is strictly for creative endeavors — businesses, charities and personal financing are some of the categories the site does not allow. Funding for albums, films, art and games are some of the examples Kickstarter offers. Indiegogo has a looser format and allows pretty much any endeavor (excluding investment) on the site. If you are looking for crowdfunding for business only, Crowdfunder has that as its main focus. It offers both donation-based and investor crowdfunding, something Kickstarter and Indiegogo do not have available.

Regardless of which site you go with, it is important to know how to create a successful crowdfunding campaign. With this course, you will learn how to create a crowdfunding campaign and get the funds you need. The course is step-by-step and goes at the pace you need to gain the important tips and skills offered, with hands-on exercises that will better teach you how to reach your crowdfunding goals.

Using Your Talents and Resources to Raise Money

Are you good at baking? Making Jewelry? Is there a skill you can teach others? All of these talents and more can be used for fundraising. When you think of fundraising, bake sales often come to mind. That’s because they are easy to organize. Baking is an activity that is relatively cheap and easy to do. And, who doesn’t love homemade baked goods? Step up your baking game and learn how to bake gluten-free goods. Going gluten free has become extremely popular and there are thousands of people on the diet. When you have a bake sale, you are excluding that group of people, unless you make gluten-free baked goods. By offering this alternative, you’ll be able to attract more people and raise more money by being inclusive with what you offer. When it comes to baking gluten free, we offer a course that can get you started and teach you how to bake different kinds of gluten free breads and pastries.

Know how to play an instrument or sing? Host a concert, where admission is a $5 donation. Or, if you know of someone who has these talents, ask them if they would be able to help.

Another quick and easy fundraising event you could hold is a rummage sale. There are plenty of items people have around their home that they don’t need or haven’t thought about in years. Gather up friends and family, ask them to go through their homes and look for items they can donate for your cause. You will be surprised at how many goods you will be able to come up with and sell. And depending on how many people you get to donate, you could walk away with a few hundred dollars at the end of the sale.

Jewelry making is another way you can raise funds that is relatively cheap and easy. Craft stores offer jewelry making supplies at various price ranges, depending on how much you want to sell your creations for. When it comes to making jewelry, you can be as simple or as intricate as your experience and comfort levels call for. This course works specifically with found objects, such as gemstones and rocks. All you need is the time to scavenge for these objects, some wire, pliers and wire cutters and you’ll have a pendant made in less than 30 minutes. It’s an affordable way to create quality and unique jewelry that people will want to purchase.

With these added skills and tips, fundraising for your cause will become easier, and your goals may even be surpassed.