Gluten Free Makeup: 5 Brands You Can Trust

Gluten Free MakeupCeliac disease, which is an autoimmune disorder characterized by an intolerance to gluten that results in symptoms that include bloating, stomach cramping, anemia, and chronic diarrhea, is a serious condition. If left unchecked, it can eventually lead to serious damage to the small intestine, thereby preventing the absorption of key nutrients the body needs to function optimally. According to this blog post, gluten intolerance can also lead to other symptoms aside from digestive problems, such as chronic migraines. Long-term damage caused by a gluten allergy can also lead to more serious conditions, including cancer. Whether you actually have celiac disease or your are simply sensitive to gluten, the same symptoms and complications can occur, which is why it is important to cut out gluten from your diet. Take this course to learn more about celiac disease and how to prevent reactions if you have been diagnosed with it.

However, in addition to avoiding the ingestion of gluten-containing products, such as wheat, rye, and barley, whether your body is just sensitive to gluten or completely intolerant of it, you also need to look at other areas of your life in which you may be exposed to this damaging allergen. For women, this includes the makeup that they use, which can lead to severe allergic reactions on the face and around the eyes, in addition to the typical gastrointestinal upset. To learn more, take this course on how to navigate a gluten-free lifestyle.   

Gluten in Everyday Cosmetic Products

Many people do not realize just how common gluten is in non-food items that are used on a daily basis. Gluten-derived oils, for example, are used to add moisture to certain products. And gluten can also be used as a binding agent. Toothpaste, mouthwash, mascara, lip-gloss, lipstick, and other types of makeup may all contain gluten. Finding manufacturers that offer gluten-free makeup and personal care products, though, can be a challenge. To make transitioning to a gluten-free lifestyle easier, check out this course, filled with helpful tips.

Some individuals who are merely sensitive to gluten may not have a problem using gluten-containing cosmetics because the actual amount of gluten in these products may be too small to trigger a reaction. But if you find that you suffer from allergic reactions after wearing conventional cosmetics or using other everyday products, it will be worth your time and effort to research the ingredients in these items and make the switch if gluten is to blame.

Ingredients to Watch Out For

When reading makeup labels, you should look for an indication that the product is gluten-free so that you can rest assured it is safe to use. But even if a product does not contain gluten, it may not be explicitly labeled. Instead of missing out on that item, you can check the ingredients yourself, as long as you know what gluten-containing ingredients you should look out for and avoid.

Pretty obvious ingredients to avoid would include hydrolyzed wheat protein and hydrolyzed vegetable protein, as well as wheat germ, rye, oat, barley, and malt. But there are many chemical-sounding names that are harder to pick out as being gluten-based. These include triticum aestivum, avena sativa, triticum vulgare, secale cereale, and hordeum vulgare. Any other terms with “triticum” in them should avoided, as should any other ingredients with the word “wheat.”

Gluten Free Makeup Brands You Can Trust

Below is just a short list of five popular cosmetics brands that have made it a point to include gluten-free products into their makeup lines.

Bare Minerals

Bare Minerals became famous for its natural mineral makeup that covers flaws perfectly without feeling heavy on your face or clogging your pores and looking unnatural. Although they cannot make the claim that every one of their products was manufactured in a gluten-free facility, the majority of their items are, indeed, gluten-free. Depending upon your level of sensitivity to the allergen, this makeup may work wonderfully for you.

Zuzu Luxe

Zuzu Luxe is known for its luxury cosmetics line that mimics the best products found in spas throughout Europe. This company manufactures gluten-free makeup that is also cruelty-free, meaning it has not been tested on animals. The ingredients are also vegan, corn-free, and completely natural. Plus, the packaging is eco-friendly as well.

Monave Mineral Makeup

Monave is yet another manufacturer of gluten-free makeup that produces items that are suitable for everyone from the gluten-free teen to the busy working mom. From skin care products to concealers, lipstick, and eye shadow, you can find everything you need in one place and rest assured your body won’t negatively react to the ingredients, which are almost always vegan. Plus, the makeup is cruelty-free and organic.

Ecco Bella

Ecco Bella can really be your one-stop shop for all of your gluten-free cosmetic and personal care needs. They manufacture fragrances, skin care products, hair care items, and makeup that do not contain any gluten. In addition to gluten-free makeup, you can also find products that are vegan, cruelty-free, and all natural, without harsh chemicals like parabens that have been linked to a variety of illnesses.

Afterglow Cosmetics

Afterglow Cosmetics is certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization, so you know the products are safe to use. You can find any form of makeup you need, from mascara that will not irritate your sensitive eyes, to lip-gloss that will ensure you never ingest any gluten from your makeup, and powders to give your skin a flawless finish whether you are heading out for the day or night.

If you suffer with a gluten intolerance, it can make life difficult, whether you have to go out to a restaurant with friends and you need to worry about hidden gluten-based ingredients in your food, or you have to deal with allergic reactions on your skin from the makeup you put on your face every day. Thankfully, though, there are many gluten-free makeup companies to choose from and there are courses, like this 3-part series that teaches you everything you need to know about gluten, to assist you as you find ways of eliminating gluten from your life.