Getting a Book Published to Set You Up for Success

shutterstock_165406922Getting a book published is the goal for most writers. Writers write because they are passionate about it, but getting your work published means that someone has recognized the value of your talent and effort. Most writers begin with an idea, with a story, with a burning desire to write with little or no concept of what it takes to get published. This is sometimes a good thing, because getting your book published can be intimidating. The truth is, getting published requires the same elements that writing does. It takes planning, perseverance and determination. If you’re interested in publishing non-fiction then the Writing for Publication course will teach you how to easily master magazine article writing.

What Are You Writing? Fiction or Non-fiction?

The process of finding an agent to get your book published depends on the type of book you are writing to begin with. Traditionally, to find an agent for your fiction work means you need to have the book finished and as polished as possible, whereas often non-fiction work requires a book proposal that contains the details of how you intend to market your book and who would be interested in your book. Non-fiction books are often not complete before you start looking for an agent. For non-fiction, publishers often require you to provide a reason why you are the right person to write this book. They want to know what makes you the authority on the topic. For fiction, publishers require a sample of the book itself.

It is important as a writer to understand the difference between publishing fiction and non-fiction because it will determine how far you go in completing your work before you start looking for an agent.

For fiction writers who have a book idea and the desire to be published, the Novel Writing Workshop will teach you how to create engaging characters, how to overcome writers block and take you through the process of writing your book from start to published.

Book Proposals and Query Letters

A good book proposal or query letter is the first step in finding an agent or publisher who is willing to publish your work. Once again, there is a difference between fiction and nonfiction and you need to do your homework to find out how to write a great book proposal or query letter.

Once you have some ideas for your book proposal or query letter, then it’s time to find a list of agents. Agents are not essential for getting published, but they are professionals and they have the tools and know how to get your book in front of the right publisher. They make your journey to publishing success far easier than trying to go it alone.

While it’s important to write a good query letter or book proposal, it’s important to realize that you will need to be flexible too. Writing a generic query letter or book proposal may result in your query ending up in the trash can before the agent even reads it.

When you have a potential list of agents, you need to do your homework on these agents. Most agents have submission guidelines, so you will need to tailor your query or book proposal to meet their submission guidelines. Writing a proposal or query letter can require as much creativity as writing your book. You need a letter that gets you noticed, that grabs the agent’s attention. Here are some ideas for Creative Writing Exercises: Getting Your Creative Juices Flowing!

The Young Adult Fiction Writing Workshop offers over 40 lectures that cover everything you need to learn about how to write successful young adult fiction. It includes ideas on how to turn your concept into a young adult novel, how to create a premise that sells, how to structure powerful scenes, how to polish your manuscript, and how to get published.


With Amazon, Kindle, and the ever growing number of platforms available to authors, the self publishing industry has really grown exponentially. Self publishing has become really cost effective and simple and can offer a way of making your work available to the public.

Self publishing allows you to become the agent, editor, designer and producer of your book. You need to have a cover designed, think about how you will market the book, which audience to target and how to reach your audience. There is, however, help available in all of these areas. There are companies that specialize in book cover design, as well as courses that will teach you how to harness the power of various things like social media to sell your books. It is important to make sure that the book you publish is the best quality you can produce because your reputation will be made or broken by what you have produced. The Publish Your Book Guaranteed course will show you how to publish your book for free, it offers resources on where to find all the marketing tools you need to create great publicity for your book and how to publish your work successfully.

Self publishing can be a really hard road to travel though because you will have to market and sell your own work. If you love writing blogs about your topic or you are good at promoting your own work then self-publishing is a great way to retain most of the profits from your book sales. If you are a teacher or give lectures about your subject, then linking your book to your lectures or courses may be a great way to reach more people and increase the overall profitability of what you offer.

One of the best platforms for self publishing is and there are guidelines and articles that will show you how to publish and sell your own books via Amazon.

Publishing online can also help open doors to the regular publishing industry. Publishers choose books that they know will sell, that they know are supported by authors who are willing to help promote their own work. A great way of catching a publisher’s attention is by creating a blog that people sign up to read. The Blog Writing Workshop will teach you how to create compelling content that keeps your readers coming back for more. It covers blog strategies and easy ways to create content for your blog.

Getting Published Means Finishing the Book

Whether you choose the self-publishing route or the traditional publishing route, you have to have a polished version of your book before it is actually published. Making sure your book is finished means ensuring that you have completed a final edit of the book. Whilst it is possible to edit your own work, it is really not a good idea. You really need to invest in someone who has experience as a editor to ensure your book is not only error free, but that it is the best it can be.

The biggest hurdle to getting published is finishing the book. Thousands of people have started books but very few people actually get around to completing their work. If you are one of those then this How to Finally Finish Writing Your Book – Once and For All course will teach you the importance of why you are writing your book, how to stop self sabotage, how to overcome insecurity, how to find the time to write and how to finally finish your masterpiece.