Get More Twitter Followers in 13 Easy Steps

Get More Twitter FollowersSome experts argue that when it comes to marketing, Twitter may be the most important social media account to have. In 140 characters or fewer, you can reach billions of people. In fact, as of 2013, Twitter reached a billion users. Moreover, the site gets 36 million unique visitors every month. The point of using Twitter is to spread your message as far and wide as possible. So, you probably want to get more Twitter followers.

Given that there are 241 million monthly active Twitter users, you can certainly build up your follower base to as large a number as you desire. However, there are specific methodologies that must be used in order to achieve your goal. Because there are that many Twitter users means that there are also just as many who are competing for each users’ time. How you separate yourself from the pack makes all of the difference. You should also check out the Udemy course, Twitter for Business.

Your Bio

Your bio is where you tell the Twitterverse as much about you as possible. What makes Twitter unique is you can create separate Twitter pages for each of your interests, products or services and no one would blink twice at the practice. However, you need to work carefully to craft your bio for any of your pages.

A clear personal description is the first part to attracting new followers. Make it easy to read as well as compelling and real. Describe who you are and what you do.


If this is a personal page, then you want to upload a real image of yourself. People connect with those they can relate to. Real images also get more hits than animated ones. So, flash your best smile and say cheese! On the other hand, if this is a company page, it is quite common and accepted to use your business logo as your profile image instead.

Be Helpful

Twitter is a place for discussion and the sharing of ideas and concepts. If you only want to use Twitter for profits, you will probably be doomed to fail from the start. When users notice that all you do is promote your site, they will quickly turn their attentions elsewhere. So, what can you do? Well, you might think of a strategy. To illustrate, for every 15 non-promotional posts, you can include one promotional post.

Moreover, you want to tweet information that your target audience would find helpful. The goal is to promote your brand in a way that feels natural, not pushy or salesy.

Follow Your Industry’s Leaders

Learning stimulates growth. Twitter makes it possible to have access to people that you could not easily reach in your day-to-day life. So, enjoy that benefit! Follow the experts in your niche. If you chose to start a dialogue or reply to them, you increase your chances of getting noticed. Also, people look at their followers to find people they want to follow themselves.

Keep Everything Public

Twitter does have a direct message feature. Although, there is no reason to use it unless you are messaging sensitive information to friends and family. Twitter is a social network, so you want to appear sociable. Try to make almost all of your posts and replies public.

Don’t Get Too Emotional

There is a time and place to let out your feelings, to shed tears, to get angry or sad. Twitter might not be that place, especially if you want to convey a professional image. While, you do want to appear relatable, the last thing you want to do is post a cryptic tweet. Instead, you should strive for clarity.

Stay Away from Spam

Do you read spam? Probably not and more than likely, neither does your audience. Do not push private and irrelevant tweets to your followers and prospects. Furthermore, space out your tweets so that they do not appear spammy. Ceaseless promotion will cause you to lose followers.

Think of Engaging Headlines

You can only use a limited amount of text to get your point across. Make every word count. You can do so by posting attention-grabbing headlines. This piques the interest of your followers, and you will probably receive more clicks.

Shirk Negativity

No one likes a negative Nancy. Yes, we all have gripes and complaints, many of them valid. However, a complainer is also seen as a downer. Not to mention, we all have problems and putting a spotlight on obstacles just makes life seem even more depressing. If you post negative tweets, your followers may feel that you are no longer worth their time.

Pay Attention to Who You Follow

A few years ago, following anyone and everyone was encouraged. This practice was thought to increase your followers, as well. Although this can be true, to an extent, it is not the best method to use. In the first place, not everyone you follow will follow you back. Also, you cannot tell if the accounts you follow are real or spam accounts. So, it pays off to investigate accounts before you follow them. If you follow too many spammers, unknowingly, this could adversely affect your own credibility.

Ask Questions

One of the best ways to stimulate engagement is by asking questions. Think of your Twitter feed as a chat room. If you want to be interesting, you must first be interested. You can also join Twitter group chats to create deeper relationships.

Link Your Twitter Page to Your Signature

Another way to get more Twitter followers is by linking your Twitter address to your digital communications. People may want to follow you, but they do not have your address or simply forget to do so. With your Twitter link attached to your signature, you may very well increase your Twitter audience.

Ask for Retweets

Some people might find this practice intimidating. What if no one wants to retweet your content, or what if they criticize you for asking? That may or may not happen. However, you will not know the reaction unless you try. Depending on who retweets your posts, you could get a few new followers. The important thing to make sure is that your post is valuable enough to warrant a retweet.

When you get more Twitter followers, you help to increase your brand recognition, which might lead to a boost in site traffic and sales conversions. If you want to compare Facebook to Twitter, you should read this Udemy article, Facebook vs. Twitter: Which to Use for Your Business. Get more Twitter training by taking these Udemy courses, Twitter Domination and Twitter Essentials in Under an Hour.