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get more followersYou’ve started a blog, made a Facebook fan page and queued up enough tweets for the whole week. You’ve mailed your friends and put the PR machinery in motion. You rub your hands excitedly and wait for the traffic to roll in.

Except Google Analytics registers barely a handful of new users and your follower count grows at the pace of the Soviet economy. You scratch your head and wonder: what am I doing wrong?

Building a following online isn’t a matter of creating a set number of blog posts or tweeting x number of times per day. It is about connecting with people and enriching their lives. It requires changing old perspectives and adopting new values, such as:

1. Blogging

Your blog is the foundation of your online presence. This is what readers will turn to when they want to find out about your company. Poor grammar, sloppy copywriting, and thin content will make it that much harder to gain readers’ trust and grow influence online. Your first priority, therefore, should be to establish your blog as a paradigm of quality

Take account of the following when you start your blog:

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2. Social Media

Three years ago, social media was just another buzzword marketers like to trumpet from time to time.

Today, it is the backbone of many a marketing departments.

Social media has matured in the last few years to become a legitimate marketing channel. The growth of mobile and the mainstream adoption of services like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have pushed social media towards greater relevancy. This is the reason why Facebook had revenues of $1.46bn last year, and why Twitter projects revenues in excess of $1bn by next year.

Having a social media presence is more than tweeting from time to time. To grow real influence, you need to adopt certain strategies:

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Building a following online is as much about values as it is about learning specific techniques and skills. Focusing on short-term results will never get you very far. Adopt values that give back something substantial to your users, and you will develop a following that won’t fade away like an itinerant monsoon.

Page Last Updated: February 2020

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