Gardening With Kids Can Turn a Chore into Quality Time

Gardening With KidsWe all know that it’s really important to spend quality time with our children. But between work and chores, the time we have to spend with our children is often severely limited. However, there is a solution by combining fun with more mundane tasks! By combining chores like gardening with time spent with your children, it can be very beneficial for you, the children, and your garden. Gardening can be a fun way to teach your children while you spend quality time with them in nature.  Gardening can also be a way of releasing or reducing stress. The Parenting Managing Stress in Children course teaches parents how stress impacts the brain, the differences between stress in children and teens, how to recognize the possible causes of stress and anxiety in children. The course also offers various ideas on how you can manage stress in your children.

Gardening Can Improve Motor Skills

Children need to develop hand-eye coordination and other fine motor skills at an early age. These skills are essential for writing, drawing, fastening clothing, etc and these skills will serve your children later in life in sports activities and life in general.

Gardening incorporates many of the movements that will help your children develop these skills. From grabbing the soil to planting plants, gardening requires hand-eye coordination as well as fine motor skills and your children can develop these skills incrementally if you allow them to help you in the garden.

Spending time with your children as they dig holes and play with the soil will automatically help them to develop these skills naturally. It is also essential that children spend some time each day outdoors in fresh air and gardening as a family, can make these activities both fun and engaging.

The Developing Kids Motor Skills and Coordination from 0-6 years course will teach you about how your child’s brain develops and provides you with practical skills that you can use to improve your children’s’ motor skills. This course offers you techniques that will give your children a head start in their sporting and physical lives.

Gardening Can Teach Children about Food

Gardening can be a great way to teach children about where their food actually comes from and how it grows. Children are far more likely to eat food they recognize and food that they can relate to. Planting a vegetable garden with your children is a great way to teach them about how food grows and to nurture a link between the garden and the table.

The Happy Vegetarian Kids Cooking Healthy course, is a course specifically designed for children by children. The twelve year old host Jordan Poch, shares his love of food with other children in cooking demonstrations that will teach your children how to make healthy meals and treats. The course also includes information on what it takes to stay healthy and how the body works.

Growing your own vegetables can also help your bottom line. Organic vegetables these days cost a fortune. Converting a small patch of your garden to an organic vegetable patch can save you money as well. There is simply nothing tastier than sweet sugar snap peas straight from the garden. Growing your own food will open up a world of taste sensations for your children as well as teaching them about nature and what real food tastes like.

The Organic Soil Building for the Backyard Organic Gardener course will teach you how to create an organic garden. It will teach you how to improve the soil in your organic garden, it will teach you the basics of soil building and how to grow nutrient rich organic food.

Kids Flower Beds for Learning Colors

A lot of kids have a sand pit. Why not engage the little ones in planting flowers around the sand pit? You can use the time to teach them their colors too. You can also include some outdoor craft activities to help children learn their colors. Creating planters from coffee cans can be a fun way to add color to their play area as well as reinforcing their learning. The Art School for Kids course offers art classes for kids of all ages. The course teaches drawing and painting and the techniques involved in art.

Create a Garden Scene

For children who are slightly older, teaching them to create a miniature garden scene can be a great way to help your children to allow their imagination to run wild. Fairy gardens or dinosaur gardens are simple to construct and they allow children to create an “imaginary garden” that combines nature with imagination.

All you need to create a garden scene is a large container, some soil and your child’s imagination. Use plastic containers to create ponds for the garden, use plastic dinosaurs to add to the prehistoric garden, plant ferns for a prehistoric look. Add large boulders and other plants to create the perfect dinosaur garden.

For a fairy garden, you can get your children to make small fairy benches from twigs, create signs made of Popsicle sticks, and use an empty flower container for a house. Planting small flowers and ground cover can be used to complete the fairy wonderland garden and children can be shown how to care for their plants.

Capture Your Gardening Moments

No matter what project you choose, gardening is a great way to spend quality time together as a family. It is important to enjoy your time with your children. Family times makes the best memories. Including your children in your everyday chores like gardening and cooking, will not only create memories that last but will also provide your children with a foundation for the future.

The How to Take Better Photos of Your Kids course will teach you to capture your family gardening moments on film to create memories that will last a lifetime. The course will teach you how to capture your kids during their sporting activities, how to improve your photography skills, how to use the light indoors and outdoors to take better photographs, and how to create great black and white photographs.